My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1338

Vol 5 Chapter 1338: Sacred State Of Mind

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On the edge of the cliff, Jian Qingcheng punched and kicked Lin Chen for a while.

Finally, Jian Qingcheng sobbed in Lin Chen's arms.

When recalling the appearance of Jian Qingcheng, Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh; alas, he looks so handsome and really annoying. It's the hardest to bear the grace of beauty!

In all fairness, he thought he had no friendship with Jian Qingcheng, and the two had had a great battle.

This time, she used the power of the entire family for herself, and even exposed the strong swordsman to danger. This sentiment is not to be understated.

"Will you come to Jianyu in the future."

Jian Qingcheng was close to his chest and asked softly.

Lin Chen smiled: "Of course."

Jian Qingcheng's delicate body shivered, seeming to get the answer he wanted, and he yelled softly.

She is wise and smart, and does not seem to have asked too many questions about Lin Chen's other women, just lying quietly in his arms for a while.


In the main hall, when she saw her daughter back, she recovered her former demeanor. Jian Cheng's eyebrows smiled, and San Lao looked at Lin Chen with great satisfaction.

To tell the truth about this'grandson-in-law', they are very satisfied. Its details and achievements are also among the top ranks in the field of swords.

The people of Zixia Wanggu got up and Lin Chen was amazed: "Do you have to leave so soon?"

Zi Tianhu smiled and said: "Yes, we have something important to do in Zixia Wanggu, little one, you come to Nanyu in the future, you are welcome to come and sit in Wanggu."

"Is it important?" Lin Chen saw Wang Gu's people with dignified looks, and even the little demon was gone. He couldn't help asking seriously: "I don't know what is important, can the younger generation make a little effort?"

Zi Tianhu shook his head, staring at Lin Chen with a deep look, secretly preaching.

"Qingwu this nizi is based on her mothers surname. Her mother was born in the eighth rank power. Now her mother may use this nizi, the little one, for the glory of the recovery family. If you have the opportunity in the future, I hope you can help Help this nizi."

Lin Chen's eyes condensed and he clenched his fists seriously.


With a gratifying glance at Lin Chen, Zi Tianhu waved his hand, tearing the space and leading everyone away.

In the main hall, only the sword saints and the Bingxin Palace were left.

The three elders of Jianyu appeared like a ghost in Lin Chen's side. With one wave of one hand, the space became unfolded. Only the three elders and Jian Cheng were talking, and Lin Chen and five of them could hear it.

"Boy, although you are excellent, our family is not bad. If she passes your door in the future, you can't let her be wronged."

The old man of Jiansha said a little bit salty, Lin Chen's mouth was slightly drawn, and the eight characters had not yet been written.

Although my granddaughter is far less than this son, but someone loses or loses, don't let your granddaughter get wronged by this kid.

"I heard that you are also proficient in swordsmanship. My sword territory has always served with the sword. This is one of the ten ancient sword gate sword swords of my sword territory. Sword domain, don't lose our face."

Old man Jian Jin gave a blank face and handed a scroll of orange light. Lin Chen's face changed slightly when he took it!

It is actually a complete orange-level intermediate peerless swordsmanship! Lin Chen's "Nine Heavy Burning Palms of Heaven" still needs to be practiced to the ninth level to exert the power of the Orange Rank Intermediate. This kind of exercise is said to be sent, the weight is too heavy!

"Senior, this gift..."

"Why, I don't like it! I have to hold it for Lao Tzu. This is the dowry that our family has reserved for you in advance. If you don't practice well, Lao Tzu will not let you go!"

The old man of Jiansha said fiercely, Lin Chen had no choice but to accept it. The people in Jianyu had a strange temper than one.

The oldest Jianming old man with the most powerful expression said solemnly: "Little guy, what do you plan to do next? Should we come to our sword territory to avoid the wind?"

Lin Chen has caused so many things. If he didn't find a place to avoid the wind, and would practice for a while, he would stand on the cusp of the storm, extremely dangerous.

"Withdrawing is not what the men did. I plan to go to the holy prison."

Lin Chen didn't talk about it, he said amazingly, and the three olds moved!

Go to Holy Prison? That is one of the most horrible places in the Holy Realm, and even these three powerful old guys can't avoid it. This kid still wants to go to Holy Prison?

"A high-ranking person behaves in an unpredictable way... It's really a talented person from generation to generation, the generation is more fierce than the generation..."

Jian Cheng shook his head and marveled.

The old man of Jian Ming said seriously: "Are you going to sneak in?"

"Yes, I have a way to sneak in. In the Holy Prison, I need to find a person who has a great effect on me."

Lin Chen looked directly at the three elders and said the name: "He is Jian Wuji, and it is also rumored to be a swordmaster of the sword domain. I wonder if the three seniors can have an influence?"

Lin Chen didn't hide it. The three of the opponents even took out the complete Orange-level intermediate exercises to teach themselves, indicating that the person in the sword domain had regarded him as his own.

Jian Wuji is the name of the friend of the Dean of Tiange Academy. Lin Chen only knows that this person is from the sword domain. With the status of the three elders, he might know something.

That person may have mastered the whereabouts of the fourth mental method of "Taiyi Futian Jue". Now Lin Chen is singing all around, and the fastest way to gain the strength of the mental method!

If he can make up the complete "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", coupled with [enhancement function] to strengthen his mind, his combat power will soar to an unprecedented level!

At that time, once the hole is expanded, it will definitely shake the ancients!

Hearing the name of Jian Wuji, the three elders were a little surprised.

Lin Chen said: "This...I have something to look for him, is there any news for the three seniors?"

The three old men looked at each other and Jian Cheng said: "This man is a peerless wizard in our sword domain, but he is also a lunatic. In the early years, he killed the family of a strong man. He ruled his human body with his own way of life. After the door was destroyed, he even challenged the powerful saint-mind power at that time, and was eventually sentenced to prison."

"Sacred State of Mind?" Lin Chen was curious, "Dare to ask seniors, what is the cultivation of the state above Na Xing Realm."

Jian Cheng patiently said: "The saints expand their caves and transform their condensate, just to lay the foundation. After the birth and death, every time a holy cave is opened, there will be earth-shaking changes. Six-fold life and death, seven-fold star, and the sage eightfold , A state of mind."

"Sacred Realm Eightfold Sacred Heart State, 71st to 80th Sacred Caverns, these 10 Sacred Caverns are extremely difficult to open. It is necessary to condense your vitality with the Sacred Power of the Sacred Caverns and rush to the cave together! Every time you hit the realm, it means that Breaking through the limit of life, once the failure is light, the holy acupuncture will be seriously injured, and the time will be repaired in the century, and the failure will be fatal. Every time the impact of the state fails, at least the saints life will be lost."

Talking about this matter, the three elders mourn.

I don't know, how many amazing geniuses and evil spirits are blocked in front of the Sacred Heart State, and stay in the Star Realm for life!

That is a world of new fields!