My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1346

Vol 5 Chapter 1346: Hugging Thick Thighs

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"Then... what is that?"

"My God, it is the son of Lin Chen and the palace of Nangong!"

A group of geniuses had just rushed to the east of the secret realm, and the terrifying galaxy sword gas was released as it shattered the heavens and the earth, and it was terrified that only the geniuses of the double holy realm did not dare to approach easily!

Across millions of miles, you can still feel the piercing energy that pierced the sky!

One sword saves hundreds of millions of stars, the sword awn falls like a galaxy, the white dragon screams into the sky, and the sword hits with a palm!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The whole ground fell in an instant, and the earth collapsed! Shock the surroundings into powder, and the situation changes!

At this time-Lin Chen's billion starlight swordmans began to collapse quickly, showing a dim crack!

Obviously, Nangong Jue's repair is even better for suppressing!

Nangong's corner of the mouth was bleeding, but he laughed wildly: "Ha ha ha ha! After all, it is still better than this, I will personally abolish you later, let the sect behind you come to lead people... eh?"

The starlight is suddenly brighter, Jianmang is divided into five!

"This **** has this kind of practice..." Nangong Jue's eyes glared, and before he finished, the terrifying starlight swordman crushed his strongest palm and fell straight down!

Rumble~~! !

The stars burst into the sky, raging above the ground, and the clouds changed suddenly!

All the holy caves of Lin Chen are dimly lit. This sword is also his full strength, exhausting most of his holy power.

"This "Billions of Starlight Sword Skills" was originally a sword technique that can be practiced by expanding the cave. I was forced to practice by the ground of the tactics of my ether, but I could barely use one of the three types. The power has the power to surpass my nine robbery stars. The trend, intermediate level orange, really powerful."

Lin Chen breathed out his breath, stood up, and immediately mobilized Qingxue to plant capsules, refining and replenishing a large amount of Jinshengyuan coins.

At this time, Saint Dragon and the phantom mortal who had been seriously wounded came to protect Lin Chen.

Nangong was defeated and all the fighting stopped immediately.

When the smoke dissipated, both the genius and the elders of the Holy Dragon Palace, who were watching from a distance, all took a breath of air!

The earth veins burst, and five shocking sword marks spread across hundreds of miles, tearing apart five hundred miles of abyss, without seeing the bottom, dividing the entire earth vein!

In the void, the elder of the Shenglong Palace, who was in the life and death realm, was bathed in blood and fell into a comatose Nangong Jue, his face was uncertain!

"Very good, those who dare to hurt my holy dragon palace. Imp, sign up!"

The elders in the life and death realm twitched madly, screaming!

If he hadn't urged the secret method to forcibly break through, the Nangong would have to be abandoned!

Even his lifeguard holy weapon was also shattered by this son!

However, Lin was still the cynical look, even when a shadow emerged from the void, a purple and exquisite pendant with glorious flow was held in his hand.

The face of the elders in life and death is even more terrible!

That's Nangong Jue's space holy object, and he's a complete net worth!

"The coach is not forced to change his name, he can't change his surname, he is so handsome, he is so arrogant, Lin Chen. If the elders are not convinced, we will make another appointment next time, and we will promise you a good cure."

Lin Chen waved his hand, and the cynical laughter revealed a free and domineering way!

"Lin Chen... We have written down this account!"

The elders of life and death gritted their teeth and waved their hands, leading the four elders to retreat quickly.

This child's body method is weird, and there are avatars and holy dragons to help the war. They want to win him. It is too difficult and too difficult. The **** battle will even pay a heavy price!

"This... this is too strong!"

"Too fierce! Brother Lin Chen is simply my life goal!"

"Forcing the elders of the Qipin sect to retreat with their own strength, seriously injuring Nangong Juezi... There is still a talent for refining the medicine, and the gap between people is too big..."

The geniuses were dumbfounded and breathtaking...

Lin Chen waved with one hand, Holy Dragon charged the attribute light ball dropped by Nangong Jue, this time the essence of the suit gained more than 3 million points!

