My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1334

Vol 5 Chapter 1334: strength Soared

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The border of the Holy Realm is endless in the sea of flowers.

Longyou traveled for thousands of miles, and there was no sound in this place.

The white dew is decorated with frost and red, and the sea of flowers is swaying.

The teeth of the teeth are carved into the body, and the snowy jade cake reflects the spring.


Lin Chen's body was transformed by Long Qingguo, with the physique of Qingtian Dragon King Gun, strong and extraordinary, not to mention that his flesh-shell physique is extremely powerful, and the night-time Shengge can't stop.

[Shuangxiu Acacia continues to launch, the host obtains 894.9 billion points of essence of fighting spirit, 700 billion points of energy of qi and blood...]

[He is repairing the body of the holy dragon of the host and starting to repair the wound...]

Lin Chen didn't know how long after that, his injury was not only full, but also ushered in a new breakthrough.

Finally, when Luo Yaoer was satisfied, he lay in the arms of the teenager, but he quietly entered the state of cultivation.

Lin Chen at this time, not only had a red mark on his face, but all his body was covered with bright red teeth and teeth marks, which were all left by the beauties.

The beautiful and beautiful white body stretched lazily in his arms, presenting a glamorous scene. Luo Yao'er was a little surprised when he looked up at Lin Chen again.

"Good vitality, he broke through to cultivate? This... is really a bad embryo, and doing that will break through to cultivate..."

Slender hands caressed his face, Luo Yao'er was infinitely tender.

"You will be the first man in Luo Yao'er and the last one. The magic species has been planted in your body, I hope that after losing my memory, if I encounter you again, it will be affected by the magic species without killing you. Right..."

She squeezed her fingers together, and the traces of the fingers quickly outlined the scores, and the faint magical energy was engraved on the back of Lin Chen.

"If it threatens his life, the clan will be destroyed-the devil emperor."

Luo Yaoer smiled Yan Yan: "With this mark, those people of the human race will not embarrass you. I am leaving, but we have no chance to say goodbye."

Suddenly, Luo Yaoer fluttered in Lin Chen's arms and wept silently.

For a while, she got up suddenly, and when she left, there was only one space left, and she turned around and left without hesitation.

She was afraid to look at him again, and she no longer wanted to go back.

Besides Lin Chen, his holy power, like the resurgence of the angry dragon, went straight through the holy cave all the way, unstoppable, straight through 25, 26, 27 holy caves!

This, the momentum has not stopped!

Lin Chen only learned from his own experience that the talent of "Double Cultivation and Acacia" actually allows the two Cultivators to obtain "Cultivation as Harmony". If the two Cultivations are close to each other, they will progress together. If one side is higher than the other, they will feed back to the other side. . And it will not have any negative impact on the party that feeds back.

Three days and three nights passed, and when Lin Chen opened his eyes again, the sea of flowers suddenly shook, and the terrible Shengwei shook the whole sky trembling!

However, this space seems to have special protection, Lin Chen can not tear the space directly.

"30 holy caves in full bloom! Breaking six caves in one breath, this talent is too cool..."

Lin Chen licked his tongue subconsciously, and then came a few times, didn't he want to expand the hole?


Lin Chen just made a breakthrough, and when she looked around Gu Pan, the lady had left Yu Xiang, and he saw the jade jade space beside him.

"This jade jade, sealed with a demon forbidden technique, will allow you to resist many natural disasters and help you sneak into the holy prison. The method of use has been engraved on your magic seal."

"Move the jade jade, you can teleport back to the previous place, if you can, find a chance to return to the human world, the Holy World is not where you should stay. Huh, remember, even if you have no more women, you are too My Luo Yaoer man, I am your only empress."

Inside the jade jade, it was said that Luo Yaoer was light and soft with a humming voice, and Lin Chen couldn't help crying or laughing.

Is it really that wayward with strength? Turn me over for a meal, just leave?

"If you leave, don't leave a contact information. Is someone in Lin me a casual person! This time it was really taken advantage of, no, I have to take it back next time!"

Lin Chen's pretending to be "Vicious" has one more goal in mind.

He knew that his time was getting more and more urgent! Luo Yaoer met him this time, he vaguely felt that an unprecedented storm was brewing!

Lin Chen thought, when the system was turned on, the skyrocketing attribute value instantly stunned him!

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sanjing Trinity (30 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 37 trillion points

Ultimate strength: 68 billion dragon power (flesh shell awakening + 100%)-advanced blood: 19 trillion points

Advanced spirit: 29.7 billion points

Advanced skill essence: 10.8 billion points-Advanced rune energy: 4.944444 million points-Intermediate Tiandao value: 809.02 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 4.1 billion points-suit essence: 92 million points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 68.9 billion points. Refined special crystal: 39 pieces.

Advanced elemental energy: 4.9 billion points in the fire system, 4.9 billion points in the soil system, 4.9 billion points in the wood system, 4.9 billion points in the gold system, 4.9 billion points in the water system, 4.9 billion points in the thunder system, 4.9 billion points in the wind system, and 4.9 billion points in the light system The dark line is 4.9 billion points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate Right Armor-Ultimate Left Leg Armor-(Making) Ultimate Right Leg Armor.

Bloodline Status Bar-Kung Fu Status Bar-Life Awakening Bar

Active Talent Bar-Passive Talent Bar-Nirvana Bar-Special Rune Bar-Talent Combination Skill]

Lin Chen was stunned!

"What... what?"

After repeatedly determining his attribute value, Lin Chen's mouth twitched fiercely!

This attribute value has soared dozens of times!

Especially for the elemental system, the previous Lin Chen was no more than 100 million, but now it is all 4.9 billion?

[The system prompts the host that all the strong men encountered by the host before are cultivated to be higher than the two realms of the host. The system has automatically launched the Gods Omen talent to steal attribute values and steal a large number of non-growth attribute values. All of the host's skyrocketing growth attributes are derived from the talent feedback of the Double Cultivation Acacia.

After Lin Chen was shocked, there was unprecedented ecstasy!

Thief harbinger?

No wonder! Previously, from Wen Dao Gong to Zixia Wanggu, law enforcement team, sword domain, Yin Tianzi and others, all of them were stolen by him!

That's the strong man with all the above-mentioned holy realms and five perfections!

"System, system, you are already a mature system, you should learn to pick up the attributes yourself, this time the coach is very satisfied."


Suddenly, Lin Chen seemed to remember something, his face changed greatly, and immediately released his holy dragon!

Bang ~! When Lin Chen's holy dragon was born, he entangled the sky and made Lin Chen's mouth open again!

The Yin and Yang dragon pupils glowed with deep dragon power, and the Yin and Yang dragon spirits flowed all over them. The dragon's claws are so great!

Inside the dragon, the densely criss-crossed dragon veins, each like the sun, moon and mountains in Nazang, has the potential to swallow the stars and the sea. Lin Chen's spirit was swept away and completely shocked!

"10 billion dragon veins! 100 billion dragon power?"