My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1342

Vol 5 Chapter 1342: Xun Rui Beast

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Muhai Azure's mysterious environment is vast and infinite. If there is a lush green surrounding the infinite earth, it is full of vitality, and the giant trees stand in the sky. This place is an excellent habitat for the survival of fierce beasts.

After any group of large factions control the secret realm, they will not fully discover the secrets in their secret territory. The first reason is that the high-level secret realm is extremely vast. To discover all of the secrets requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and it requires the top strong to dispatch.

The second is the issue of distribution. There are often more than one sect in control of high-level secret realms. If all parties flock to discover the entire secret realm, the important treasure that appears will belong to whom.

Therefore, in the high-level secret territory, most of the various factions choose to keep it. As for the romance, they are handed over to the young people to compete for treatment. The strength speaks, which can not only show the heritage of a sect, but also bring benefits to the sect. And it wont cause a big battle, and it will kill you three times.

At this time, Muhai Tianqing secrets, in the east, mountains are in groups, a group of old people floating in the air.

"This area has been searched and there is no sign of Rui Beast."

"It seems that it should be aware of our breath, and we have to increase the search scope."

"Swiss beast is vital to the growth of Qiyun Lingzhi. Before other denominations are discovered, they must get it!"

All the elders have a long breath, all of them are full of Sacred Realm, and there is no lack of Sacred Realm!

When they talked and talked about it, another young man with Yu Yuxuan's face and lingering face flew up.

"Ruishou should not be here. Let's go to another area to see."

The tone of the youth reveals the taste of being born superior, but a few old men do not complain at all, because the value of this child deserves his attitude and gesture!

7345 in the list of evil spirits, Hikaru Aurora and Nangong Jue!

This person blooms 52 holy caves, which is actually the cultivation practice of the saints in the Ningjing!

He left a word, his body immediately urged, and turned into an aurora flashing across the sky, almost to the extreme. This is his orange-level body method Pole Shadow. The speed of his exposure, the orange-level body method, is used to the fullest in the hands of the wizards of the demon list. Even the elders from the holy dragon palace are ashamed!

"We also continue to act and follow him closely."

The five elders flashed and disappeared.

Rui beast is a rare beast that has the blessings of heaven and earth, and any kind of strong blood beast has a very small possibility of becoming a beast when it is born into a young child.

Compared with ordinary fierce beasts, when these monsters grow to the eighth level, they will ignite the world's luck and become a real beast. The combat ability is not like the level of the holy beast, but they can gather luck and strengthen themselves.

The way of luck is the most mysterious field in the Holy Realm.

Many top saints are also unable to understand, ordinary denominations only know; if the animal can be kept in the area where the Qiyun Lingzhi is located, it will increase the output of the Qiyun Lingzhi, and it can even transform from the inferior to the middle grade Lingzhi. Achieve grade transformation!

However, it is known in the literature that this method of transforming grades is only effective for inferior spirit plants, and for middle-grade and even superior spirit plants, it only has the effect of increasing production.

But even so, a lucky beast is difficult to measure with the value of eyesight, no matter in the orc or human race, it is a treasure among the treasures!

Ruishou can perceive the luck of heaven and earth, and the saints have luck. If there is a crisis, or there is a killing intention, Ruishou will run away in advance. This is also the reason why the saints can't catch Rui Beast.


In the dim hall, the silence remained as usual.

"Ah! It hurts. The blood of the devil has lost 30%. The demon emperor, what a vicious means! Lin Chen, Shadow, I want you to die, very painful death!"

Inside the hall, a painful scream broke the silence, the voice of the ultimate shadow.

In the void, a shadow violently twisted.

It's not dead!

Luo Yaoer took it into a biscuit like palm, and Gouyan was panting.

It bears the blood of the Dragon, Demon, and Innate Shadows. When it encounters harm, it can avoid the key for the first time. In addition, the blood of the Dragon and Demon are extremely powerful, which makes it save their lives under that palm.

Even so, it paid a heavy price! Cultivation fell, and the body's blood, which was part of the Demon Race, was severely damaged.

But when it was a bit wary at the time, even if it was seriously injured, it would not be reduced to the point of falling into cultivation, but it almost thought that it must have succeeded, swallowing the ultimate shadow of the fifteenth period, its bloodline will be changed dramatically! No one expected such a terrible enemy at the last minute!

"Sometimes this seat will take your life! Shadows, Lin Chen, Devil Empress, swallow them all!"

In the hall, when the ultimate shadow strips the energy of the void to heal, it is hysterical roar!

Outside the hall, Yin Tianzi heard such an exhausted roar and shook his head in disappointment.

"In the end it's also a dumb guy. If it weren't for some value, you would have died under my hands."

Yin Tianzi turned to look into the more distant void, and the crystal brilliance at the center of his eyebrows became brighter.

His eyes are deep.

"Lin Chen, very tricky potential, my research is the last step!"

His expression suddenly appeared a little fanatic and mad!

"After this last step, I will be able to cultivate top-grade crystals! At that time, this seat withdrew from the list of evildoers and concentrated on studying for this day! Not far away, in the future, all denominations of the Holy Realm will have to bow down and be champions! 30 Six domains, sooner or later will be the world of my overcast son!"


In the distant void, the ancient tower stands.

In the space at the top of the tower, neat corpses are placed on the floor.

On the corpse, a sword seals the throat, leaving no blood in the sword marks, and the death phase is extremely miserable.

All of these people are actually characters in the enchanted list!

At this time, hundreds of people died!

If it is placed outside, it will definitely shake the entire Holy World!

However, it seems that the news did not come out.

"There are no other law enforcement teams dispatched. There is no one in the end. Who killed the three hundred evils of my human race with one sword!"

"This man must be able to use his sword skills to approach the top of the holy world's sword way, and see the blood seal the throat. These demon evils can all be broken and killed when they die."

"These three hundred people are all the strong demon forces outside the domain of Heavenly Sacred Earth, and we should cultivate some strong people in the future who can increase the number of Sacred Heart State and even Heavenly Realm!"

"The key is how to appease the forces that have lost their own evil spirits. If they let go of their deaths, they might be in a mess."

"The loss is heavy. It was already troublesome enough, and another Lin Chen appeared, with the demon emperor behind him, and killing one of the demon list, and so on, the authority of this devil list will be broken sooner or later!"

When the old phantom at the top of the tower talked, there was a strong murderous intention and helplessness.

"Several ancestors have personally summoned it, and the news is surprisingly consistent."

"The powers of the Heavenly Sanctuary are all closed! It seems that what was found outside the Holy Realm!"

The old voice revealed shock and palpitations.

"It seems that even the great true **** is temporarily gone!"