My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1343

Vol 5 Chapter 1343:

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There is a lush green field. On the grass, the delicate and delicate girl is holding petals, and her white skin is shining. Only her head has a deer horn that is as clear as crystal jade, and there is a multicolored crystal brilliance.

Her beautiful eyes glanced across a ray of strange mansions, and the eyes full of spirituality were light.

"How can the human races catch me, your actions have long been under my control, any sage's luck will not escape the clever eye of Miss Ben's clever eye, slightly ~~"

She spit out the lilac **** strange direction, which is strange and cute.

"Finally get rid of those annoying elves, alas, it's really annoying to look handsome, chasing me all day long and asking what I do."

After striking the silver robe, he walked out of the forest slowly and was about to release his spirit. When he met a girl in a white dress on the grass still enjoying the flowers.

The girl's body shivered when the two eyes gazed at each other!

Her eyes full of spirituality stared at the person who came, and suddenly a look of horror appeared!


She couldn't see the luck of this person, not at all!

As if this person appeared here out of thin air!

But he seems to be a saint for cultivation! How could the saint have no luck!

"You... who are you, why are you here..."

The girl was so terrified that her delicate body shivered and she stepped back a few steps.

She had never seen such a human race, and she had no luck!

"Huh?" Lin Chen's eyes lit up!

This girl has the light of the attribute light ball!

At this moment, the girl's face changed slightly, and the afterglow of her eyes swept in the direction just now.

"Oh, those people who hunted me are coming!"

The girl in the white dress stood up, her splendid body flowing, and flashed across the sky.

Brush ~! At the moment she acted, Lin Chen stepped forward, flashing at least next to the woman, and pushed her down to the bottom of the tree.

What is going on with this man, she has no sense of his luck and trajectory of action!

Lin Chen reached out...

"You, what do you want to do. Don't do it! Don't think you can be bullied by being handsome as a kid..."

The white skirt girl screamed in fright, Lin Chen reached out and touched her head, and then touched her colorful jade horns.

[The host gains 190,000 talent points, 210,000 talent points, 180,000 talent points...]

The girl's colorful jade corners flashed a lot of attribute lights, and Lin Chen's talent point was mad all the way!

"Ok... so powerful, so many, great!"

Lin Chen's eyes were shining brightly, staring at the little girl with excitement, terrifying the child.

"It's over. I knew I wouldn't run out. I'm not going to listen to my mother. I'm not going to listen to my mother and say what Rui Beast is going to find to protect his life..."

When the little girl in a white dress sobbed, she found that the other party did not do any more excessive things to her. Instead, she stroked her horns and hair, giving her a sense of comfort.

The sea of flowers was swaying, and the teenager pressed the girl. The scene was once full of weirdness and weirdness.

[Get 390,000 talent points, 280,000 talent points, 300,000 talent points...]

Lin Chen's talent point is still rising! In a blink of an eye, it increased by ten million points!

"What kind of baby is this, can even make my talent point rise so much!"

Lin Chen licked his lips dryly-"Don't move, just keep it for a while, what's your name?"

Seeing his increasingly hyperactive appearance, the white skirt girl throbbed with heart, was he finally going to make a big beast!

However, it was not half a quarter of an hour before the talent point attribute stopped rising.

"Isn't it? More than 80 million talent points, really amazing..."

Lin Chen was surprised and let go of the girl at the same time.

Before the girl spoke, the sky blew out!

The face of the girl in white dress changed slightly!

"Oh, that group of people is catching up!"

Although she has infinite potential and rare skills, she is not good at fighting. If the whereabouts are found, it is difficult to get rid of!

"Ghost, do you dare to move the beast of my Nangong family?"

The thunderous cold drinking sound exploded, and a piece of gray energy finger pierced through the ground was born, and tens of thousands of fingerprints were pressed hard in the direction of Lin Chen!

The white dress girl's pretty face is pale, and her spiritual eyes are full of fear.

"Pretend to be a big tail wolf."

Lin Chen sneered, dispelling the nine-fold fire mark with his palm, and spurred the billions of dragons to unite, snapping into the sky!

Bang ~! The huge palm of the flame covered the sky and emerged, brewing the pure power of the strongest, and hit the opponent's arrogant finger head-on!

boom! boom! boom!

In the sky, the aftermath of energy blew up and exploded everywhere, and there was a cry from the void.

"Physical Saints? Triple Saints? No, it's not that simple!"

At this moment, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, a sonic boom tore the void, and the girl in the white dress went straight.

Lin Chen pulled backhand, pulled the girl to his side, the eight-headed spirit burned the dragon and burst into anger!

Roar ~~!

A roar shattered thousands of mountains, and a roar broke. The entire southern mountain range collapsed in an instant, the air flow collapsed into an infinite vortex, and the terrible spiritual roar seemed to overturn the world!

A figure that sneaked into the void was shouted back dozens of steps!

"Huh? There is."

Lin Chen's mouth slightly raised, his arm flicked, and the white skirt girl was thrown into the sky!

"Ah~!" the girl screamed, her hands covering her skirt.

Tear ~! Lin Chen's fingertips swept across the sky, a starlight from scratch, Ling Li as ten thousand swordsman shot, shot a sky-shattering crack out of thin air!

Orange-level intermediate exercises, "Billions of Stars"! Lin Chen refers to the sword, and the power of one finger is like a holy sword, which divides the world!

Poof~! The sound of breaking wind torn apart, a strange wisp of mango was smashed by Lin Chen.

With a shot of the magic wing, Lin Chen caught the girl in a white dress from the sky and said with a smile-"Are they all here for you? How is it exciting?"

"Why are you like this! You bully me!" the white skirt girl's tears blamed.

"Then give them to you?"

Lin Chen laughed, and the girl shook her head immediately like a rattle.

In the void, there are four figures, Shengwei like the sea, and according to the ages, overlooking Lin Chen and the others.

"Elder Liu has been summoned and is coming over."

One of the old men and the voice just fell, and an aurora shuttled through the void, with a cold face, and a proud and proud Nangong appeared!

Beside him, there is a life and death elder!

When Nangong absolutely looked at the white dress girl, her eyes were filled with greed and fanaticism. The white dress girl couldn't help leaning on Lin Chen's side.

This look is exactly the same as those people used to.

The four elders told the elder in the life and death realm that they learned that Lin Chen and his four had a slight fight without falling down.

Such a terrible young man is very likely to have a good start!

"We are deacon elders of Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple, dare to ask your Excellency?"

The elders in life and death asked Chong Linchen cautiously.

"Me?" Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, laughing teasingly.

"I am the last handsome king after the three handsome kings. The common assets of all women in the Holy Realm. My face value is burning in the hearts of all beautiful women. You can call me handsome and respectable. I arson with a heart."

"I'll get them done later, so you can take the opportunity."

Lin Chen's private transmission to the white dress girl made her look startled!

He... he wants to let himself go?