My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1344

Vol 5 Chapter 1344: It Is Not A Good Thing For A Man To Be Too Fast.

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The girl in the white dress flashed with splendid eyes, staring staringly at Lin Chen.

Since all the people she has seen have coveted her appearance, this young man alone has to take the initiative to let himself go?

"Where are the savages, dare to touch the beast of my Nangong family to find death!"

Nangong is in awe of aurora, the speed is extremely extreme!

Because his cultivation practice overwhelmed Lin Chen, Nangong Ju's body speed was no less than Lin Chen's "Nine Wings of Devil"!

"Ruishou?" Lin Chen reacted between the electric light and the flint. It turned out that this Nizi was transformed by Ruishou!

Nangong's five fingers are flowing with a faint wind blade, and there is a faint dragon roar and howling, tearing off with a claw out of thin air!

"It's shameless, your sister hasn't agreed, it will be yours. If you want to do it, the coach will be compelled to accompany me to the end!"

Lin Chen teased, pulled over the white skirt girl, and urged Shengli to wrap his fist, and the billions of dragons exploded, and the front face was shocked!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

With one punch and one claw, the sky burst through the energy storm, and both sides retreated.

Lin Chen retreated ten steps, Nangong retreated five steps, but each step of the latter was more heavy.

"Can this kid actually confront Nangong directly?"

"Nangong is absolutely my true biography of the Dragon Palace. It is rare that the elder Taishang personally went out of the mountain to break up the super demon of the apostles. What is the source of this son, can he actually confront him?"

When the elders were suspicious, the elder of life and death sighed: "Now is not a time to marvel, since this kid is stubborn, we will start with the strong, no matter what the old bully, the more bully, the current The first task is to win this beast!"

The elders glanced at each other, and they were so eager to urge their body, they swept away to Lin Chen!

The girl's pretty face in white dress appeared a little panic.

Lin Chen's majestic smile: "It's me who bullies the less!"

Brush ~! Six rays of nine-color divine light bloomed around Lin Chen, and six phantom avatars descended, like the stars holding the moon, covering Lin Chen's retreat!

When the phantom avatar came down, the palms of all avatars showed two lilac and blood red pills to swallow the entrance!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's all-in-one avatar skyrocketed, and the pure power raged all the way.

The speed of the Holy Force is increased by several percent. During the operation of the Holy Force, there are thousands of phantom flashes!

Sanpin Shengdan, Barbaric Dragon Blood Pill. It is also effective to take a saint in the Acupoint Expansion. The user can temporarily increase a large amount of pure power, which will consume a large amount of qi and blood power and fall into a weak state afterwards.

Sipin Shengdan, Thousand Illusion God Pill, can explode the speed of Holy Power, increase the speed of body method by more than half, and the side effects will make the Holy Cave Holy Power dry.

However, these side effects will not have any effect on Lin Chen! Because he was taken by doppelganger!


When the elders looked terrified, the change was not stopped!

boom! boom! boom!

The mountains vibrated, and thousands of water-blue beams of light descended from the sky, constructing five unprecedented prison cages, covering millions of miles!

The sea of turbulence, the water dungeons, a tens of thousands of giant dragons were born, and the breath of the dragon breathed out. The yin and yang dragons circulated around the dragon body.

When the dragon's tail swayed, the holy dragon lifted into the air, and the avatar swarmed up, launching a fierce decisive battle in the sky!

Four holy realms are fivefold perfect, and one life and death realm is sixfold.

Lin Chens avatar can stop the other partys Sacred Reality fivefold.

Only the elder in life and death needs his holy dragon and two avatars to be able to stop it.

"Come on, don't get caught next time, not everyone can be as good as this handsome."

Lin Chen smirked at the girl in a white dress, and nudged her palm. The girl was about to speak and was sent away from the fighting area.

"The Archaic Dragon Clan?" Nangong Jumeiyu was disdainful. "The tens of billions of dragon veins and the four levels of the Holy Realm dare to dare to axe in front of Ben Shao to find death!"

He tore his fingers across the sky, trying to forcibly tear the water cell, and wanted to rush away in the direction of the white dress girl!

Tear ~! A burst of starlight pierced the sky, strenuously, blocking the claw of Nangong Jue!

Lin Chen stepped into the air and hovered in front of Nangong Jue.

"You probably are the demon list." Nangong absolutely said suddenly, sneered: "However, Ben Shao does not need to know your origin. You are in front of my Nangong absolutely, but it's just rubbish! The demon list is also divided into three, six and nine, today Just let you know the gap, in the future I will see the people of Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple, remember to detour, waste!"

As soon as Nangong's method of annihilation was urged, even Shenglong's Ji He Tian Prison couldnt trap him. It was so fast that he turned into an aurora and swept toward the direction of the Snow Skirt Maiden!

The offensive and action go hand in hand, Nangong is absolutely like a meteor, a void, and a five-pointed star-like finger that spans thousands of miles, save and shoot Lin Chen!

"Most of the people in the evildoer list have eaten Xiang, and their mouths are so stinky."

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth was raised, and the magic wings behind him turned into a black light afterimage, continuously avoiding the hexagonal starburst from the longitudinal shot, and the figure was close to the Nangong.

"It's not a good thing for men to be too fast."

When Lin Chen's joking laughter echoed behind him, Nangong looked back suddenly, his pupils trembling!

Can this child keep up with his own speed? Without the background of life and death, the ordinary sacred realm can not even chase his back!

Although Lin Chenxiu is far inferior to Nangongju, his "Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon" is the body style of Haotian Saint King, and he ranks in the middle of Orange Rank!

This class of physique is extremely rare in the world, not to mention the seven grades, not even the eight grades can hold!

Not to mention the rarest form of body and mind, the top holy realm can easily tear the crystal wall of space deep enough, and traverse enough distance, even if flying the Holy Force, the speed is also very fast, which can play a role in high-level saints. There are not many combat skills.

The further the top-level exercises are, the rarer they are! As Jiancheng of Jianyu said, those who can create orange-level exercises can only have the cultivation of more than a saint at the peak of the holy realm! This kind of existence, even the Holy World, is extremely limited!

Lin Chen suddenly pulled his sword, and the blue moon split the moonlight!

"Let the sword fly for a while, tears!"

Poof~! boom! boom! boom!

A ray of knife gas spreads vertically and horizontally, and when it explodes, endless pieces of knife gas bloom, and every piece of knife gas fragments or spiritual fragments, or strength, or knife gas, is absolutely twisted to the Nangong!

The terrible knife-air storm is like a huge disaster that devours the world, covering the Nangong absolutely!

"Ten Hall Luosheng Gate!" Nangong's hands are sealed, and the situation changes suddenly. Ten thousand giant gates are revealed out of thin air. If there is a Raksha era, all the blade gas fragments are blocked!

"Instant Light PartitionNine Heavy Burning Sky Palm!"

Lin Chen crushed out with a palm, and the giant palm of the burning flame wrapped with the nine-fold fire mark was reduced to five, and the ten Luosheng gates were destroyed horizontally!

Red Flame's violent holy power and pure power exploded, and the palm of his hand was destroyed and crushed, and all the Luo Shengmen was crushed!

Such destructive power has made several elders look at it!

This palm technique is not much more than Jiuxiao Cloud Dragon Palm, one of the town hall masterpieces of their Jiuxiao Holy Dragon Temple!

Where is this child?