My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1356

Vol 5 Chapter 1356: The Proud Of The Strong.

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Mental power is like insight into thousands of miles, direct shot to the 17th floor of the central prison island!

In the island, there is only one Sacred Heart State, seven Star Stars, and a few Life and Death Realms.

Of course, it is not that such a lineup is not powerful, and it is still very threatening for Lin Chen, but compared to the upper prison, it is definitely not a level!

This lineup is not like the 16th floor. In case of any accident, there is not enough power to suppress it here!

"Is it said that when Yao'er attacked in that year, he took away all the strong men? So that the holy prison gave up the guard in this respect? However, something is wrong, although there are not many strong men in this layer, but there are still many!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed: "They are doing this. If there is a major accident, the prisoners at this level can only evacuate themselves. If they want to suppress the riots here, their strength may not be enough. Even if the strength is nothing, The gap in the state still exists, or they have absolute self-confidence and there will be no more riots here. Or..."

The last possibility is that there is a problem with the Holy Prison! Suppress the prisoner of this level, something left!

Then, when Lin Chen's spiritual power penetrated more and more, he discovered even more amazing facts!

"Something wrong, the seventeenth and eighteenth floors of the holy prison, the nineteenth floor are completely connected!"

Lin Chen's pupil trembles, no wonder the whole plane he perceives is countless times larger than any previous layer!

"The prisoner at this level, the highest level of cultivation is but a holy state of mind.

Little Shadow has a spirit in his heart and takes Lin Chen to wander the entire seventeenth floor of the holy prison.

This status is like a bottomless abyss. From time to time, in the void of the abyss, a huge and desolate cell is built. In the abyss, the atmosphere is so suffocating that it seems to be unchanged forever.

However, despite the small number, Lin Chen's eyes only saw seventy or eighty prisons, but the complete spiritual power of entering the holy realm felt very clearly that each cell was not detained for waiting!

Is the real peak powerhouse!

According to Lin Chen's prediction, there is not even less than Naxing Realm!

Even if there are a few strong stars in the Starland, it is a very special existence in the outside world. Lin Chen feels that some pure and great spiritual fluctuations have been sealed!

Some of these characters are the external medicine refining giants, casting giants, powerful fortune-tellers, and some are the name of the holy world of glory galloping half the sky!

[Host steals attribute values: 40 billion points of advanced mental power, 1.5 billion points of advanced energy, 3.02 billion points of advanced essence, 12 billion points of advanced rune energy, 12 billion points of advanced power, 9 billion points of advanced water energy, 10 billion high-grade gold energy......

Lin Chen sneaked in all the way, and when observing, stealing attribute values was even more shocking, and his scalp was numb!

Each of the attribute values he stolen from these criminals can only be described as "terrible"! Overwhelming countless merits before!

When he continued to dive down, as if there was an endless space extension, Lin Chen entered the bottom of the abyss, it was dark, but from time to time there were individual dizzy cages, echoing the dim light!

"Here, it is estimated that it is about the eighteenth floor of the holy prison..."

Lin Chen acted cautiously. The criminals detained here are completely different. Some of them are born with foreign bodies, or they are sealed by the Jiusha seal, and the faint Jiuyang Holy Light flashes all over the body.

Among them, some of the detained strongmen or some of the worlds strange energy bodies, blue scorching treasure, star treasure, moonlight treasure, etc., even in the darkest area of the holy prison, even After being sealed and repaired, Shengwei Guanghua is still circulating!

When Lin Chen passed a giant cage shaped like a wild dragon, there was a subtle startling sound.

"Huh? Is there something?"

Lin Chen's scalp exploded violently, and the little shadow eyes turned, suppressing his own breath to the lowest!


"Is it an illusion...oh, it's illusion, it doesn't matter to me."

The voice disappeared, but Lin Chen was relieved.

However, he was more vigilant in his heart!

The strongmen held at this level are terrifying! The small shadows infiltrated incessantly, and did not alarm any of the masters of the holy prison, but they were almost noticed by the strongmen in this layer!

"They are still repaired to the state of being sealed. If they return to their heyday, the current practice of the little guy may not be able to hide from the sky, it is worthy of the eighteenth floor of the holy prison!"

Lin Chen held his breath. At this time, he was very far away from the location of the 17th floor prisoner. Even if there was something happening in a while, the other party might not be able to detect it quickly.

Even Jian Wuji, who hid the Taoyuan capsules, felt a suffocation!

During this time, he has regained his heyday, repairing swordsmanship in Qiyun capsules, and injecting his feelings of imprisonment for many years into Kendo, even more than the trend before he was imprisoned!

Even so, he is a six-layer saint with a perfect sword of life and death. If he is on the eighteenth floor of this holy prison, he asks himself that it is difficult to be as calm as Lin Chen and unwavering!

"This child's state of mind is more daring than I was back then, so fierce..."

The further down, Lin Chen encountered fewer cells, but at the same time, every detainee was a person near the top of the Holy World!

Finally, Lin Chen arrived at a dark space vortex, and the magical energy inside the vortex seemed to be like the devil's nest!

"Below is the nineteenth floor. What kind of characters will be held? Really looking forward to it!"

Lin Chen, jump into the whirlpool of magic air!


The seventeenth floor of the holy prison; the island of the prison guard.

A group of powerful people gathered together, drinking and talking, and beautiful women as companions, happy and cheerful.

"Boss Xiao, please tell your brother, why did you send us to guard these three floors?"

A thin and powerful saint embraced the beauty and asked the tiger-headed man who headed to the palace.

After taking a drink, Mr. Xiao shook his head and smiled, "We are only here to give a brief briefing. If there is any problem, if we can't solve it, we can contact the prison masters of other levels as soon as possible. There is something to do now, except Lord Long staying on the first floor, no one can hold the guy here."

The thin man wanted to ask: "What's up there..."

"Huh?" The man named Xiao Boss eyes narrowed: "Withered monkey, you crossed the line."

"Boss is not strange! Oops, am I not curious, punish three cups, three cups!"

The thin man was fined three times in a row, and then he asked, "I don't have much chance to come here, brother. The boss told me about the battle that year, why these detained guys didn't follow the strong man of the demon race. Leave."

Boss Xiao shook his head and smiled: "So, you don't understand. They used to be the outside world. They were inexhaustible and proud of themselves. They disdain to succumb to the coercion of the demon clan and would rather be locked here than loyal to the demon. The human race or the demons, in terms of arrogance, are indeed stiff enough."

"It's just..." Xiao Bo's mouth twitched faintly, somewhat disdainful and sneered.

"It's just that this dignity can only be possessed by strength. They are kept here without even strength. Let's talk about the pride of dignity. For the sake of a little obsession in my heart, I guess there may be regrets in them."