My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1349

Vol 5 Chapter 1349: Down Down Down

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Chapter 1349: Down, Down, Down!

"Little guy, let's go."

A small shadow wrapped around Lin Chen, and turned into a silent shadow flashing through the void.

Lin Chen began to gallop on the second floor of the holy prison, wherever he passed, madly stealing the attribute values of countless criminals!

For this reason, he was also fortunate. Fortunately, Xiaoqian, the Nizi, occasionally accumulates talent points, otherwise such high consumption, and the talent points for launching the Gods Omen talent may not be enough!

A moment later, Lin Chen was close to a cell. A late and old saint sat on the ground and was stabbed with countless tortures. His holy cave was like an exhausted sea, and he would not even have a trace of divine power.

The old man's eyes still glanced sharply from time to time, but more was dull.

But the most terrifying thing is a nine-shaped black mark on his eyebrows, which is filled with ripples and fluctuations affecting the space.

"This mark is the main factor for detaining prisoners. Is the nine-brake seal..."

Lin Chen was very close to the wall of the cell, his movements were extremely light, his eyes narrowed.

The Seal of Nine Temples is the imprint of the prisoners of the Holy Prison. This imprint can perfectly swallow the Holy Power of the Saint and transform it into a brand-new force to suppress the prisoner. Even a trace of the Holy Power cannot be restored.

With this seal, the Holy Prison suppressed countless prisoners, and no matter how powerful the Saint was, there was no chance to escape.

This mark can only be opened by the guardian of the holy prison with the unique lifting of the handprint.

"It is said that there will be a prisoner on every floor of the holy prison. The prisoner has the highest right to use the Nine Seals, and can kill the prisoner in place. If I want to save someone, I cant alarm the prisoner. If you didnt save it, you hung up first."

The method of lifting the Nine Temple Seal, Luo Yao'er has been engraved in Lin Chen's magic seal, he can use it at any time, but now he needs to fully understand the details of the entire holy prison and then act.

In a flash, Lin Chen steals the attribute value and disappears again.

The next day, in the center of the second floor of the holy prison, a gray world, connected with countless giant chains, held up a sky island.

This island is different from the prisoners, with palaces and magnificent glory!

After dancing and dancing, the playful laughter echoed inside the palace.

Lin Chen was suspended in the air, cautious to the extreme, and even launched the Tianyin rune, hiding his spiritual power, and then released his spiritual power in a flash, and swept away.

He sees everything in the island palace at a glance!

"Except for some dancers and guards with the strength of ordinary saints, the guarding forces of this layer are mainly ten condensed realms, ten life and death realms, and one Na Xing realm. The captain of the law enforcement team I arrived did not give up too much, presumably the prisoner of this level..."

The saint's seven-folded star realm, facing this powerful man, Lin Chen can't contend with any means, only the three-piece suit of the God of War suit can play against it.

Even, the completeness of life and death forced him to use the God of War suit!

The strength of the second-level guard alone is so terrible. As long as Lin Chen is exposed in this operation, it is most likely a dead word!

This holy prison is not outside the holy world. The warning engraved by Luo Yaoer behind him will have no effect here!

Lin Chen only withdrew his mental strength in an instant, and looked directly below.

Directly below the palace, there is a huge door of space, which is connected to the lower level!

It is the entrance to the third floor of the Holy Prison!

"Little guy, are you absolutely sure to hide?"

Lin Chen preached to the little shadow, the little guy nodded seriously: "No problem, goo!"

Brush ~!

Lin Chen flashed to the front door of the space, the place was desolate and dead, almost no one was near.

Ordinary criminals, even if they get a short-term permission, will not be near here.


The body of the little shadow suddenly appeared like a tide like a shadow like a wave of mist, covering Lin Chen's square void.

From the outside, nothing has changed. This is one of the bloodline supernatural powers of the innate shadow; Void Shadow!

Lin Chen's eyes were fast, and he urged the palm demon seal, and in accordance with the familiar memory, his hands formed a dark mark!

"Zhou Tian shifts, Nine Temples, enter!"

Brush ~! Lin Chen's whole person turned into a streamer and was photographed into it by the giant door of space!

When the giant space door just rippled, the little shadow swallowed and swallowed all the space fluctuations, without disturbing any strong ones. The spiritual pupil was full of contempt, as if to say; this?

Immediately afterwards, the little shadow followed Lin Chen, and disappeared.


Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

"The goddess, the devil raised by the bitch, I just happened to be full of grievances, and today I will fight with you, such as beasts!"

"Kill! Kill, all die to this seat!"

Lin Chen had just arrived on the third floor, killing the earth and the earth, the killing intentions were raging, and a violent divine force and Xuntianhedi's magic energy collided and killed each other, stirring them into a ball!

"This layer is full of demons and demons, and there is an army of senior demons..."

Lin Chen stared at the demons in groups in the void, as if rushing out from a certain direction collectively, rushing out without fear of death, forming an army that shook the earth and earth!

The vast third floor, now covered with blood and killing, is the remains of the demons everywhere. Any holy land falls, its flesh and bones will be gnawed by thousands of demons, and the death phase is extremely ruined!

Under this momentum, even if the sage can kill the high-level demons in an instant, the horrible number has given back several holy criminals!

The three floors of the holy prison are completely overturned at this time!

Lin Chen had the feeling of standing upside down with cold hair, as if he was in the wild times of the past, when the human race and the demons were in the open battle, the battle of the holy wars, and the demon rushed!

"Hahaha, that's it, work harder. You scum, who do everything in the outside world, the only use is to give the Lord the only fun!"

In the very center of the third floor of the holy prison, a fat man dressed in yellow robe sits on the honorable unicorn sedan in the island surrounded by countless enchantments. In the red veil, he is full of face, naked, and handsome. Meijia's beauty peeped down in front of him and kept shaking.

The fat face of the yellow robe fat man was full of mad and frantic laughs, and from time to time a pleasant chuckle.

"Na Xing Jing Pinnacle, this is the prison master at this level..."

Lin Chen quietly hides at the edge of the third floor. Although there are countless attributes of the light ball falling between the human and the demon, Lin Chen is the safety first, condenses the breath to the lowest, and hides it next to an abandoned cell.

"No! This place has hundreds of thousands of years in the Holy Realm, and is on the top 100 list of geniuses. Why did I die here, because I did not follow the orders of the Eighth Rank Family and did not hand over my lover, I will suffer this Do you want to end? Im not willing, Im not willing..."

Not far from Lin Chen, a pale and handsome middle-aged man with dry force, withered, was bitten by countless demons, separated from flesh and blood, and before his death, burst into hysterical crying.

"History has always been written by the victors. After the death of these saints, I am afraid that no one knows what injustice they have suffered in their lifetime."

Lin Chen sighed.

This holy prison, Im afraid there are too many people...