My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1340

Vol 5 Chapter 1340: Arrive In Qingyao City.

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Lin Chen lifted the Devil Reincarnation Dafa and returned to normalcy.

Entering the "Hurricane Eye" in the Cang Realm, you need to open a high-level secret realm, the Muhai Azure Azure Realm. This secret realm can only be opened by the right of the Sixth Grade sect or the enchanting list.

As long as Lin Chen is still in the Holy Realm, he cannot easily become the Demon King, otherwise he cannot even open the secret realm, and he can only hide his identity after entering the Holy Prison.

Lin Chen turned on the system; issued a command.

"System, I want to start the second phase of the awakening of the flesh shell and the second phase of the full awakening of the spiritual realm."

[Turn on the second stage of flesh shell awakening and the second stage of mental awakening. It consumes 2 billion intermediate sky values, and the host can awaken a higher level of flesh shell strength.

Lin Chen's body suddenly became a lot lighter, such as the release of certain shackles, his blood was as great as a mountain and sea prison, dripping blood could burn the mountain and boil the sea!

"I want to fully awaken the second stage of the flesh!"

[Consumption of 5 billion Tiandao points, the second stage of awakening the strength of the husk, the awakening of the husk: 101%...]

[Starting to awaken the second stage of spiritual fulfillment, the instantaneous speed of the spirit is increased by 30 times, 31 times...the mental power has a certain self-healing ability...]

Previously stealing the attribute value of the massive powerhouse, Lin Chen awakened two stages of awakening in one breath. The 8 billion Tiandao was instantly reduced to 1 billion points. The attribute of the Tiandao value was not enough for him.

"System, learn "Billions of Stars"."

[Consumed 4.9 billion points of advanced exercises and spirits, and began to integrate the orange-level intermediate exercises "Billions of Stars".

Ontology awakened, avatars merged with practice memory, and Lin Chen did not stop becoming stronger during the time he rushed to Cangyu!

Lin Chen's realm of refining body is 34 billion dragon power. When the second stage of the awakening of the flesh shell is completed, the pure power increases by 200%, which has broken 100 billion dragon power and is completely equal to its own holy dragon!

His spiritual power is close to the completion of the holy realm, but the spiritual perception and spiritual response are more terrible than the completion of the holy realm!

The second stage of spiritual awakening is completed, and the instantaneous speed of the spirit is increased by 50 times! Today's Lin Chen, the alchemy skills and the height of the ship have risen, and advance by leaps and bounds!

In addition to his 30 holy holes, he can explode about 40 billion dragon powers based on the holy power. If he cooperates with his many exercises, talents, runes, and Lin Chens strength, it can basically expand the cave. Call it invincible!

Even if the Wizards of the Enchanted List who expanded the hole ten times met him and could fight him head-to-head, rare!

"The pure power of hundreds of billions of dragon forces is enough to meet most of the Holy Land in the middle and late stages of the fivefold."

Lin Chen's eyes showed strong confidence!

In the life and death of the sixfold saint, the man who can threaten his Lin Chen will never exist again!

Even if it is a peerless demon cultivated by the Seventh Grade or even Eighth Grade sect, it is impossible!

One of the six avatars, even if it is a siege, can fight the other party into a Muggle!

Brush ~!

The Holy Dragon broke through, and Lin Chen reached the void directly above the northern area of Cangyu!

Not far away, the city walls were cast high, and hundreds of feet of vigorous and quaint walls, like black giant beasts, overwhelmed.

"This place is Qingyao City, and there is the entrance of Muhai Tianqing Secret Area."

Lin Chen's gaze glanced through the spiritual light and looked through the void. Within a million miles away, there was a strong space barrier. This is the space barrier established by the large-scale shooting. Na Xingjing may not be able to bombard.

The mysterious realm of Muhai's azure sky, the inclusion of countless rare and precious treasures, means endless opportunities, and there are fierce and long-lasting foreign animals, as well as many terrible energy storm disasters.

If there is no right of the Sixth Grade sect, it is not eligible to enter, which is the difficulty of the holy world ascending space.

Most of the big resources will only be occupied by big forces. Without a solid background and background, it is difficult to cultivate a real strongman everywhere.

Lin Chen put the Holy Dragon into his body, paid into the city fee, and went straight into the Qingyao City.

Half an hour, Lin Chen arrived at the entrance to the secret realm.

At this time, a square at the entrance of the secret realm was chaotic.

"Why don't you let us in, we also paid the entry fee and registered the right to use!"

"We are also the Sixth Grade sect, can you Nangong family be able to cover the sky with only one hand?"

"Don't worry about Lao Tzu! Believe it or not, it won't take a quarter of an hour. Lao Tzu wants you to kneel on the ground and beg me not to die."

Inside the Sapphire Plaza; the young talents in the film are suspended in the air!

Their meteorology is extraordinary, all of them are the visions of dragons and phoenixes among people, and their temperaments are first-class, as if they were natural and distinguished geniuses.

However, at this time they are arguing violently with the gatekeeper outside the square, and even have a lot of hands-on intentions!

"Okay, don't quarrel anymore. Nangong Juezi has already personally ordered this. The Ruihai Beast was born in the Muhai Tianqing Secret Realm, and it has been completely blocked. It will not be opened until Nangong Jue captures the Rui Beast. Fuck off, dont think you can make a trick out of the genius list!"

The scarred face-headed saint smiled and waved with his big hand: "Honestly go back to your denomination to stay, where will you come back?"

The faces of all geniuses have changed slightly!

"Rui Beast is born? Is it possible to say that the Rui Beast can only be born by a high-level holy beast of the Seventh Rank Bloodline?"

"Nangong...Nangong is absolutely? Isn't that the evildoer?"

"But, even if it's a monster list, it can't be so domineering! This is a high-level secret realm, how can a high-level secret realm be blocked for personal reasons!"

Geniuses were reluctant to protest.

The scarred face was fierce and evil, and Yin Yun smiled: "What's the personal reason? Our son has expanded his acupuncture points 25 times to 29 times. He is so talented that he has already entered the Seven Ranks sect, Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple. He has become a real evil spirit. Tianjiao, is it that you, those of ordinary skill, can no longer know each other, I will start! If you are not a disciple of the Liupin sect, I will have already done it! A group of shameless little girls child!"

The geniuses took a step back unconsciously, their faces shocked.

"Seven...Seven Grades Sect..."

"Nangong is definitely the true biography of Jiuxiao Holy Dragon Hall? My God, the experience of Liupin family, the backer of Qipin sect, no wonder this palace is so brutal..."

The geniuses were pale and finally gave up their last hope!

Guanda ranks the first to kill people, not to mention the rank between the denominations. The seventh and sixth ranks have a more terrible gap!

As the geniuses were about to leave, a glaze of holy light rushed towards the sky, rushing into the sky, without condensing, and a terrible coercion came!

In Sapphire Square, everyone is horrified!

Bottom List Token!

Wizards of the evildoer come?

The face of the scar-faced man was slightly dignified.

Everyone took a closer look, and a silver robe figure appeared silently in the square, with a tall figure, a handsome boy, a rich and handsome man, a temperament with dust, and a cynical smile on the corner of his mouth.

In the eyes of everyone, he was steady and slow, and all geniuses immediately gave way to the consciousness, the expression was full of awe and admiration.

Many young and beautiful female Tianjiao can't help but brave the peach blossoms, and the teenagers here are picturesque.