My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1347

Vol 5 Chapter 1347: I Did Not Dive In The Wrong Place?

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Two days later.

For the first time, Lin Chen felt the vastness of Muhai's Azure Secret Realm and couldn't help lamenting the mystery of this high-level secret realm.

He was just looking for the legendary fierce Eye of the Hurricane, and it took him two days to find some signs.

During this period, another 900 million points of advanced exercises and spirits were used to learn "Life and Death Zhou Tianyin". This secret is indeed unique, and even Lin Chen's spiritual accomplishments have risen a lot.

Once this "Life and Death Zhou Tianyin" is engraved into the spiritual consciousness of the soul, it is equivalent to controlling all the spiritual power of the other party. A thought can make the other party's spiritual consciousness wipe out completely, and there will be no trace of residue!

But at the same time, there will be restrictions. The spiritual state is directly related to how many creatures can be controlled.

Secondly, under normal circumstances, Lin Chen can only deal with creatures whose spiritual realm is lower than his own. In the face of the existence of spiritual realm above his own or even, the risk is very high. If it fails, the user's spirit is almost the weakest when it is hit!

"Maybe, I can use this life and death Zhou Tianyin to train a few holy beasts to fight..."

These days, Little Shadow also helped Lin Chen to forcefully break Nangong Jue's Pole Shadow Pendant. The rare and precious treasure inside surprised Lin Chen!

This Nangong Jue is also a Holy Grade Alchemist!

In addition, the collection is extremely rich.

In addition, in this space holy vessel, there is also an inferior luck planting sac, Lin Chen obtained four inferior luck planting plants!

"Qingling Fuyu Tree, Bloody Rose, Bawang Baiyan Flower, and Auxiliary Spirit Spirit Plant, Star Spirit Plant!"

Lin Chen wondered, these luck-spiritual plants, the best in the next class of spiritual plants, were all included in his pocket!

The value of Nangongju has further expanded Lin Chen's resources and heritage!

Since the last encounter with the ultimate shadow, the little shadow has become a bit reticent, only to focus on cultivation, and the speed of devouring the holy yuan coins has become faster and faster.

This has led to the higher demand for Lin Chen's elixir, Lin Chen really does not think too much resources, how much, how much!

Between Lin Chen's thoughts, he has come to the easternmost part of the Muhai Azure Azure Realm.

Here, looking at the past is gray, hundreds of thousands of miles away, there is no silver lining!

In the distance, the gray-white mountain gorge is raging in the storm of Xuntianhedi, and in the center is a gray hole with a hundred feet!

"This is the eye of the hurricane..."

Lin Chen has a dignified expression and urges the defense of the Holy Force to be even more important!

"Just the aftermath released by the tuyere has to force me to defend with all my strength... what a terrible power!"

No wonder, Luo Yaoer said bluntly at that time, without the strength of the six sages, he could not approach without permission!

In such a ghost place, people with strength will not come, and people without strength will not come near! In the very center of the eye, there are only endless space debris storms and countless violent destruction hurricanes!

That is

Lin Chen mentally glanced around, and after confirming that there was no one, he urged the palm of the devil's seal!

Sigh~! The magical energy of the swimming magic appears in the palm of the palm, Lin Chens appearance, body, and instantaneous change, become nine feet tall, with a horn on the head, and a look of evil and awe-inspiring face, just like a devil!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

After incarnation of the demon, Lin Chen gave birth to a purple and black bubble, covering him.

Lin Chen took a deep breath and rushed in, turning into a streamer!

As soon as he entered the eye of the hurricane, despite the magical energy protection, a sense of vertigo that turned upside down suddenly rushed towards Lin Chen, knocking him like he was put into the very center of the storm vortex, and the sky was spinning.

For a moment, as soon as Lin Chen's mental strength was stable, he immediately found his direction, and he flew into the eyes of the lifeless gray hole.

Flying along the way was a snowy blade of destruction, cutting from time to time on Lin Chens bubble, but the devil qi protected him strictly and made him relieved.

"It is worthy of the secret road leading to the holy prison. It is more like a space fault between the Cang domain and the outer starry sky. There are only endless storms that keep pouring in. There is no ghost shit. Those who can come in disdain, People who are incapable will not be near here..."

Lin Chen followed the passage of space, the deeper the hurricane was, the more terrifying the hurricane was. Lin Chen asked himself, without Luo Yaoer's help, he only wanted to resist this storm, and could only use the pure strength of the'God of War' armor to counter the defense.


At this time; in the lobby of the Nangong Family, an elder of the Holy Dragon Hall hurriedly arrived.

He stared at Nangongju, whose wounds could not heal at this time, and howl at the pain, his mouth twitched, and his face seemed to be eating...

The elder of life and death trembled and blamed himself: "I can't protect well, please elder Joe..."

Fuck~! Bang ~!

The elders of life and death were slapped and flew out of the lobby!

"Elder... Elders are angry!"

Several other elders immediately knelt on one knee, the expression was full of fear!

This elder's usual volume is quite big, why did he turn his face today?

"Damn it!" The elder of the Taishang side leaked the momentum of Na Xingjing, and the people of the Nangong family were silent!

"Do you know why I hit you? The old man didn't blame you for lack of protection, but you two sledgehammers usually knew to shut down and shut down your mother!"

The elders of the Taishang uttered their heads and scolded, and everyone was ignorant!

This... is it wrong to retreat?

"Why don't you **** pay attention to outside news! Grass!"

Many saints looked dazed...

"That kid is a monster that can pierce the world tower with one punch. You **** let Nangong go to provoke him. Why don't you stop him!"

The corners of the four elders shivered!

One... one punch through the world tower?


After exhausting two days, Lin Chen finally dived to the deepest point!

The gray-white hurricane cave eye channel ends with a five-foot-wide space wormhole, exuding the power of space. If it is not very close, it is impossible to feel!

Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly accelerated, and his spiritual consciousness succeeded in the armor of the Ares, always ready to maximize the counterattack!

I'm so nervous, finally, I'm going in!

Holy Prison! One of the most terrible forbidden places in this human race!

Lin Chen swarmed into the space wormhole, his body suddenly turned over quickly!

Bang~! By the time Lin Chen responded, he had fallen into a huge abandoned cell. Under the cage, there was a crack, which was the crack leading to the eye of the hurricane!

Lin Chen's mental strength was swept away, and it was engraved on the opposite side: the second floor cell No. 250.

Arrived! The second floor of the holy prison!

This cell seems to have been abandoned for a long time. Lin Chen walked easily to the outside world, but he was still very careful. When he left the cell, what he saw was a vast world!

Some cells are huge, the chains are heavy, and there are countless small islands with free voids. The cages are cast high, but they are strange!

The prisoners detained here are also at the lowest point of expanding the cave!

However, the frustrated and silent feeling that I imagined did not appear, but it was in the small island, when Lin Chen listened carefully...

"This Xiongtai, see that you are developing very well. They are all in a cell, don't see me, let me be healthy."

"No brother Jay!"

"My treble is higher than anyone in this world."

Lin Chen: "?"

Handsome face, big question mark.

Didnt I dive right?