My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1350

Vol 5 Chapter 1350: 1. Reach The Fifth Floor.

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A roar of crying blood vertebral heart drowned in the tide of the Demon Race. Although the criminals of the Holy Land here were extremely strong during their lifetime, they could not be kept in the Holy Prison.

Even if you obtain a short-term right to move, the speed of restoring Holy Power is extremely slow. Facing the slightly stronger Legion of Saint Demon King, you will lose for a long time.

The battle continued for four days and four nights, Lin Chen has been lurking, and has not approached the entrance of the fourth floor without permission. Although the hidden means of the small shadow is clever, if you are in the vortex of battle, it is very likely that there will be visions and flaws. .

"This time I only killed 2,102 holy demon kings, so sloppy, and more than 500 dead. It's really a bunch of waste. Can I bring some useful people to Laozi's layer in the future, mother!"

The sky island in the center lifted the enchantment, and the fat man in the yellow robe with a big belly plopped his arms around the two beautiful women.

The Jiuza Seal of the group of released criminals in the Holy Land started again, and their holy cave was sealed again!

Many lucky saints who have survived, and have the time to enjoy a wonderful moment with a divine power in the future, will return to their previous state, with anguish and regret on their faces!

"Someone has holy power for a while, **** thing!"

"How about we join together next time and attack that prison island?"

"Lao Li, please save yourself. Does your holy cave have holy power? Our net worth has been copied, not to mention that there is no holy power, even our heyday is not an opponent of the gang, the only possibility It's only self-explosive."

"Ah, I don't know how many old friends will die next time. Will we really only die here..."

When many saints were down, dozens of prisoners descended, and everyone immediately silenced and returned honestly to the cells of various marks.

There are far more criminals on the third floor of the holy prison than in this battle. This battle is both work and fun for the prison guard, and the life of the saint is like a mustard.

Lin Chen looked at a dark eye in the distance. The more demons eliminated, the smaller the eye.

"It turns out that the holy prison is cast in the space of a certain demon, and every demon that appears can only be within the range of the space channel..."

Using the criminal's spare power to eliminate a large number of demons on a regular basis, this drudgery is really readily available.

"The battle is over, clean the battlefield!"

Lin Chen, sweeping the third floor again!

[Get 120,000 Rune Energy, 2 Billion Advanced Essence, 120,000 Ignition System Energy, 2.5 Billion Advanced Qi and Blood...]

The third floor of the entire holy prison is full of attribute light balls!

It took Lin Chenguang another four days to collect and steal attribute values!

Lin Chen's attribute value ushered in an unprecedented hurricane! However, his holy cave seals the cave autonomously, and all high-level qi and blood energy belongs to the holy dragon, and does not allow himself to have a chance of breakthrough for anyone to perceive.

On the ninth day of entering the third floor, Lin Chen seized the opportunity to hide the entrance to the fourth floor, and it worked perfectly with the small shadow, so he reapplied his skills and sneaked into the fourth floor!

Holy Prison, the fourth floor.

Entering the fourth floor, it was actually sunny and full of spring. The mountains are lush and the ups and downs are like the outside world, making Lin Chen wonder if he has come to the wrong place!

However, Lin Chen, who was sure he was still in the holy prison, was still cautious.

Lin Chen traveled all the way, came to a green square, here, actually carved three large stone statues, blue face evil, three heads and six arms, such as Rushuura.

"What is the situation, there are tens of thousands of criminals in holy prison!"

Lin Chen was shocked. Many criminals on the fourth floor of the holy prison were concentrated here.

He mobilized the stolen harbinger to steal attribute values while watching the changes.

In front of the stone statue, there is a kind and charismatic old man. He is wearing a purple-gauze gauze, his eyes are permeated with the vicissitudes of all things, but in the depths of his eyes, there seems to be something else...

"Please bow down with all your heart, don't let your heart feel bad..."

The old man walked slowly to a holy prison criminal, and said indifferently: "Fadu sentient beings, do you realize it?"

The criminal shivered, and he certainly did not have the sage's temperament, and some only faced the fear of death!

"Me, I realized it!"

The old man shook his head: "No, you don't."

Brush ~! Bang~! Kaka Kaka~~!

The old man slumped down with a palm, and smashed the criminal's celestial cover with one palm, even smashing his holy bone into pieces, and he could not die anymore!

This scene made Lin Chen feel extremely strange!

All the saints present, such as the ice cellar and the cold bones, are afraid that the old man will ask himself in the next moment!

The old man shook it with one hand, the saint's remains slowly dissipated, and turned into a vibrant mountain!

"This...the mountains are all made by saints..."

Lin Chen was a little shocked. If so, wouldn't this vigorous vitality spread all over the holy prison, would it be full of holy remains?

"This place should not stay for a long time, this old man is too strange..."

Lin Chen couldnt go to sympathize with the holy prison criminals here. After stealing the attribute value, he immediately slipped away. Fortunately, the strange old man called a large number of holy prison criminals. Lin Chen completed the remaining criminals in less than a day. Attribute value theft.

Then he found the entrance to the fifth floor.

The sword Wu Lin Lin Chen is looking for is on the fifth floor!

"Several seniors listening to Jianyu said that Jiuza nails may be on the sixth floor. As long as Ji Wuji is rescued and nine Jiuza nails are found, this operation will be completed!"

Lin Chen's spirit was rejuvenated, and the small shadow urged the blood to be supernatural.

During this time, the attribute value stolen by Lin Chen has reached a more terrifying amount, which is even more terrifying than when he was in the boundary tower, second only to the later law enforcement team battle.

If you keep diving down, the attribute value obtained by Lin Chen will definitely take off!


Holy Prison, fifth floor.

Before the comparison, the fifth floor of the holy prison looked like a plain of blood, and the cells around them were cast. Lin Chen had just arrived, and he felt a strange breath.

Lin Chen was close to one of the cells and found that in the cell, the two handsome criminals had some yellow faces, and one was hollowed out!

"I...I really don't have a drop..."

"Laozi is about to be cut off. Let me kill me with a sword. I don't want to stay in this ghost place! I don't want to vomit when I see a woman now!"

The different wailings of the two made Lin someone a little stunned!

what's going on? Look at the appearance of the two older brothers.

When Lin Chen stole the attribute value and carefully approached the center of the fifth floor, he suddenly found that the pink palace was built in all directions, all permeating the breath of breath.

From time to time, criminals from the Holy Prison were pulled into the palace in droves, and many criminals crawled out of the palace trembling!

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, and this layer of prison masters and prison guards was actually a group of women with'weaponry'!

"It's so fierce, who can stand it!"