My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1352

Vol 5 Chapter 1352: Those Who Once Stood At The Pinnacle Of The Times

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"Senior, take the Elixir first and enter my air transport capsule."

Lin Chen said with a deep voice, Jian Wuji swallowed Tianxue Sheng Yuan Dan, and turned into a stream of light to enter Lin Chen's Taoyuan capsule.

Now his holy cave has just opened, and there is no fighting power. Staying beside Lin Chen is also a hindrance.

Before ten breaths, the female prison master of the Sacred State came very quickly, and the sound burst into the sky!


The female jailer pointed a little, the void was restrained, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised; "Where did the little white rabbit dare to break into this king's territory."

Her figure flashed and she came to the cell, but her expression changed suddenly.

In the cell, there was only a handsome young man with a jade tree facing the wind. His face was fair and fair, and he seemed to be an immature young scholar who was helpless.

What made the female prison master stunned was that Jian Wuji had disappeared!

"Prison, why not sit down and talk."

The young gentleman smiled charmingly.

The person who stayed there was the phantom avatar of Lin Chen wearing a thousand fantasy mask!


At this time, the shadow added, Lin Chen advanced at full speed, the three wings of the Devil's Nine Wings spread out, and the speed was like a fight, and the stars moved in a blink of an eye!

"Nine Wings of the Devil" this body method, only when the nine wings are fully open can it be used to the fastest. At this stage, Lin Chen is still opening six wings, and it is not yet complete. If it is complete, it can be further improved through enhanced functions!

Lin Chen passed the edge of the fifth floor of the holy prison, and a space channel like a galaxy connected to nine days was closed at this moment!

"Is it really closed... It seems that it is impossible to return to the previous level, and the only thing left is to move on!"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth couldn't help but rose up.

Sure enough, the unrestrained action was still not suitable for him.

Life and death bearish, do it if you don't accept it!

"Since it's here, turn the holy prison upside down!"

Lin Chen blinked, and the small shadow unfolded the void shadow. Lin Chenru shot like a streamer and shot straight into the space gate entrance on the sixth floor!

At this moment, Lin Chen clearly felt that his avatar had been killed and fell, but the delay was completed!


On the sixth floor, the vast earth is covered with a layer of silver yarn, and there is a ring of fighting echoing around it.

"Are we on the sixth floor?"

Jian Wuji issued a spiritual idea to talk to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen smiled and said, "Here it is, the old witch is estimated to continue looking for us on the fifth floor."

Jian Wuji said: "I heard that if there is a leak in the area guarded by the prison master on each floor, it is to bear the responsibility of negative responsibility. In serious cases, it may be removed from the office and the prisoner may be reduced to a prisoner, unless it is very serious. Serious situation, otherwise the demon girl should not immediately report our situation to the next level, we don't have to worry about whereabouts will be exposed or alert on the sixth floor at the moment..."

Sword Wuji turned sharply and said in a deep voice: "However, little guy, are you sure. According to your statement, you sneaked in from the second floor, and the passage of the fifth floor was cut off, we are not looking back !Even if I return to the heyday, there is no possibility of winning against the demon girl."

Lin Chen's domineering smile: "The so-called turning back road is to rely on fists!"

"Senior, take the time to recover, and let me do the rest."

Lin Chen continues to explore the sixth floor of the Holy Prison, as long as there are attribute values to obtain, his probability will not be zero!

"Fortunately, I have obtained a large number of attribute values before. I sneaked into the Holy Prison. Now, just stealing the attribute value consumes 400 million talent points, and there are 3.7 billion points left. Plus Xiao Qian, this nizi will be generated after a period of time. Talent, it should be enough..."

Lin Chen stolen all the way, turned into the king of stealing king!

[The host gains 100 million spiritual power, 39 million ignition energy, 2.2 billion advanced essence, 29 million enhanced points, 9.9 million runic energy, 3.2 billion advanced blood...]

Of the criminals who can be held on the sixth floor of the holy prison, 50% of the criminals have cultivated above life and death. Lin Chens wave of stealing attributes and numerical explosions, even the holy dragon has a dragon vein that is violently open, becoming more powerful. status!

On the sixth floor, there are also many battles between criminals and demons, which makes Lin Chen's attribute value obtain and further improve!

What puzzled Lin Chen was that he did not find what the original dean had said on the sixth floor, but he could seal the nine temple nails of the nine'magic eyes' of the nine continents of Kyushu.

"Is it at the lower level? Can only continue to dive down to see!"

Five days later, Lin Chen approached the entrance of the sixth floor again and sneaked in!

Lin Chen, start to go to the seventh floor of the holy prison!


The boundless darkness seems to be eternal hell.

Here, the sky is full of anger, and the magic rises. Surrounded by the ups and downs of the mountains, there is a desolation, and there are seven magic eyes nearby. From time to time, a large number of holy holy demon kings emerge from the magic eyes. This is almost hundreds of numbers!

"Quack, finally squeezed out, the human world seems to be no different from ours."

"Ben Wang smelled the blood."

"What a wonderful pure saint's blood, how wonderful, this is a taste that no one eats more than the same kind, ha ha ha ha!"

Groups of holy demon kings burst into a roar of screams and turbulence, rushing towards the direction of the mountains with great force!

If placed on the outside world, this team of Saint Demon King is enough to sweep many Holy Realms!

However, suddenly there was a sweeping Zhou Tianxing River, engulfing the star-like power, as if the Taishan Mountain was on the top, the world-destroying storm destroyed, destroyed all the demons!

Bang ~~! boom! boom! boom!

The cruel and violent Saint Demon Kings were instantly shattered and exploded!

Even more frightening is that these holy demon kings have just appeared, and before reaching a few breaths, they will be completely shattered by the sage of tens of thousands of miles away, and the body will not survive!

The broken debris remains scattered, making this eternal darkness a little more bleak.

In the center of the mountain range, dozens of giant giants stand, separated from each other, within tens of miles!

Directly above each giant prison, an iron pillar spike like a barbarian dragon was inserted backwards, exuding the great shore of the evils of the town!

Previously, the shattering group of demons, the supreme Shengwei, came out of these dozens of cages!

This cage is like the remains of a group of prehistoric civilizations, as if each cage is holding some horrible existence that pushes the historical barrenness!

With just a touch of momentum, can you kill the demons?

"Hey...old guy, you shocked the little demons, didn't you just call those guys?"

In a certain cell, an extremely hoarse laughter sounded, like scratching a wall, as if the throat had dried up for countless years.

"It's your turn to do things. It's not your turn to force Lai Lai. Lao Tzu just looks at the Demon Race uncomfortably, it's not about those dogs and animals."

Another voice responded in a nonchalant voice.

That's right, in this area, it is the deepest part of the Holy Prison!

Holy Prison, 19th floor!

To be precise, it should be from the 17th floor to the 19th floor. These three floors are interconnected!

And these dozens of cells are the deepest prison in the Holy Prison!

Those who can be detained here are all those who once stood at the pinnacle of the times! !