My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1345

Vol 5 Chapter 1345: Billions Of Stars

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Brush ~!

At this time, the two people's fighting area ran out of the "Jigong prison", Nangong was too lazy to ignore Lin Chen, he just caught up with the white dress girl thousands of miles away, terrible murderous intentions swept the sky!

"First hit half dead, and then take it over! There are few things that I haven't liked, and I can't run away. After grabbing my hand, I'm going to ravage you!"

Nangong smiled cruelly, his hands were thrown sideways, and a blue light giant net head rushed under the white skirt girl!

"Ooooooo, I shouldnt have run out to play..."

The girl in the white dress regrets her heart and tears flow.

"Super-dimensional transmission!"

A light of space descended on the girl in white dress, and then she was swept by a magic light, and the blue light net emptied!


Nangong lore is rushing!

When reappearing, Lin Chen hugged the girl in a white dress with both hands and chuckled.

"Hey, how can you even run so slowly."

"Then... that people are not good at fighting, woo woo."

The girl was crying with pear flowers and rain.

"Fighting with you can easily hurt you, whether you enter my luck capsule or not, it doesn't matter if you believe me."

Lin Chen laughed casually. When the girl hesitated a little, she realized the murderous power of Nangong Jue, and suddenly felt that the handsome little brother in front of him was like a savior. He immediately nodded like a chicken and pecked rice. Dont you leave me to them."

As soon as Qingxue's capsule was opened, a vortex was formed, and Lin Chen included the white skirt girl into Qingxue's capsule.

"If you don't abandon your waste, you really don't know if the sky is thick and thick?"

Nangong finally showed an impatient look. With a palm of his hand, jasper-colored jade flute appeared. When the awe-inspiring sounded, a piece of awe-inspiring song with a sharp spiritual impact and Long Xiao sounded in the world!

"Bihai Chaosheng!"

The spiritual impact of the flurry of dances is like a blade, and Nangong Jues jade flute seems to be a superb holy weapon, raising his mental attack power by several grades!

The huge waves of spiritual killings cover the sky, the mountains and rivers change color, and the spiritual fluctuations that are far beyond the ordinary into the sanctuary. This is one of the great killers of Nangong. The saints in the life and death realm can take this trick. , Very few!

Lin Chenshe didn't use a knife, his hands were sealed, and the eight-headed spirit burning dragon emerged from his head!

"Blowjob? I let you blow! What a flashlight!"

Lin Chen's eight-headed spirit burned the dragon's flowing spiritual breath to a higher level, Long Ying looked up and screamed, the dragon sound spread again and again, and the sound wave became five!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Two spiritual storms, like a vast meteor shower collide together, every spiritual fight and collision, like a genocide storm is erupting!

The eastern part of Muhai Azure's secret realm can't help but tremble violently, and the space shakes!

The elders of the Holy Dragon Hall, who are fighting with Lin Chen's avatar, can't help but look horrified!

This child has succeeded Nangong's "Bihai Chaosheng"? This is the killer skill that even their eleventh full elders have to retreat with all their strength!

After half a blast, Nangong's inexorable expression finally showed a dignified, even a little bit angry and angry!

The more acupoints are expanded, the stronger the diligence is. The sage triple-opened a holy acupoint approximately equal to 500 million dragon power, and the expansion point was calculated as 500 million dragon power.

And the condensation of the environment is calculated on the basis of the expansion of the cave!

For the first time, Nangong had expanded his acupuncture points 28 times, and the highest was 30 times. He even stepped into the realm of condensing, and consecrated 4 times. Expanding the hole 30 times, the holy power contained in a holy cave is about 15 billion dragon power. Four times that of 15 billion is 60 billion! He would consolidate a holy cave and increase the lethality of 60 billion dragon power!

He bloomed 52 sacred caves, hitting the destructive power of more than 250 billion dragon power!

This is also the capital of Nangong's extreme arrogance. He directly leapfrogged the vast majority of the sage of the condensed realm, and even the ordinary demon list, he did not pay attention to it! Treat as garbage!

But, today he couldn't win a saint triple kid?

"Very well, you succeeded in angering Ben Shao, imp, no matter what your origin is today, don't lose a bit of meat, don't want to leave this Azure Secret Realm!"

Nangong's lore is awe-inspiring, and a sapphire long bow is extinguished in the palm of his hand, shining like a moon.

When Lin Chen saw the green bow, his eyes shined even more!

He even licked his lips and asked dryly, "Well, how many high-level holy items do you have!"

Nangong absolutely sneered: "Why, do you feel desperate? There are three kinds of this fifth-grade sacrificial ware. Ben Shao Ke still has three kinds. He kneels at the point of consciousness and wastes his arms. Otherwise, Ben Shao will let you die better than life!"

despair? Someone Lin almost jumped up with excitement!


Brother Chen, I like high-level sacristy! Quante is the essence value of the ready-made suit!

Lin Chen held it up with one hand, his mouth madly raised, hehe laughed.

"Then I will laugh for you!"

Fuck~! A snap of fingers snapped to the sky!

[The host has triggered 19 super chaos, consuming 1.85 million talent points, and launched all six targets.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Whether it's Nangong Jue or the elders of the Five Sacred Dragon Halls, the whole body trembles, the consciousness appears a momentary fault, and the qi and blood and the Holy Power in the body appear violently turbulent and chaotic, uncontrolled!

Bang ~~!

Lin Chen's avatar instantly suppressed four elders!

Only the six-fold elders of life and death can still maintain most of their strength, so that even if Chen Chen takes the temporary increase in strength, his avatar has suffered several times!

The terrible fighting momentum shocked the eastern part of the secret area, so that those geniuses who had just entered the secret area also felt!

"There is a fight, let's go and see what's going on!"

"Could it be that the holy beast was born? Start it!"

A group of bold geniuses took the lead!


Inside the jail cell; the endless dragon breath attack triggered many super chaotic talents. Once Lin Chen launched, the situation immediately reversed!

Nangong will never be surprised and will change from time to time!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

A huge grey and white rung descended from the sky, sealed the demon town demons, condensed the void for thousands of miles!

[Consume 1.4 million rune energy, launch slow runes.

"What the **** is this?"

Nangong Jue's actions became sluggish, one-fifth of Shengli was in a state of chaos, and two-fifths were dragged by stagnation, and his strength was greatly reduced in an instant!

Lin Chen flapped the heavenly demon wings, and his figure jumped like a star core, flashing to the top of Nangong's head!

He held the Optimus Sword, and the endless starlight suddenly appeared in the Muhai Tianqing secret realm!

Qing Tianjian's sword body, if it became the center of heaven and earth, mapping hundreds of millions of stars, Lin Chen cut down with a sword!

Orange Rank Intermediate Swordsmanship, "Billions of Stars"! Lin Chen has played the strongest sword ever since he became a holy land!

boom! boom! boom!

This sword made heaven and earth fall, like a star river condensed into a galaxy, chopped from the sky, like the Milky Way falling for nine days, when the starlight is the most prosperous, and the sharpest is the sharpest!

Nangong absolutely bit his tongue, the holy power of 52 holy caves burned rapidly, and half of them were lost in an instant. When the crystal was shining, it broke through all the restraints!

His palm, like an angry dragon entrenched himself, shook it out into the sky, and the stunning white dragon, which was condensed by the majestic divine power, exploded from his palm!

Jiuxiao Shenglong Temple Town Hall is a tremendous Jiuxiao Shenglong Palm!