My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1355

Vol 5 Chapter 1355: July Time Arrived In The 19th Heavy Prison

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On the sixth floor, the prison master Xiao Yunyun stepped into the air and looked around, his brows locked.

"Interestingly, Ben Wang would like to see where this little white rabbit is coming in. Dare to take away the man that Ben Wang is looking for. After Ben Wang finds you two, I will let you spend three days and three nights in the palace! "

Xiao Yunyun's charming smile, hiding a bit of a cold killer, she has sent the strong to guard the giant gate of the space on the next floor, and closed the space passage of the upper floor.

For the disappearance of Sword Promise and the appearance of the boy, she just regarded it as an accident.

Although there are many methods for holding prisoners in the holy prison, all methods such as the holy strength, spiritual power or special constitution of the holy cave can be sealed, but the holy world is vast and there will always be some strange and strange characters, and the holy prison cannot be taken care of.

However, she always holds the mentality of cats and mice, here, but her territory! She didn't believe it and couldn't find a little mouse!

"As for Sword Promise, oh, give your face a shame. When the king pulls you out again, I want you to squeeze you out alive, and think that the king cherishes your qualifications and dares to play jailbreak. I dont look here. where!"


After the punishment activities on the seventh floor of the holy prison were completely over, Lin Chen began to act again.

Lin Chen sighed heartily when he dived into the eighth floor. Little Shadow and Luo Yaoer were the most important factors for his success in this trip!

At that time, Luo Yaoer's infiltration, many strong men once thought that she forcibly broke through the first guard of the Holy Prison. The first floor of the Holy Prison has the energy array personally arranged by the four Holy Kings of the Holy World and the blessing of the Supreme God. Of the hell!

But in fact, Luo Yaoer broke through from the inside, and then there was enough power to break out of prison, and forced the gods of the Holy Realm to appear.

No one can think of it, but the truth is that there will be a special space crack, and the Holy Prison will be connected from the outside world!

No one would think that there would be an existence that could lift the Nine Seals and open the giant doors of every layer of space. The most important thing is that this persons actions are supplemented by an ultimate shadow with the most terrifying potential.

If it were not for the help of Luo Yao'er and Xiaoying Ying, Lin Chen thought that even if he had advanced into the Acupoint Expansion Realm, the Condensation Realm, the Life and Death Realm, or even the Seventh-level Na Xing Realm of the Saint, he would not be able to sneak into the Holy Prison!

Lin Chen, arrived at the eighth floor and continued to lurk.

As time goes by, Lin Chen still repeats his previous actions on the eighth floor, but his gains and family background are even more terrifying!

The first is the holy dragon, the dragon vein is approaching 16 billion!

The saints fall, the demon dies, and all high-level qi and blood will be dropped. In order to avoid breaking through the realm after absorbing the qi and blood attributes, Lin Chen will let the Holy Dragon absorb it!

When stealing attribute values, the talent points consumed can largely be recovered from Bai Qian Qian.

Lin Chen found that the more Ni Nizi used her ability to collect Qi Yun to cultivate Qi Yun Ling Zhi, the more attribute values of the talent points gathered, it was somewhat similar to Shen Lingshuang's Ni Zi drop advanced skill essence!

And Lin Chen's luck is very terrifying!

Why use "terror" to describe, because after Bai Qianqian's research, his "Qi Yun reversal holy weapon", as long as there are a large number and strong enough sacred bones, can produce Zhongpin Qi Yunling planting seeds!

The middle and lower grades seem to be the difference between the first grades, but they are a world apart!

Xia Pin Ling Zhi produces a very small amount of Tier VIII celestial treasures and a large amount of Tier VII medicinal herbs, as well as silver holy yuan coins.

The Zhongpin Lingzhi, which produces eighth-order Tiancaidibao, and Jinshengyuan coins, each of which is more expensive!

"Well, strictly speaking, the spirit planting seeds produced by the air transport reverser cannot be considered middle class."

Lin Chen looked around at the spiritual plants in the four air transport capsules and secretly estimated in his heart.

The reason why Zhongpin Qiyun Lingzhi is infinite in value is that in addition to the massive resources it produces, what is more important is the Lingzhi specialty with a mysterious effect.

For example, Lin Chens holy flat peach is the most typical example. Although there are many resources produced by the flat peach Lingzhi, the specialty holy flat peach is the most valuable treasure.

Therefore, Lin Chen's use of Qi Yun to reverse the holy grail of the middle grade spirit planting seeds can only be called: pseudo middle grade!

Of course, the energy of the holy skeleton is also quite scary. It almost produces a "pseudo-Chinese" spirit planting seed. The energy of the holy skeleton is dozens of times that of the lower grade!

In the holy prison, the sacred remains are like mountains. Every time there is an action to clear the demons, the fallen saint criminals are also a terrible number!

In this way, as time lapsed and months passed, Lin Chen continued to steal the attributes, seize the sacred remains, and enter the next layer while searching for the nine-jaw nails and exploring the internal conditions of the holy prison.

The eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh floors!

Lin Chen dived all the way down, and his actions became more cautious and careful!

Beginning with the sixth layer of prison masters, each layer of prison masters are in the Sacred Mind State, and every time the Sacred Mind State opens a holy cave, its cultivation will usher in earth-shattering transformation!

When Lin Chen dived to the twelfth floor, there were even three Sacred Hearts guarded, the lineup is powerful, and it is rare in the world!

Sword Promise speculates that the prison master is most likely to be a super powerhouse with 75 holy caves in full bloom, placed in the 36 domains of the outside world, which can be said to sweep the side!

Lin Chens daring action made Jian Wuji, a predecessor of the swordsman who had gone through the centuries, also shocked. This child has infiltrated the twelve floors, and he has to dive in. He really intends to go to the bottom of the holy prison!

Every time Lin Chen dives down, he will carefully observe the terrain on each floor and record the combat strength of each prisoner. In addition, it is not only him who grows, but also a small shadow!

During the time Bai Qian Qian cultivated Qi Yun Ling Zhi, Lin Chen possessed a pile of resources. His six avatars were in Alchemy all the time, and a large number of Sheng Dan were being produced at a very high rate!

Whether it is Lin Chen or Little Shadow, they are transforming at an alarming rate, and their abilities and strength are improving!

When diving into the fourteenth floor, Lin Chen arrived in the psychedelic prison, this prison has a spiritual prison dedicated to torture the saint, Lin Chen obtained a large number of advanced spiritual power attribute value for this!

The massive spiritual power gained this time ushered in a breakthrough in Lin Chen's spiritual realm, and he was formally promoted into the Holy Realm!

Fortunately, the spiritual power can be included in the air transport capsules, plus the cover of the small shadow, Lin Chen is shocked and has not revealed any spiritual power!

At the fifteenth floor, there finally appeared a prison master who couldn't even see through the strength even Lin Chen and Jian Wuji, whose cultivation practice was at least the pinnacle of the Sacred Mood, and even stronger!

Do not rule out the possibility of being a saint's ninth-level heaven!

With the change of time, Lin Chen entered the holy prison, and seven months have passed!

In July, he finally dived to the seventeenth floor of Holy Prison!

"Huh? What is the case, there is no prisoner on the 17th floor?"

When Lin Chen infiltrated to the seventeenth floor, he suddenly found that the seventeenth floor was flat on all sides, and the desolate flat ground was cast in prison. The strange thing is that there is no fighting here, and there is no breath of demons.

Secondly, the number of prisoners in the cage has also been greatly reduced!

The cultivation of the prisoners here is a bit worse than the previous fifteenth and sixteenth floors! The situation is extremely weird!