My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1353

Vol 5 Chapter 1353: I Have A Bold Idea

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On the nineteenth floor, there are the darkest seventeen cells.

The people imprisoned here have influenced the 36 domains of the Holy Realm, or have reached the peak of the enchantment list, or have achieved the list of the Holy Talents List, or are known as the future successor of the Holy King!

They are the small part of the people at the pinnacle of each era. Everyone bears a **** enmity or is trapped in a conspiracy. Eventually, they are here.

Another voice came out.

"Speaking of it, how long has it been since the woman came last time?"

"Why, do you regret that you didn't go out and kneel down as a dog for the Demon Race?"

"Discuss why, sleep and sleep, don't think too much, you can't get out, it's not good to turn over a fish like me."

"The guys in prison seem to have left something."

"What if you leave, the people are three-times repair, what can you do with him? There is no way."

"The three-turn saint counts him as a hair. If the old man didn't come in, what would happen to the third turn? The old man still hammered his dog's head! Damn, if the **** nails and imprints can be unlocked, I can let him lie down when he explodes. For thousands of years, my grandmother!"

"What are you doing, your old hole has fire, send it to the Jiujian Saint! Send it to the Saint King! What do you stare at at Lao Tzu? It's not that I'm keeping you here."


The voice of discussion gradually increased, but suddenly at a certain node, suddenly quieted down.

The darkness returned to silence.

The seventh floor of the holy prison, the dark and cold world, surrounded by a burst of aftermath, the flames of war.

Sigh~! boom!

Lin Chen, hiding in the dark, waited for the opportunity to punch a low-level Saint Demon King, and took away the high-level qi and blood attribute values of his devil.

"On the seventh floor, I also started the activities of encircling and suppressing the demons. It's very good. I like doing things like touching fish in muddy water!"

When Lin Chen's mental ideas were integrated into Qingxue's capsule, his expression was very exciting!

At this time, in the ups and downs of his Qingxue planting mountains, a lot of illustrious plants with different visions occupied nearly 80% of the Qingxue planting space!

There are five elements of Lingzhi planted with colorful holy fruits, Qingyao flower dew shines, Qihuayao grass blooms everywhere, and snow lotus stands proudly on the top of the snowy mountain.

The other side is full of visions!

The heavenly St. Peach, Long Qingguo, Dragon's blood saliva, like the most precious gemstone, exquisite and transparent, just like the stars on the horizon, colorful, the stars flickering, almost illuminating the pure gold handsome eyes of someone blinding him in Lin!

Previously participating in the natural selection conference, Lin Chen had a total of 13 kinds of luck and spiritual planting, and later won the conference championship, and was picked up by the small shadow to hide the Wanbao secret realm, plus killed a demon list Xiang Wentian, and robbed Nangong Jue's net worth, Lin The number of Chen's Qiyun Lingzhi has reached 24 kinds of horror!

Among them, there are 4 kinds of middle class luck planting!

"No, this number is at least 30 kinds!"

When Lin Chen took a closer look, the number of Qilian Lingzhi that had grown up to its peak had reached 30!

Even more terrifying is that, according to Lin Chens budget, the output of these luck-transplanting plants is comparable to the previous years output! It was only a few days before he entered the holy prison. What a shocking change happened to the luck sac!

With this family background, Lin Chen alone can rival the top six ranks!

His eyes turned, and when he landed on the edge of Qingxue's capsules, the slim white Qian Qian held a lucky seed.

It was produced by Lin Chen from the "Blue Jade Rod" obtained from the Holy King Haotian, and there is no special product of Qiyunling planting seeds!


At this time, in the heart of the white and delicate jade palms, the azure blue waves circulated, and the seeds of the spirit plant began to absorb Jin Shengyuan coins at a high speed, and from her palms, quietly germinated, vigorously sprout, and quickly grew new seedlings!

"This... this is the ability of Rui Beast? It's so amazing, are you saying that these are all Nizi's masterpieces?"

Lin Chen was horrified. He finally knew why the Jiuxiao Shenglong Palace of the Seventh Grade sect, why he had to destroy the decision between the sects, and also sent a strong man to sneak into the secret territory of Qianbai White Qian Qian!

It's too much! The ability of such prosperity is beyond the reach of the Seven Grades!

He had heard the legend of Rui Beast, but he did not expect it to be so terrible!

"Xiaoqian, how did you do it!"

Lin Chen appeared next to Bai Qianqian, Ni Zi was slightly happy, and the smile was in full bloom: "This is my ability, I can let the luck concentrate to the master, make the seeds mature quickly, and also allow other luck to plant faster. More treasures."

"But..." Bai Qianqian remarked, and Ai Ai said: "I... I see the owner has a lot of seeds, so I planted a few more plants without permission. The owner... won't you blame me?"

"How come!" Lin Chen squeezed her Qiong nose happily, and even kissed her delicate white snow forehead, the girl's heartbeat accelerated, her delicate cheeks were flushed, and her face was red.

Although Lin Chen at this time is in the form of a spiritual body, but this time, the stimulation to the girl is not small...

[The host gains 2.99 million talent points, 2.59 million talent points, and 1.21 million talent points...]

The system's light screen flicked, and someone in Lin's heart marveled, so cool!

There is also an attribute value for a kiss, when the handsome can rely on the bubble girl, the sleeping beauty can talk about the ideals of life, and the attribute value can be harvested, which is the peak of life!

Bai Qianqian quickly picked up the piece of sapphire crystal bar showing the energy slot,

"Yes... yes, how does the master want me to... how to use this luck to reverse the holy weapon?"

Lin Chen was stunned.

"What? What reversal holy thing? Xiao Qian do you know this thing?"

This time it was shocking, but it was Bai Qianqian himself, and Cherry's mouth opened slightly...

"Master, don't you know? This luck reversal holy weapon is a treasure that can break through the heavens and earth and control the field of luck.

"Although Ruirui can see the trajectory and lines of heaven and earth's luck, it attracts luck, but it is impossible to make this kind of **** that is reversed from energy form to luck. I heard from my mother, heaven and earth Only a very small number of people can make this thing."

Hearing Bai Qianqian's explanation, Lin Shuai forced him to think carefully!

Qiyun reversal holy artifact? Could it be that the Holy King Haotian is the one who broke the luck?

"Regardless of whether the Haotian Saint King is the producer of this stuff, this is definitely one of his bottom-boxing treasures. No wonder this old king Ba did not hesitate to go out and deal with me in person. It turned out to be so! Hahaha, this thing fell into my hands, I'm sending it out!"

When Lin Chen's eyes were shining, when she looked at Bai Qianqian, the girl was equipped with a long stick to make a good combination.

He grabbed Bai Qianqian's delicate lotus root, and his eyes were enthusiastic and excited, and said excitedly!

"I have a bold idea!"

The girl saw him look like a wild animal, her heart throbbed, she was shy and expectant.

Are you coming, is this day coming so fast, as expected, the mother is right, men are big hoofs, and the owner is no exception!