My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1332

Vol 5 Chapter 1332: Empress Wushuang

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In Qiyu Qingxue City, a young boy in Tiangang Realm pointed at the sky with an amazing way.

"Grandpa, what is that..."

His grandfather's ninth war against the imperial realm, he stared at the endless sky, an unbelievable dream.

"The sky of the strange land is split..."

At this moment, the vastness of the vast area, the strange area of the thousands of territories, the whole sky quietly split!

It seems that the law is collapsing, and the universe is collapsing!

In the direction of the Northwest Territories, all the strong men stopped fighting almost simultaneously!

The jade-like white jade hands pinched the ultimate shadow into a biscuit-like, and raised the hand directly to throw it, a black skin-like thing was thrown away!

Like, like killing an ant.

Yin Tianzi's pupils shuddered, and he finally spent the price of tens of thousands of crystals to barely stop Shangguan Jue, but ended up with this result?

He has collaborated with Ultimate Shadow many times, this palm will not let it die, but at least it will be hit hard!

Crush the ultimate shadow? As far as he knows, the Holy World has appeared in recent years, and the strong men have not yet possessed the possibility of this strength!

All the strong men stood staring blankly, and no one dared to act rashly!

The strength of the ultimate shadow can be clearly seen by everyone present, only Shangguan Jue, the protector of the Shenflame Palace, can win it, and no one can even block it!

Was such a terrible existence wiped out with one palm?

The void was split, the black robe Qianying slowly walked out, wearing a veil, a pair of purple eyes as beautiful as the stars under the night sky.

The black robe Qianying looked around the audience. Those who had been swept by her eyes were as good as falling into **** and getting cold all over, as if being watched by a great will!

The two sides are not at the same level!

"She, is she..."

Jian Cheng was incredibly shocked.

"You can't be wrong, it's the woman who used his own strength to break the demon from the Holy Prison!"

"What does she want to do? Why did she come to Wonderland? Do you want to start a war again?"

"Don't act rashly, we are not her opponents! And look at the attitude of His Holiness the Palace of Gods Flame."

The three elders of Jianyu are extremely dignified, and even for these three old monsters, this man is also the strongest person they have seen in this life!

none of them!

"Damn, why did she come here?"

The Yinsha Three Ghosts had a dry mouth and trembling teeth!

This woman is simply not the level he can touch! The whole Holy World, who can match her, can't even imagine it!

Shangguan Jue's body flickered!

Is it her?

She actually came to the Holy World in person?

At that time, although the Palace of Gods Flame did not directly participate in that tremendous battle, it witnessed the power of its magic knife! With a bit of a magic knife, all the kings of the human race are cut!

The only emperor of the demon clan, Luo Yaoer!

Isn't she hurt? How could he come to the Holy World in person? Why did she come here, did the war of that year repeat itself again?

If she fights again, who can stop her now?

"Could it be that?"

Reminiscent of the situation when burying the holy mountains, everyone in Zixia Wanggu was shaking!

Shouldn't it be, for the kid Lin Chen? What does this guy do? Can the Empress also act for him?

Yin Tianzi stared at Luo Yao'er's back, and was secretly startled.

"It is rumored that the saint has broken nine times and turned nine times. After nine turns, he became a king, and the king should be a god. She is stronger than any holy king I have seen here! Could it be, the realm of God?"

At this moment, not only all the strong players present, but also the pinnacle saints of the entire strange land, have sensed the arrival of this breath!

If Luo Luo Yaoer sneaks in, they will inevitably be impossible to find, but she came over blatantly!

What does this want to do?

"Cough cough..."

The juvenile cough broke the silence, Lin Chen flew out of the ground, covered in blood, and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

At this time, Xiao Yingying was injured and was taken back into Qingxue's capsule.

"That guy used the power of the Dragon Clan, and the ultimate shadow was really terrifying! It could only be done with desperate life and death!"

When Lin Chen was looking for the ultimate shadow, he found that the surroundings were suddenly extremely quiet!

When he looked up, he suddenly froze in place!

"It's you?"

Lin Chen recognized Luo Yaoer! The magic seal of his palm is now having an unprecedented strong reaction.

What is different from the past is that Luo Yaoer now gives him an extremely indifferent feeling, just like when he first saw him.

And, more powerful! As before, being so strong is not a concept!

"You will follow me."

Luo Yao'er looked at Lin Chen, hiding a point in his indifferent voice.

Shangguan Jue was overwhelmed, and immediately passed by, and came to Lin Chen's side.

"Why did you take him away!"

Shangguan Jue said in a deep voice, with a firm attitude.

If Lin Chen, the little fellow, was taken away by the devil's emperor, I am afraid that Bai Ruoyan's heart would be greatly broken after she knew it, let alone Shen Lingshuang, the ninja, Shenyan Palace would lose two hopes of revival!

It can be said that protecting Linchen now is the fire of hope to protect the future of Shenyan Palace!

Even if it is desperate, Shangguan Jue will have to give it a try!

"The Emperor does things without ever having to explain to people. Do you want to die?"

Luo Yao'er was extremely indifferent, his eyes were purple.

"Wait... wait a minute, this senior is my acquaintance, don't hurt yourself."

Lin Chen hurriedly said that Luo Yao'er's temper was not even clear to him. Wouldn't it be his own fight in case of a real fight?

"Your acquaintance?" Luo Yaoer's eyes narrowed. "You speak for another woman?"

Lin Chen was stunned; "Uh, this..."

Brush ~!

Luo Yaoer's eyes narrowed into purple light and shot to Shangguan Jue. She was shocked and disappointed. The nine-fold burning seal in her palm was about to burst, and a purple light cage immediately locked her figure and could not move!


Many strong players in the audience took a cold breath!

so horrible! A dharma protector who fixes his eyes on the Palace of Divine Flame?

Luo Yaoer raised his palm and grabbed Lin Chen like she was jumping into the void, carrying her away!

Luo Yaoer stepped into the void, no one dared to block, Shangguan Jue's expression changed greatly, unable to break through the boundary!

"Lin Chen!"

In the distance, the flowers of Jian Qingcheng lost their colors, and the look of the little demon was also a rare worry!

Strangely, when Luo Yao'er left, he looked back at his children, and for the first time Jiaoheng came under the veil.


The emperor left, everyone could not calm down for a long time!

Unexpectedly, a generation of demon emperor would come for this young man, he is dead or alive this time, no one knows.

"Dad, he... what will he do..."

Jian Qingcheng flew anxiously, Jian Cheng smiled bitterly-"This is really beyond your father and my ability, the strength of that man is too scary, unless our sword **** in the sword domain is born, otherwise we will There is not even the right to die in her hands."

Another juggernaut said seriously.

"Don't you say that this kid has something to do with the demon clan? There seemed to be a witch when he buried the holy mountains?

Old Jianming shook his head.

"It's not that simple. The Witch Empress is fickle, who can guess her mind."

"I can't explain it to Ruoyan. Oops, I came here in person or it was the result..."

Shangguan Jue in the enchantment gathered his fists.