My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1335

Vol 5 Chapter 1335: You Put Her To Sleep?

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Previously, the holy dragon was bombarded into several pieces by the ultimate shadow. Lin Chen almost thought that Huitian was lack of skills, and because of his own insecurity, he once thought that he would lose the holy dragon that had been cultivated for many years.

According to the system's answer, the attribute values of all the growth classes he obtained this time are all derived from the talent of [Double Cultivation Acacia]. Isn't it that Luo Yaoer's energy back to him has restored the Holy Dragon?

"This pair of acacias is too fierce. I'll go find a few strong women to sleep a few times and go directly to the cave."

Lin Chen laughed.

However, he is very clear. It wasn't that the double-cultivation acacia was too fierce, but Luo Yaoer, too powerful to exceed his cognition!

He may be the first man in the history of human race to have slept with the Witch Emperor.

Thinking of this, someone in Lin is full of pride! The most handsome person in the Holy Realm slept the Witch Empress, well, it sounds so natural.

"System, I want to consume all the essence of the suit."

[Consumes 92 million points of the essence of the set, and has added the percentage charge of the hosts three-piece set. Ultimate Right Armor Charge: 7%-Ultimate Right Leg Armor Charge: 7.1%-Ultimate Left Leg Armor Charge: 7%.

This large amount of the essence of the suit allows Lin Chen to make up for the previous consumption while also soaring to a higher level!

"The power of the 5% charged Ares three-piece blessing is enough to allow me to briefly compete with the Na Xing Realm, and even a few more high realms. I don't know if it can shake the Na Xing Realm to a higher level of power. "

Lin Chen's mouth rose, and this strength increase was the fastest time he has risen since he became holy.

"I don't know what's going on there, hurry back and see."

Lin Chen clenched the jade jade in the space and urged the magic mark of his palm, his figure flashed and disappeared into the valley.

The silent valley returns to silence again, and a light space barrier once again envelopes the place. From the outside, it seems that the clouds and mist here, even the saint, cannot enter.


In the cracked hall, the three elders and the palace master of Bingxin Palace can't be dare to breathe!

Because in this hall, there are too many terrible strongmen! It is a level that they can hardly reach in their lifetime!

Zixia King Valley, Sword Territory, Shenyan Palace Venerable, all are legendary characters, can they be touched by ordinary saints?

On that day, after Lin Chen was abducted, the powerful men evacuated with news, and no one dared to continue the war.

Even though Shangguan Jue was imprisoned at the time, Jianyu was not a vegetarian!

In order to stop the Shangguan Jue, Yin Tianzi paid a huge price, the key is that the ultimate shadow has also been hit harder than ever before, and both sides are not pleased afterwards.

However, at this time the entire ruined hall.

No matter whether it is Zixia Wanggu or various sword sects, or Sovereign Shangguan Jue, there is no good complexion, either a gloomy expression or a sinking face like water, or anxiety, and there is an unshakable worry on his face.

Can you not worry! The kid was captured by the demon emperor, and it is completely unknown whether it was dead or alive!

Bang~! The beautiful face is full of unwillingness and anger. Shangguan Jue smashed a table and chair!

"Why, why this seat came is the result. If it is a holy king, how good is it, this is the witch emperor!"

In her first sentence, she almost didn't let the people present drop a dog to eat shit.

Is this the guts of the protector of the law, the horror is too much!

How good would it be to be a holy king?

The corners of everyone's mouth in Zixia Wanggu are slightly...

Listen, this is what people say?

The strongest of Jianyu is full of wry smiles. His status is not inferior to any holy king. If he really wants to fight, the holy king may not necessarily take Lin Chen away from her.

Previously it was entirely because of the strange creature of the ultimate shadow that put everyone together. If the battle is head-on, the ultimate shadow and Yin Tianzi are also difficult to defeat a Dharma protector.

"Dad, he won't..."

Jian Qing, whose face was pale and much thinner, had no domineering dominance of kendo in the past. When she was about to cry, she was so lovable and she looked like a little girl.

The three elders of Jianyu seemed to be pumping their hearts, and they wished to go out to fight with the powerful players and wanted to make their granddaughter happy.

"Alas..." Jian Cheng sighed; "Nizi, when people have to learn how to accept it, this time, it's beyond our ability."

"Relax." The relaxed little demon sitting in the main hall smiled softly: "He must be fine, as long as he is a mother, who can get rid of this villain in this holy world, I think he can get rid of it crisis."

"Uncle, Qingwu is that confident in Lin Chen?"

The handsome young man on the side of Zixia Wanggu said, Zi Tianhu tweeted twice.

"Come on, this nizi is still drinking the first two nights, you dont know her personality, she rarely touches the drink, the last time it was because of the wine that her mother touched when she left Zixiawang Valley, she didnt feel well. , Stop irritating her."

It has been seven days and seven nights since Lin Chen was abducted.

During this time, many strong minds of Lin Chen lived like years.

Just as Zixia Wanggu had something to leave and was about to get up and say goodbye, a young chuckle broke the dull atmosphere of silence.

"Huh? Why are everyone here, do those guys retreat? I'm going to use them to try my new tricks."

After striking the silver robe, the young teenager walked into the hall with a smile on his lips.

Jian Qingcheng's hands gently covered his red lips, and tears came out of his eyes. The little demon queen Hao teeth clenched, and the hidden worry in his eyes disappeared in an instant.

Lin Chen? He is not dead!

When everyone was ecstatic, when they saw Lin Chen's appearance, they were all stunned!

That's right, he is more handsome than before.

But the problem is not this. It is his whole body and cheeks, even the neck, ears, forehead, palms and backs of his eyes, all of which are bright red and beautiful tooth marks!

It's all Luo Yaoer's bite!

What... what is this? Everyone was more shocked!

Shangguan Jue, which has always been light and breezy, seems to think of certain possibilities and once again shows a horrified face!

She looked at Lin Chen again and again, and finally said with a shocked and trembling tone.

"You... did you put her to sleep?"

Many powerful men have their scalp exploded!


and many more! Lin Chen slept her!

The strong men of Jianyu breathed a sigh of air!

The woman, nine out of ten, was a witch emperor who broke into the holy prison and swept across the gods!

What kind of person can impress her with such a defiant existence? Or is it possible for her to be impressed?

Will she meet with a human teenager?

The amount of information is too great, and the minds of the powerful players are still a little dazed.

Lin Chen scratched his head, showing an embarrassed and polite smile.

"Then, to be precise, she should have put me to sleep"

People in Zixia Wanggu almost suspected that they had heard it wrong!

Even Shangguan Jue couldn't take care of the image, Hao eyes widened, and his red lips slightly opened...

I am good, she put you to sleep?

Seeing everyone's splendid appearance, Commander Lin suddenly felt a sense of majesty, and said seriously.

"Well, although I am a little bit disadvantaged this time, I will definitely make it back next time! Fight for me to sleep with her next time!"

Everyone: "..."

What do you want next time?