My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1336

Vol 5 Chapter 1336: It's Your Business.

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Zi Tianhu shook his head while exclaiming, silently giving two thumbs up to Lin Chen.

This young man is awesome.

Jian Cheng a serious way.

"In a way, he did what the sword gods of our sword domain have never been able to do.

The three old men kicked him at the same time.

"This is not the time to admire this kid!"

"The Allure City ran out, you still admire Mao! Believe it or not, the old man went back and beheaded you!"

Jian Cheng discovered that Jian Qingcheng sobbed and ran away from the main hall. Lin Chen stopped, and Shangguan Jue came to him, holding his clothes, and suddenly said when he was about to question him.

"Huh, your strength..."

Shangguan Jue from surprise to shock!

"You broke through the Holy Realm triple perfection? No, not so simple..."

It's only been a few days! How can this kid's cultivation practice soar!

In addition to cultivation, Shangguan Jue also discovered that Lin Chens mortal body and spiritual realm have all achieved amazing transformation!

Although the spiritual state has not broken through the stage of maturity, it has been nearly doubled compared to the previous one, and she is somewhat humble and not overwhelmed in the face of her.

More importantly, his condensed divine power has surpassed the ordinary Sacred Realm in four aspects!

"Once this child expands the hole, the hole expansion multiple will probably be directly compared to the existence of the top 5000 or even the top 3000 on the shoulder demon list. Isn't it because of the empress, it is really terrible!"

After sighing, Shangguan Jue asked suddenly and solemnly.

"Little guy, you honestly told me what is your relationship with that woman."

"Now, over half of the 36 domains of the Holy Realm, more than half of the nine ranks of the sect have been paying attention to this side, and within a few days, there will be strong people coming. If you dont tell the relationship and her situation, then I Shenyan Palace can't protect you!"

Yes, the crisis has not been lifted! Once Lin Chen went wrong, his life was still at stake.

The devil's emperor's actions lead the whole body with a start!

If the powerhouses of the nine ranks of the ninth sect are born, or the high-level powerhouses of the ranks of the ninth sect arrive, it will be forced to suppress Lin Chen.

Her Palace of Divine Flame can't stop all the Nine Ranks by her own power!

What is the Nine Grades sect? To give the most striking example, if the eight grade sect can be called the top of the Holy Realm, the great engine within the sect, that nine grades is the beginning of the historical civilization of the Holy Realm!

A strong man in the Ninth Grade sect is born, and can easily destroy any Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade forces!

The current list of evil spirits is a system formed by ten top eight rank denominations and dozens of eight rank powers. It has crushed most of the forces of the Holy Realm, and it can grant the supreme power of the evil spirits to run across all domains.

The Jiu Pin sect, in ordinary people's perception, simply does not appear.

In the history of the Holy Realm, there is no record of the birth of the Ninth Grade sect. They will not ask about the secular things of the Holy Realm. They have their own circles and independent planes, and mortals are not qualified to spy at all. They are located in the highest realm of the Holy Realm. '!

Most of the top 3000 and sage lists in the enchantment list are also in the "Heaven of Heaven"!

But this time the situation is very different! The strong of the Nine Pinsect sect will be born!

Witch Empress, they can't just ask.

The only way is to ask the relationship between Lin Chen and the Witch Emperor. Secondly, use him to dig out the information of the Witch Emperor, even if there is a trace of useful information, it will be able to pass the opportunity of nine grades.

"Who is she from me?" Lin Chen's expression suddenly became serious and said indifferently: "She is my woman, seniors don't need to ask more, I have my own way of coping."

"You have to deal with a fart!" Shangguan Jue interrupted Lin Chen directly: "You know what you are going to face next, and you have to deal with it, you are honest..."

Bang ~!

When the space vibrated, the super high-altitude cracks directly above the strange domain began to heal slowly. The strange domain space that was previously violent and ruptured by the emperor began to recover as before, only for a few breathing time.

Shangguan Jue's expression changed suddenly.

Really come!

"Oh? Is His Excellency His Excellency Shenyang Palace also there."

"Is the Lord coming for the breath before?"

The three figures emerged like ghosts, standing at the entrance of the hall. The waist was straight like a gun, and the dragon marched into the hall.

A man's shirt, his hands empty, his eyes rotating like a galaxy, exuding the starlight that died hundreds of millions of years ago. An old man, with Yan Yuese, seems to always have a gentle smile and squinting eyes, and when opening his eyes occasionally, there is a thunderous opening and closing.

The last one, who was so imposing, was actually a teenager. He was carrying a green sword, and the green rainbow was surging, causing the wind and clouds above Jiuxiao to faintly shatter the world.

Mysteriously, when the elders such as Bingxin Palace looked at these three people, they could not feel the slightest fluctuation and breath of the Holy Power, as if they did not exist in that space, but stood there again!

They have never seen such a strange phenomenon!

Only Jianyu and Zixia Wanggu are cautious and serious.

After Lin Chen's strength increased, his perception rose sharply. He vaguely felt that the power of these three people was stronger than Yin Tianzi and Ultimate Shadow, but weaker than Shangguan Jue.

"The people of Jianyu, do you still have Zixia King Valley..."

The squinting kind old man looked around the scene. Representatives of Jianyu and Zixia Wanggu held hands and saluted. The old man waved his hand.

He smiled and looked at Lin Chen, "Hehe, kid, have you ever been in contact with that one, may I ask, are you a human race, or..."

The old man's face was instantly cold-"still the devil."

The man in the blue shirt is pointing like a mountain, his eyes narrowed: "Boy, think about it clearly and then answer, what do you know, what have you experienced in the past few days, say it in fifteen to ten, it is about our holy world human race, you dare to have a half Lies, you will fall to the ground instantly."

However, Lin Chens reaction was beyond the expectations of the three powerful men

"It's a matter of concern for you." Lin Chen smiled warmly and elegantly, but he uttered fragrantly.

Want him to betray Luo Yaoer? It is impossible, even if it is a knock, Lin Chen will not go backwards!

Another young swordsman-like power sneered: "Oh? Young and vigorous, you have that kind of humble and disgusting breath on your body. The bones are a bit hard, so cut it off and ask."

Choke~! He took his finger as a sword, pointed it out with one finger, turned his fingertips into the manhole, and penetrated the void.

Bang~! Shangguan Juexian shattered his fingers, half his body blocked in front of Lin Chen.

"Send you from above? Isn't it shameful to deal with a young man like this?"

The three men didn't change their faces, and the old man said indifferently: "Do you want to protect him when you listen to His Holiness? Does Shenyang Palace want to experience the ruined battle of that year?"

Bang ~! The sky is changing for thousands of miles, and the calm beauty of Shangguan Jue hides a crazy killing intention!

"Oh, you can fight the three of us without fake, but it is not realistic to protect him completely."

The three of them urged the figure, and rushed towards Shangguan Jue directly, and the three human races were able to fight directly!