My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1354

Vol 5 Chapter 1354: The Coach Is About To Go To The Nineteenth Floor Of The Holy Prison

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Chapter 1354, the coach is about to go to the nineteenth floor of the holy prison!

Lin Chen's palm turned, and two middle-class Qiyun vesicles appeared. This is the evil spirit genius Xiang Wentian, and Nangong Jue's Qiyun vesicle!

A medium-grade qi transplantation capsule can hold dozens of inferior and middle-grade spirit plants!

"Xiaoqian, from today on, you will cultivate the spiritual plant for me. If you do well, I will give you a big reward."

Lin Chen smiled like a stunned son, and Bai Bai lived up to the expectations of the young girl who loved her.

In the past, he sold the seeds of Qi Yun Ling to be forced by the form, plus he did not have the resources to cultivate more Qi Yun Ling Zhi, so he chose to sell it.

But now, everything is different!

With Bai Qian Qian, you can quickly cultivate a luck cultivating plant, someone in Lin, you can cultivate luck cultivating plant!

The situation is different!

First of all, judging from Lin Chens current situation, Qi Yun reversing the holy artifact can absorb the saints remains and turn the Qi function possessed by the saint into Qi Yun Ling planting seeds.

Then, the seeds of Lingzhi were cultivated by Bai Qian Qian who was a beast, and the growth rate was directly filled to the highest!

The key point is the remains of saints. If placed in the past, Lin Chen could not find a large number of saints' remains or massacre large saints!

But where is Lin Chen now? It is a holy prison full of holy skeletons!

As long as there is a large-scale siege of the Demon Race, Lin Chen only wants to take advantage of it and take away the dead holy skeleton and pick up the ready-made!

That's right, this has formed a lot of horror, transformed into Qiyunling planting seeds, and the seeds are quickly cultivated by Bai Qian Qian, and finally a large amount of resources are produced!

This is a seamless virtuous circle. As long as Lin Chen has enough sacred skeletons, Lin Chen's net worth will transform to an unprecedented height!

Finalizing his mind, when Lin Chen consciously returned to the seventh floor, his eyes were a little more cautious, grabbing the sacred bones, and could not be unscrupulous, especially to pay attention to the prison masters on this floor.

"Just it!"

Lin Chen locked in a war circle, and not far away there was a holy prison criminal who had just been besieged by the four-headed holy demon king and died.

The small shadow shrouded his breath, and urged the pure power of Lin Chen, like a cannonball that spanned thousands of miles. In an instant, hundreds of billions of dragons were knocked down like a wrath hammer, and it was hitting the heads of the four Saint Demon Kings!

boom! boom! boom!

The moment when Lin Chen appeared, all of them were hammered. Most of these Saint Demon Kings were not at the lower ranks, and their strength was only about the triple saint's cultivation.

Lin Chen held the sacred skeleton with one hand. This is a saint prisoner with a perfect condensed environment. Before his death, his eyes still showed unyielding and resentfulness. Perhaps he was extremely unwilling to feel his own martyrdom. Squinting.

"If you are imprisoned and sentenced to prison, I will let the Holy Prison pay for it sooner or later. I hope you will know it and you can feel at ease."

Lin Chen sighed and transferred the sacred skeleton to the other two air transport capsules.

Then, Lin Chen infiltrated into the void again, and turned into a seventh-tier demons to reap the madness and continue to "take the tiger's mouth to eat"!

However, Lin Chen's appearance as a demon robbery other demon, in the eyes of other creatures, only a civil war occurred, the only thing that needs to be paid attention to is that the small shadow cannot be exposed.

For this reason, Lin Chen will never easily approach the area located in the main battlefield, unless he is determined that there is no supervision of the prisoner, he will kill inside and **** the sacred skeleton!

The further down the holy prison, the more and longer the number and time to clear the demons!

This is actually a relief, being released from the cell for a short time to fight the Demon Race. At least, you can enjoy the feeling of having a hint of divine power for a moment.

Starting from the seventh floor of the holy prison, even if the criminals are not released and the demons are cleared, it will be better to die in prison!

The seventh floor is the prison of the red lotus. Each cell will be equipped with a hot rolling red lotus sharp knife. The knife is inserted into the saint's limbs and internal organs. The hot burning sense will not take the saint's life. It will make the other party experience the pain to the maximum!

All the way down, there are the nine ice prisons where even the saints will be frozen alive, the evil **** with invading spiritual power, the twisted prison with the torn corpse shell, the psychedelic prison and so on!

Lin Chen stayed on the seventh floor for nearly half a month, collecting all the attribute light balls, stolen attribute values and a large number of sacred skeletons that were dropped by the war!

At this time, the sword-infinity wound in Taoyuan's capsule was recovered more than half, and with the help of Lin Chen's massive resources of gold and silver holy yuan, the holy cave recovered 60%.

Jian Wuji asked Lin Chen in particular.

"Little guy, you have been on this seventh floor for so long, but have you come up with a way? How can we go out, if the witch on the sixth floor does not open the passage, we can't go back!"

That's right, since the moment the two exposed their whereabouts, they have no chance to go back up unless they have the power to absolutely suppress the sixth tier, and they can't call the other party for reinforcements.

This situation simply cannot exist. From the sixth floor onwards, every prisoner has the lowest level of Sacred Mind, even if it is only the initial Sacred Mind of 71 Sacred Caverns, it is also the top fighting power of the Seventh Sect Sect and the Supreme Elder!

Lin Chen said with a smile: "There is naturally a way, simple and rough, just hit up. But before we hit, we need to find someone."

Jian Wuji doubted: "Looking for someone? Who are you looking for, do you still know other people in this holy prison?"

"I don't know." Lin Chen smiled: "It doesn't necessarily need to know. If the helper, does the Holy Prison have ready-made?"

Lin Chen awakened his sword, and he dumbfounded: "Are you looking for other detainees?"

Lin Chen rubbed his hands: "Yes, if I can unlock their Nine Seals, I will have the initiative to negotiate, mobilize enough manpower, and then come up with a wave!"

"In this case, you can only try to find those who are decent. There are many demon people in this holy prison. I may not be able to believe it. Are you planning to find it on the seventh floor or the eighth floor? "

Sword Wuji asked.

The standard for detaining prisoners in the holy prison is not based solely on strength, but also on the crime. Some saints can only be detained on the sixth or even seventh floor of the holy prison, only for life and death.

If he regained his strength during the heyday of the sword, most of the prisoners held on the seventh and eighth floors would be able to suppress them positively, and he would be able to protect Lin Chen and respond to any unexpected situations.

Of course, the premise is that the other party can not be the heyday.

"No, neither."

After Lin Chen shook his head, the evil charm smiled, and there was a bit of madness in the smile.

"Most of the prisoners on the seventh and eighth floors are still in my sight. I want to go to the deepest level, the nineteenth floor of the holy prison!"

"If we expose the whereabouts of the war, it is very likely to provoke the prisoners of other layers. Since that is the case, either we will not engage in it. If we want to engage in it, we will engage in the biggest! The most terrifying monsters inside the holy prison are all in one breath. Released!"

Jian Wuji breathed a sigh of air!

How crazy is this young man!

He was going to dive to the 19th heavy prison, and let out the following monsters?

The storytellers dont dare to blow like this!

This is more than crazy, this move is to pierce the whole holy prison!