My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1348

Vol 5 Chapter 1348: What Kind Of Talents Are Involved

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"Lang Ben, Lang Liu! The torrential waters never end!

"It's done, don't sing it. This capital has been singing for a thousand years. Can you change something new!"

"Then I'm a little bit tide? You are too beautiful!"


"It's impossible to work part-time!"

"Brother Yunlong, we are all locked in the same cell, the equipment of my camp..."

"Oh! Brother Chu, it's not that we don't pay back the old Li. Now you also know this situation. When people are unlucky, they fart all hit the heel..."

"But the equipment of my battalion..."

"Oh, look at my memory, where did we just say?"

There were all kinds of voices talking on that island, and Lin Chen was completely dumbfounded when he slightly urged his mental strength to eavesdrop!

"What kind of hatred do I have with you!"

"Fucked me here and cheated me here. I didn't give it to me for a hundred dollars. I was still shameless and smiling."

"Don't be afraid of any difficulties we have, face him with a smile, Ollie!"

"Little brother, I will tell you about my old mans deeds. I thought that before my brother was in jail, I held two Xuanhua boards and axes inside the Liupin sect of Liupin sect, all the way from the south gate. Cut to the north gate, cut for seven days and seven nights, it was a **** piece, cut down countless saints, your brother and I did not blink in the blink of an eye!"

"You won't blink for such a long time, won't your eyes be tired?"

"Is this **** eye tired?"

"Brother saves me, brother licks him!"

"I didn't hang up! Let Lao Tzu get out!"

"I have been tortured for too long. Do you have a friend who hasn't been tortured? Come on Island 233 and help me scratch my ass, Qiu Li Gao!"

"Yi Wuwuyong, I use my intelligence. A thousand troops are easy to get, and one will be hard to find. Learning five cars and being handsome is good. Poetry and music, literati and samurai, who can fight against Zhuge Kongming only one or two, are only down."

"I have never seen such a brazen person!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, what is so special...

"I'm the one who puts you on a monkey. Why should I just close Laozi to the second floor? What is my distinguished identity! Who do you despise, Ang!"

"I have a friend who has been paralyzed for hundreds of years. After reading the book "My Skills Are All Based on X", I walked vigorously and crossed thousands of miles. I still have no whereabouts. I still have a sleeve in my hand before leaving."

"Are you talking about this friend, are you yourself?"

"When you lift off the yellowish dress, you will see fluffy hair."

"Don't go, he pulled out bigger than you!"

"It's a shame to talk to outsiders about being a wife in a prison cell alone. The paper rolls are neatly arranged on the table. When I dive into the play, I suddenly and slowly lose my eyes. Become a wife again. In the middle of the night, millions of stand-alone machines were updated, and the rolls of paper on the table were neatly laid out..."

"Little brother, you have just come in for a thousand years. My brother tells you that our men should have the same advantages as our brothers. First, they should never be exposed. Second, they must stand up at the critical moment. Third, they should be good at training successors. Fourth, be good at attacking and make the opponent feel comfortable. Fifth, after victory, you can humble yourself. So, have you learned."

"Regarding my fart, I only care if my readers have dinner."

"It's too yellow, this novel is too vulgar, too, I subscribed!"

"Let me go out! That Qingyao saint is making rumors. I dont have someone to fuck. I dont have a wife! I look so handsome. Who cares? Whos who? Whos the best? Whats more, I dont have any money. How can I count? Prostitute!"

"Don't scream, you're so cool, how about me? I'm sorry for my second brother! I've been locked in without bringing it through in my life. Wow, what a special state of mind!"

For the first time, Lin Shuaiqi fell into ignorance of suspicious life!

This... what kind of talents are in this holy prison!

"It's too strong, it's all talent..."

Before waiting for Lin Chen's voice, the small shadow automatically flew out of Qingxue's capsule, covering Lin Chen's whole body, and the breath completely disappeared!

The cultivation of Little Shadow has improved again. Lin Chen's breath is as fine as dust. Even if he flew into the air, he would not disturb anyone.

Flying to high altitude, Lin Chen flew briefly for half an hour and could not see the end!

He had a glimpse of the leopard, and he could see the whole picture of the second floor of the holy prison!

Here, it looks like a gray and vast land, there are countless sky island prisons, prisoners in the air are more powerful than those on the ground!

Lin Chen and the sword masters of Jianyu have learned about the one-sided intelligence of this holy prison. Within the first five floors of the holy prison, prisoners will be regularly released to participate in the destruction of demons in the holy prison.

From the sixth floor, there will be demons in the holy prison to wander!

Prisoners of the Holy Prison are safe only if they return to their prisons, otherwise they will face a large number of Mozu encirclement and suppression. This is done in order to maximize the value of criminals and destroy the Mozu.

"The second floor of the holy prison is actually bigger than the mainland of Kyushu..."

Lin Chen was shocked and sighed in his heart, but he noticed a greater opportunity!

Along the way, he has been using the harbinger of stealing to steal the attribute values of a large number of holy criminals!

If the cultivation base is lower than that of the host, there is no way to steal the attribute value, but the criminals detained on the second floor are the lowest, which is also the cultivation base for expanding the cave!

Even if every prisoner can steal it once, Lin Chen's harvest is unprecedented!


At this time, a wave of looming divine power was brewing, Lin Chen quickly suppressed it!

"No, the value of the essence of the stolen fighting spirit is too much. In this way, I will enter a state of automatic breakthrough, forcibly enter the cave expansion, and if there is a fluctuation of the Holy Power, it will most likely be discovered!"

Lin Chen paused to advance, and the small shadow perfectly concealed his breath. Lin Chen sat in the void and began to seal.

"Too busy, seal the cave!"

The handprint is ten percent, under the disguised magic energy, Lin Chen's holy cave is all closed, like a pool of standing water!

"This time the sealing hole is a bit fierce, and it will take a lot of effort to unlock it later, but it happens that this disguised demon is only fake. This time I can only rely on pure power and mental strength, and a few cards. Fighting, as far as possible, avoid unnecessary fighting."

This time, it is the strongest "sealing hole" in his history. The passive effect of the supernatural possession possesses a 300% increase in mind, and the effect of closing the hole has been doubled. The sealing is tight, and there is no trace of leakage. Possible.

Lin Chen looked at the demon seal in the palm of his hand, and Luo Yaoer left him with more than a method of disguise. It also contained the secret seals of the criminals of the holy prison, and the spatial enchantment of each layer of the holy prison. Wait for the secret technique.

"Without Yao'er's help, even if I sneak in when the Holy Land is sixfold, I am afraid the failure rate is extremely high..."

Lin Chen exhaled and looked very dignified!

This time, it is really walking on the sharpest blade!

Once exposed, he is very likely to stay in Holy Prison forever!

Holy Prison has existed since the beginning of the Holy World!

No one knows, what a terrible existence will be hidden here!