My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1339

Vol 5 Chapter 1339: Go To Holy Prison

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Jian Cheng's expression was extremely serious.

"Once the Sacred Heart Realm enters this realm, it is extremely difficult for the saints in this realm to fall. Even if it penetrates the Sacred Heart, it will be seriously injured. Unless the head and spiritual origin are blown out, or the Sacred Heart is completely destroyed, there is no slightest destruction. Otherwise, even if the opponent is killed a thousand times A hundred times, it will make a comeback."

Lin Chen was shocked and could not die through his heart? To completely destroy the spiritual origin or the sacred heart in the body?

No wonder that the Yinsha Three Ghost Saints are so tenacious, and the last three people can still live together. Lin Chen vaguely guessed that the Three Ghost Saints are the strongest in the level of holy mood!

Lin Chen then asked, "What about the above state of mind?"

Jian Cheng stretched out a finger and said seriously-"On the holy state of mind, the 81st to 90th holy caves are called Kaitian realm. Shengli opens the sky, the peak of ancient and modern times. In this realm, Shengli will Will be cultivated to the extreme, and develop his own holy cave to the extreme, from cultivation to the essence, there will be no more changes."

"Above Kaitian Realm, open the sky for the nine-turn, the world is also called the nine-turned saint. The 91st to 99th holy point, the holy point to be opened at the nine-turn realm, are all located in the brain."

"Every holy cave opened can converge all the holy power into the brain, which greatly improves the sage's perception and perception. This sounds like there is no substantial transformation, but it is the most terrifying gap within the holy realm. !"

Elder Jian Ming took the lead, "Theoretically, the Jiu Zhuan Realm is the realm of the saints, the least likely to leapfrog the challenge. Once the saint's perception of heaven and earth is exceeded, it is far more than the Jiu Chong's complete saint. Hundreds of attack methods can be used, but in the hands of the former, a thousand methods of use can be bloomed."

"At this level, the competition is no longer simply the cultivation of the Holy Cave, but the perception of the entire world and the development of its own potential. Why is the Jiuzhong Saints so powerful and above the countless levels of mortals, but they can't create orange order merits? Dharma, because the real orange-level exercises have never been qualified to be created until the saints are turned over!"

"Only the strong man who enters that realm can see the essence of this world and this world."

While Lin Chen was shocked, he kept writing down the realm of the future.

Na Xing Jing, Sacred Heart, Kai Tian Jing, Jiu Zhuan Kai Tian...

It seems that he still has a long way to go! As far as the current strength is concerned, if there is no three-piece Ares set, the sword domain will randomly send a life and death juggernaut, which can make him fall into the disadvantage of all aspects!

"The 100th holy cave." Jian Cheng pointed to his eyebrows. "Here, once the 100 holy caves are opened, it is the apex of the saint. The kings of the saints, also known as the holy king realm. For this realm. , I also know very little."

Elder Jian Ming then said: "If you want to find Jian Wu Ji, the old man heard that the guy was locked in the fifth level of the holy prison, you can go there and look for it. If you really have a way to enter, take him with him Come back. After all, this person also has a very close relationship with us. Although I cant disclose his existence on the sword territory, I can still secretly have a lot of affection."

"The old man heard that once imprisoned in holy prison, he must face the endless demons under the holy prison. If he can kill a certain number of demons, he can even be forgiven. Little one, you must be careful. The guys are not only the strongest among the strongest parties in the Holy Realm."

Lin Chen nodded: "Thank you all for telling me."

After asking some questions from the four again, the old man Jianming lifted the space barrier.

"You guys, we should return to Sword Territory."

Jian Cheng smiled and waved to the sword saints.

Jian Qingcheng gave Lin Chen a reluctant glance and followed the large army to leave.

"Little fellow, you are welcome to come to Jianyu at any time!"

"Hey, we have a chance to let us see your alchemy!"

"The next time you dry it, you can exchange it for the price of refining medicine, we will be on call."

When all the saints said goodbye, their attitude towards Lin Chen was cordial.

When Lin Chen looked at the people in Bingxin Palace again, they sighed for a while!

Those big men who were hard to see in the past can't imagine that this time they have appeared again and again because of this young man. There is already a gap between them.

"Everyone, although the territory of the Snow Dragon Temple is almost destroyed, but the foundation is still there, if it is rebuilt, it will not be too difficult..."

Lin Chen looked at the Scarlet Fairy, and she smiled brightly-"Relax, I will sit in the Bingxin Palace for you. I will protect your little fairy, and I can do your business with confidence, I am right You have only one request."

Then, the crimson fairy sent Lin Chen by way of voice, exhaling like blue, charming and charming.

"I want you"

Lin Chen was shocked, so soon to use the second double cultivation talent?

"I want you to expand the hole in the territory. Ten times of hole expansion add up to a thousand times more!"

"If you can complete it, Lin Chen, I will take you as the master and form a contract between the master and the servant. You will become my master, that is, you will get my spiritual plant."

The Scarlet Fairy was amazing, and almost scared Lin Chen!

Do you need to expand the hole a thousand times ten times?

Whats even more weird and horrifying is the second half, which takes itself as the master?

Crimson Fairy's cultivation behavior and strength, which is called to be placed in many eternal sects, is also extremely weak. It belongs to high-level power. Will such a woman take her as the master?

"Is that why she helped me before..."

Lin Chen glanced at the scarlet fairy deeply and said with a smile: "Then one word is settled."

As long as she is willing to temporarily sit in the Bingxin Palace for herself, can she expand her acupuncture point a thousand times, and later on, anyway, someone in Lin must not lose.

After explaining a few things to the crowd, Lin Chen thrived and set off immediately to Cangyu!

Looking for the six-finger Xuanyuan to cast the top holy weapon, it is not a short time to complete, it is still unknown whether it can invite people, this matter Lin Chen plans to release later, go to the holy prison to find Zhao Wuji, the news of the mind cannot be delayed!

The God of War three-piece suit and his'Sky Rebel' are the biggest cards in his trip.

The Eye of the Hurricane in the green field hides the entrance to the holy prison.

Calling out the Holy Dragon, Lin Chen hurried at full speed.

This time, he acted alone.

In the Void Channel, Sheng Long carried Lin Chen through the space quickly.

Lin Chen urged the palm demon seal, a monstrous monstrous qi rose, and began to fill every corner and meridian all over his body.

After a while, Lin Chen's appearance changed dramatically! There are four horns on the top of his head, with a face of evil and enchanting, devilish energy, **** jade pupils filled with violent murderousness, three feet tall, all over the scales and feathers!

Lin Chen at this moment is like a devil from the bottom! If it appears in the outside world, it will definitely be regarded as a holy devil and besieged by the group holy!

"Yaoer passed me this kind of demon reincarnation Dafa, it really came to life, as long as I don't use the Holy Force to fight, the possibility of exposure is extremely small. If I use the seal of the sky and the sky, it will be a seamless camouflage! To me This dive into Holy Prison has a vital role!"

The corner of Lin Chens evil mouth that turned into the devil rose slightly.

"Perfect disguise, no one knows that I will be someone in Lin. The most handsome black horse club in the Holy Realm is temporarily resting. The most fierce devil in Guangshuai City, a stand-alone province, is online! This time, go to the holy prison to make a big noise. !"