My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1341

Vol 5 Chapter 1341: I Am Not Hard.

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Before Lin Chen entered the Qingyao City, he observed the space enchantment of the secret realm of this place, and the hard break did not show that at least he had to bring out the strength of the two-piece blessing of the God of War in order to forcefully break the enchantment.

It's not necessary to use my killer skills for this little thing. Lin Chen intends to cross the border.

Lin Chen's glaze-colored demon list Guangxia, Sheng Weihuanghuang, imposing and restrained and calm, walked to the scar-faced man and said indifferently.

"The demon list, Lin Chen, asked to open the Muhai Tianqing secret realm."

Lin Chen's tone is not to discuss, but to directly command!

This is the right that the demon list should have! Compared with other evildoers, Lin Chen's tone was polite.

"This friend, this Muhai Tianqing secret realm, can be regarded as managed by our Nangong family generation. Above it is the Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple and several other seven-grade forces jointly control and control. Our Nangong family's son is..."

Scarface man was about to stand up, Lin Chen raised his hand on his shoulder!

Bang ~~~! !

Terrible power, like a landslide and tsunami, overturned! Suddenly broke out from Lin Chen's palm in an instant, endless strength, squeezing the scar-faced man deadly, so that his divine power must not urge half a point, his face was horrified!

But he cultivated his state of expanding his acupoint, and was suppressed by this kid with one hand?

Genius pupils tremble!

This scar-faced man is second only to some outside elders in strength! Now that the Wizard of Wizards can't move with one hand?

This... even if it is a general Wizards Wizard, it is impossible to have this kind of strength!

"I'm not talking to you, you, you can't make a decision." Lin Chen smiled and fascinated many women. He looked around and looked at the old man who was drinking and drunk next to him.

Lin Chen said indifferently: "Old gentleman, what do you say."

The old man took a sip of spirits, and his always godless eyes glanced at the light, hehe laughed and said: "Where is the little demon, a little eyesight."

The old man stretched his lazy waist, and when he stood up, he brushed the four holy chakras above his head.

Dozens of geniuses immediately felt that an overwhelming power swept over them, and they stepped back dozens of steps, looking horrified!

" this old gentleman the master..."

"Good and profound cultivation, his holy power, at least comparable to the elders of the five layers of the Holy Realm!"

When the geniuses were frightened, Lin Chen stood still. The old man's eyes narrowed. This young man is not easy.

The drunk old man shook his head and said: "Young man, it's better not to be an old man. There are orders above, no people of any force are allowed here."

As soon as the words fell, a black light flashed, almost everyone failed to respond, and the jade pendant in the old man's waist was empty.

"This jade is very delicate." Lin Chen smiled and smashed it directly.

Boom~! A force of space was quickly transmitted and the space rippled.

The drunk old man's expression changed greatly! !

A young man, without knowing it, can **** his Chuan Yupei head-on?

What a terrible evil!

"Since you can't make a decision, let someone who can make a decision come over. Whether you can let it go, it's not who has the final say, it's the fist that's hard enough."

Lin Chen's actions are thriving, talking and laughing, and domineering side leaks!

He even whistled frivolously at the geniuses and joked: "You are right, I am not hard enough."

"The son is handsome and hard!"

The geniuses sincerely obeyed and shouted together!

Drunk old man convulsions...

"Cao Sheng, what happened, why did you use the order Yupei. The old man should have said that this thing can only be used in an emergency."

An old man with a tiger's eyebrow and eyebrows is majestic, and he walks into the air. If his eyebrows open and close, he will not be angry.

The drunk old man immediately hugs his fists in a respectful manner: "I've seen Elder Nangong Yan! It's not that the old man intends to use herald jade pendant, it's this young boy who wants to pass the secret realm..."

The drunk old man simply stated that the old man of Nangong Yan changed slightly!

When he looked at Lin Chen, he couldn't help but converge, and said indifferently: "Son, my Nangong family has something important to do, why not come to our house for two days..."

Boom~! On top of Lin Chen's head, eight heads of earth-running flaming dragons fired up, all formed by condensing spiritual power!

His palm disillusioned the Nine Heavy Burning Seals, and all the fire crystals bloomed with magnificent light!

"In a word, can you open it. If you can't open it, I will hit your Nangong home from here."

Lin Chenyun's breezy words made the geniuses from all walks of life take a breath.

Too domineering!

Start playing if you don't agree! The face is still the older generation of the Sixth Generation family!

"Into the holy realm? Isn't it right? More than that!"

Nangong was deeply shocked, and with his five-fold perfection practice, he actually smelled a dangerous breath from the spirit burning dragon!

If he really fights, it is based on this spiritual realm, he really may not be able to suppress this boy!

"Lin Chen... This son is called Lin Chen... Is it that Lin Chen?"

Suddenly, a female genius in a goose-yellow elegant dress from the Sixth Grade Refining Medicine Department suddenly screamed with excitement, full of admiration!

"Can it be the champion of the refining medicine in the Danyu Heavenly Election Conference, Lin Chen, the 9815th in the evil list?"

Lin Chen smiled casually: "It's just a fake name. Compared with my handsome name, this title is not enough."

Naturally selected champion?

Nangong is moving! The specifications of the Danyu Heavenly Election Conference are high, and he has long heard of his name!

The refining pharmacist who can stand out in it, is not only the future of refining medicine Taishan Beidou of the Holy Realm, a young man, can he win the championship? In the past, only those old monsters won the championship!

"No wonder this child's spiritual realm is so high that he is the champion of the natural selection conference..."

Nangong Yanren is old and mature, thinking a little, and immediately filled with smiles, "Mr. Lin Chen, you can still discuss this open secret, don't be angry..."

Dozens of geniuses saw Nangong Yan who was still so arrogant and now compensating for laughter. While smirking in his heart, his admiration for Lin Chen raised a grade!

The powerful people are so capricious!

Before he could chat, the other party let it go and opened the door to the secret.

Lin Chen put away his killing intentions, flew into the air, and many of the geniuses were not clever ghosts. They immediately followed Lin Chen's figure.

There are not many opportunities to enter a high-level secret realm, although it is difficult to enter but easy to go out. There is a special sectarian transmission space channel, which is completely worthwhile.

After letting go, the drunk old man asked in a clenched fist"What is Elder Yan doing?"

"The Nangong family directly provoked this child, but it was a bit troublesome, so let him go in. If he dares to delay our major events, there will naturally be elders of Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple to deal with him. The pharmacist was shocked!"

Nangong showed a smart smile, and smiled.