My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1333

Vol 5 Chapter 1333: What Is The Problem?

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"Luo Yaoer took me away? What is the situation for everyone, what does she want to do!"

Lin Chendun turned around, without a breath, he appeared in a bright and fresh flower field.

In the flower field pavilion, the white reeds on the right form a piece of white Yingying, and the reeds fly in snow.

The flowers on the right are blooming, the magical magic flowers are blooming, and the black roses are blooming, transmitting the unique light of the demon world, such as the gems in the dark night.

When Lin Chen was a little dumbfounded at this stunning scene in front of him, when he recovered from the gods, he found that his injuries were all healed by the gentle energy flowing through the palm of his hand.

"This is my hometown, located in an area on the fringe of the holy world of human races. When I haven't become an emperor, I spent the last time here. Now it's already a thing..."

Luo Yaoer walked in front of Lin Chen, sighing faintly, without the previous indifference.

She untied her veil and looked back at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was amazing for her again!

Her blue silk is like a waterfall, the head of a moth is like a larva, and the snowy and beautiful lines seem to constitute the most beautiful face between heaven and earth.

Her eyebrows have a bit of relief and shyness, a fairy's face, but also a witch-like charm to the ultimate temperament. Any words and deeds can seem to inspire men's most intuitive desires!

The flowers of the devil world are blooming with beautiful flowers, embellishing the beauty of beautiful women.

Luhua Feixue is reflected in one piece, and the beautiful scenery is matched with the beautiful woman, like the most beautiful scene in the world, only Lin Chen can see.

If you regard her as a fairy, she seems to be the most beautiful fairy in the world. If you regard her as a witch, she is the most charming person in the world.

Luo Yao'er stared at Lin Chen with a wonderful gaze, revealing a bitter smile.

"I am about to lose my memory. After that, except for the devil's great plan of recovery, I will definitely not think of you again. This may be the last time we met."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Luo Yaoer's identity, he has guessed nine out of ten!

She said such words, is it not that the devil clan must have a big action?

"You didn't come to force me to leave. Why do you lose your memory, can't you do it?"

Lin Chen's heart was quietly tense, and Luo Yaoer sighed when he looked into the distance.

"The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and some things cannot be avoided."

When Lin Chen was about to speak, the beautiful woman looked back at Pan Pan, her smile was beautiful and stunning, and the eyebrows were infinitely gentle, soft and warm.

"Dare you kiss me."

Lin Chen froze!

While Lin Chen was stunned, the lady kissed and kissed her lips.

This kiss, passion like fire, tenderness like water, and a little farewell and shyness.

A generation of killing the heavens and deterring the witch female emperor of the holy world, but at the moment, her eyes are as charming as the spring water in March, and there are two red clouds hanging on the cheeks.

"What... what?"

When Lin Chen was half in love, when instinctively resisted, he discovered that his cultivation practice seemed to be completely lost, and he could not perceive the existence of the Holy Power!

Then, the two fell in the sea of flowers, and the white and snowy reed flowers flew, and the demon flowers in the demon world bloomed, shining a beautiful and suffocating scene.

[The host triggers a passive talent, double cultivation of acacia, and begins to feed back the 0. 000000001% of the double cultivation objects...

As the sea of flowers rolls, Lin Chen can't help but sigh when she sees the beautiful lady's horns glowing with purple light.

"What a beautiful horn, why destroy it..."

The beautiful lady's body shook gently, and when she was close to his chest, Bibo's eyes were even more loving. "Humans are all horns that despise the devil. How can you like it."

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Whether I care about others, I just like it, if only I can grow up."

Luo Yaoer's pink fist punched him lightly, and his cheeks were all crimson, sullenly said-"Then it's ugly, I don't want it."

"No? You were very happy just now!"

"Then, what's more exciting next?"

When Luo Yao'er's lips were raised, Lin Chen was confused for a while, as if seeing the most charming witch in the world smiled at him, he felt distracted.

"In the future, you will definitely have a lot of women. You may forget me. I want you to be carved into your bones, so that you will always remember who is your empress!"

Luo Yao'er is charming and unparalleled, biting Lin Chen's shoulder, so painful that someone Lin was breathing air!

The young man's chest, shoulders, neck, and brow corners are full of beautiful women's bite marks and tooth marks. This bite stirred the thunder and fire!

When she was shy, she was like a fairy. When she was charming, she was like a witch.

The borders of the holy people are as if they are endlessly showing the beauty of the scenes, and no one can watch them.


The border of the odd territory, the territory of the White Dragon Gate, and the Wolong Mountains in the Weihai Overseas.

In a pavilion, three handsome men drink alcohol and drink. They are either sassy or arrogant, or Yuyu Xuanang, or handsome.

The man who was Yuqi Xuanang sighed: "Well, I thought that I was also one of the most handsome candidates for our class 66. When I followed the squad leader to pick up the girl, what woman did this handsome guy haven't seen before, this time he was closed behind the door?"

Ying Liang, Bai Junhao and Gu Chenfeng!

Gu Chenfeng glanced at him disdainfully: "How many drinks did you drink? The bragging force was like this? When the squad leader was picking up the girl, you didn't even catch the root hair beside you. Under the squad leader's light, you even got a fart. No!"

"Grass! Can I blame Lao Tzu, who made the squad leader so good, is it so sad for a handsome to be more handsome, Lao Tzu is not convinced!"

Bai Junhao smiled bitterly. Since Lin Chen'gift' to the various denominations of the three, their status in the denominations has been greatly improved, and they often team up in the strange domain to explore the secret realm.

This time, it happened to meet a piece of the task, the brothers met each other, inevitably forced.

Suddenly, a violent shock suddenly came, and the mountain began to shake violently, making the three people wake up instantly!

"Huh? What's going on, why is there an earthquake!"

"Strange, the Wolong Mountains are stable all year round, how could there be an earthquake?"

"And do you feel it, it's shocking! The shock is lasting!"

The three eyes narrowed and acted immediately, flying into the air.

The terrible earthquake made the entire Wolong Mountain Range tremble, and suddenly, when the earthquake slowed down a bit, the sound of earth-shaking waves came from far away outside the mountain range!

"Wei Hai riot? What happened?"

"A lot of water! What a terrible tsunami!"

When the three were surprised, a bang in the Wolong Mountain Range burst into tears!

The hot and terrible atmosphere rolled into the sky, and the hell-like magma threw the sky, forcing the three to have to urge the defensive vigilance!

The magma burned the entire sky, and the clouds of fire rolled directly into Jiuxiao, and the sky was crimson!

"Even the Wolong Mountain volcano erupted, could it be a disaster?"

" did this magma shoot so high?"

Bai Junhao and Ying Liang were stunned, and immediately exited near the Wolong Mountains.

For several days, the earthquake, volcano eruption and tsunami did not stop, which made the three of them incredible!

what is the problem?