My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1337

Vol 5 Chapter 1337: Shenyan Has Changed Coaxing Female Allure.

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Lights and shadows dazzled in the hall, dazzling!

When Bingxin Palace and others were about to retreat in horror, the strange thing was that the momentum of the four players did not spread out.

All the saints in the hall felt a series of flashes of holy light, the specific movements could not be captured!

"The space moves! This is the only way to fight against the pinnacle of the saint. Move some of your space to the plane created independently. Any aftermath of the battle will not hurt the flowers and grass next to it!"

The swordsman's eyes are extremely dignified!

To use this method of combat, at least it must be the Holy Land Ninefold!

When the three people were suppressed by Shangguan Jue--


A sound of breaking wind hit behind Lin Chen, it was actually the spiritual avatar of the blue shirt swordsman!

Even if it is a random spiritual doppelganger, the strength is also the level of the three elders of the sword domain.

Bang ~!

Behind Lin Chen, the magical dungeons that burst like smallpox, bursting into the sky, bursting into the Holy World, and the almost invincible idea, shocked the spiritual avatar on the spot!

"This breath can't be wrong! It's that woman!"

Qingpao's avatar was horrified, and retreated like lightning.

"Huh?" Lin Chen's armament of God of War was already ready to go, but found that he was right?

"Boy, what is your relationship with that person!"

Qingpao's spiritual avatar shouted loudly!

Lin Chen had not answered yet, and the magic behind him condensed into an ancient script rune.

"If it threatens his life, the clan will be destroyed-the devil emperor."

The monstrous words of Mowei changed the view of all the powerful people present!

The three stopped and stopped the short battle.

Looking at the devil in the void, this group of peerless strongmen who came to the Ninth Sect sect have rare fears and fears!

"This little guy, does it really matter to the empress? Speaking of it, it's ridiculous to be able to sleep with the empress..."

Shangguan Jue's wonderful eyes were shocked, but he didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

After a long time, the young swordsman looked at Lin Chen deeply and his eyes were uncertain.

"Notify others, don't rush over. This kid, it's hard to come by."

As soon as this statement came out, Jianyu and others were shocked!

Devil Witch, really horrible!

In a word, all nine sects were shocked! Lin Chen completely covered!

Lin Chen was surprised, he did not expect Luo Yaoer to leave such a mark on him.

The three stared at Lin Chen, the Devil Emperor, and they might not be able to overthrow the whole human holy world, but if she wanted to retaliate against a ninth sect, it must be an absolute nightmare for any sect!

They had accidentally witnessed the power of the Emperor's Magic Knife across a very distant plane distance. If they face this kind of existence, the other party does not even need to shoot, and the Magic Knife can easily eat them away!

Right now, it's a'special period'. The real people haven't really returned, and it's their turn to decide. Anxious for such a powerful existence, they cannot afford it!

"Blue is better than blue." The amiable old man couldn't help sighing when he found that he couldn't take Lin Chen, and his face returned to the calmness of the past, but his eyes were a little more sighing.

"Why don't you catch people?" Shangguan Jue teased, "Looking at you, don't know how you got to this level. When you hear a name, the tiger becomes a sick cat?"

The three of them were so angry!

In this regard, Shangguan Jue was quite confident. When she faced Luo Yao's child, at least she had not stepped back. With this courage, the three could not get close to half.

"Boy, you can do it yourself. When the great creator is born, this thing is not only your amulet, but your death!"

The blue shirt sneered, the three of them disappeared from the void, came strangely, and left without a trace.

Lin Chen was secretly ruthless when he watched the three leave.

"Now, you protect me, and there will always be times when I protect you, Yao'er..."

Looking at the three people leaving, Jianyu Sanlao looked at each other and sighed.

"Our family is really in love with a great kid..."

"The demon emperor covered him, but as the three men just said, the existence of the holy world has not yet returned. If you return to the holy world, I am afraid that this child will not end so well, unless the emperor comes again... "

The three old swordsmen exchanged winks.

Shangguan Jue looked relaxed and indifferent, she patted Lin Chen on the shoulder and sighed: "Boy, hurry up and become stronger, your Bai Ruoyan, maybe I won't be able to guarantee for long."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed: "What's going on."

Shangguan Jue looked seriously; "Shenyan Palace is about to change. The palace owner is about to change. The new era is beginning. The Shenyan Palace, which always has female disciples as the main palace, may undergo great changes. Bai Ruoyan may Become the next generation housekeeper, and may also be the wife of the next generation housekeeper. The situation can not be clearly explained in three words, you need to use the fastest speed to hit the top 1000 in the list of evildoers, and then come to Shenyang Palace to raise relatives , The rest, I will try my best to fight for you."

Lin Chen's heart sank! This happened suddenly, and Shangguan Jue personally came to stop the strong enemy for himself this time. This kind of relationship is not too important. Lin Chen couldn't even express his anger.

Seemingly seeing through his mind, Shangguan Jue sighed: "Relax, with me, if the smoke won't be okay in a short time, you have to be careful yourself. The vastness of the Holy Realm is far more than the strong man you see today simple."

"Since you're okay, I should go back too. Remember, don't be in the top 1,000 in the list of evildoers, don't come to the Shenyang Palace easily!

Leaving a piece of advice, Shangguan Jue stepped up from the air, fluttering like a fairy, disappearing in an instant.

Lin Chen's heart was complicated. When he turned to the people in the hall, he first gave a fist to the people of Zixia Wanggu. When he was grateful, he just arrived at his mouth. , Yan Ran smiled and said: "Don't talk about polite words, don't worry, you still don't feel like chasing your alluring little sister, everyone ran away angrily."

"Uh..." Lin Chen looked at Jianyu and others, and Jiancheng immediately winked.

"Then... I'll go first."

Lin Chen smiled helplessly, turned and rushed out of the hall.

Looking at the direction of Lin Chen's departure, Zi Tianhu walked to the back of the little demon and said seriously: "Is this really okay."

"That's enough." The demon queen still smiles as usual, "He just needs to do his own good."

Zi Tianhu sighed: "It's because of your mother-in-law, she is ready to come back... And, I heard that she is going to match you to the Heavenly Sanctuary."

The smile of the little demon remained unchanged, and there was a little helplessness in the shallow smile.


In the broken mountain range, on the edge of a cliff, the beautiful woman embraced the jade legs with both hands, curled up, thin and thin.

The young man's half-face was suddenly found on the edge of the cliff, ten feet away from her. When she was slightly surprised, the young man called out shamelessly.

"Allure? Allure beauty? Allure baby? Sister Allure, did you figure it out? It doesn't matter if you don't figure it out, I figured it out!"

Jian Qingcheng was so angry and funny, looking at the young mans cheeks full of bright red crescent-like teeth marks, he didnt hit him at once, got up and walked quickly, stepped on the young mans face!

"You're a dead man! I'm so worried about you, you actually... actually do that thing!"

"Mother, why don't you step on your face! I don't want to, I can't beat her! It's a big deal. I'll lose some money and let you repeat the case!"

"Playing you! Miss Ben cut you with a sword!"