In the void, there was also a treasure chest full of colorful flowers.

Lin Chen grabbed it with one hand and picked up the treasure chest.

[The host obtains the orange-level elite mystery (the specific grade is unknown), "Zhou Tians Seal of Life and Death", this method can plant a seal within the designated target, and the planting of the spiritual seal is successful, then there is the absolute control of life and death, detonating the mark of life and death At this time, the target will perish in spirit.

[Note: The spiritual realm is higher than the host, and there is a high probability that it will fail. If the planting of the spiritual imprint fails, the user will be severely damaged, regardless of the holy beast or human race, demon race, and dragon race. This exercise cannot be used by the Asura people.

"Oh? What a magical skill, can a spiritual mark be planted in the mind of the strong?"

Lin Chen was amazed and immediately included in the system.

He looked at the two avatars who were seriously injured and the slightly injured Holy Dragon. Instead of being angry, he nodded in praise.

"Under the premise that the extreme **** possession and the instant light split fire are fully open, my avatar and the holy dragon can block a life and death situation. This record, even I am somewhat unpredictable."

The strength of the saints in the life and death realm far exceeds that of the solidified realm. Can block the next life and death, has exceeded Lin Chen's expectations!

He released the white skirt girl in Qingxue's capsule, and the genius was shocked!

That's a rare beast that has never been seen before!

"Okay, you are safe, pay attention to it next time, not every time someone will come to the rescue."

Lin Chen touched the girl's head, the furry feel was quite comfortable. The person who repels the nine dragon holy dragon temple is a small human relationship that repays a lot of talent points from her.

However, the next moment, it is even more genius scalp numb!

The girl in a white dress kneeled on one knee and held Lin Chen's palm. She was admired and awed in her eyes.

"Ruishou Baiqianqin, I would like to serve you as the master, and hope that the master will not despise me. I can sing, cultivate luck, and warm the bed!"

Bang ~! A beam of light bursts into Jiuxiao, Lin Chen has a colorful unicorn mark on the back of his hand.

The geniuses opened their mouths slightly, and their jaws almost fell to the ground!

Rui Beast recognizes the Lord?

Since ancient times, the situation of Ruishou's automatic recognition of the Lord has rarely occurred! Because they can perceive the luck of heaven and earth, spy on the heaven and earth avenue, and have the ability to work in the same way as a powerful arithmetic operator.

Those who can be recognized by Ruishou are all those who have a large amount of atmospheric transportation. This behavior cannot be forced, only Ruishou will do it voluntarily.

This shows that Lin Chen's potential has been recognized by this Swiss animal!

Rui Beast only recognizes one master. If the owner dies, he will lose the life of Rui Beast in this life, he can no longer have the ability to occupy the luck, and even accelerate aging and die.

Even Lin Chen was a little dumbfounded.

what's the situation? Is my handsome, so handsome that even Rui Beast can follow him on his own!

Lin Chen pretended to be deep and sighed in the sky: "Who is the peak at the end of the handsome, when I see that Lin finally becomes empty."

"Okay, you get up. In the interest of warming your bed, the coach has forced you to accept you. It's hard not to run out of nothing, and stay in my Qingxue sac."

Although Lin Chen's tone was frivolous, he was kinder. Rui Beast's recognition of the Lord is equivalent to giving half of his life to the owner, and he is not worried that the other party will spy on his secret.

"Huh!" Bai Qianqin's well-behaved "huh" sounded, admiring the spiritual eyes!

She must hug her thick thighs!

Because, in Qingxue planting capsules, she personally witnessed the picture of Lin Chen's Holy Cave absorbing gold Shengyuan coins!

60 holy caves! This handsome little brother of the human race can have 60 holy caves when the saint is triple. It has been unheard of since ancient times!

Also, he has that item! He was also the first human race who would not force himself to be his own!

the most important is

Bai Qianqin's smile bent into a crescent moon.

He is handsome enough.