My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1357

Vol 5 Chapter 1357: Identify Themselves

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The light cannot shine into this area.

The surrounding mountains are ups and downs, and darkness covers the whole world, as if the light will never be born.

Lin Chen came here and felt a very strong sense of depression and suffocation, not only the devilish qi overshadowed by heaven and earth, but also that deadly and powerful coercion, which could completely crush the saint!

However, Lin Chen was not afraid of the coercion of the Holy King, and the prestige of this place could not help him.

However, as far as Lin Chen is concerned, this place is full of dazzles, all of which are attribute light balls!

"This is the nineteenth floor of the Holy Prison!"

Lin Chen looked around and became more excited!

He has a faint feeling that he must come here, according to his habit, the more dangerous place, the greater the opportunity for him Lin Chen!

Lin Chen released the Holy Dragon, and captured the attribute light spheres for him. A large number of attribute light spheres were continuously incorporated into the body!

Here, there have been countless demons, but all the Xeon saints held here have been crushed and crushed! Its attributed light ball is far beyond any layer outside!

Almost at the same moment when Lin Chen arrived at the 19th floor, in the four prisons in the center of the mountain range, dozens of horror sounds invariably sounded!

"Huh? Did a little ant come in?"

"Look at this feature, the space is not obvious, the breath hides the void, it is natural, without a trace of space ripples, there is a bit of innate shadow."

"How can innate shadows sneak into this place, even if the king of shadows of all generations wants to cross the difficulties ahead and arrive here, it is unlikely."

When many voices talked to themselves, the breath they felt rushed towards them!

The characters in the cage were silent.

In the mountains, a new figure appeared, even though the darkness was boundless, for the detained, it could still be clearly seen!

The comer has scales and feathers like ink, a height of nine feet, and the devil's energy rises. Like the strongest demon race in the ancient times, the evil is awe-inspiring.

"Mozu? A little Mozu dare to come near us?"

In a certain cage, a strong man disdains and sneers.

Lin Chen arrived here after disguise!

He took the small shadow back into the Qingxue planting capsule in advance. The strongman on the eighteenth floor of the holy prison could vaguely notice the small shadow, not to mention the nineteenth floor. Moreover, the small shadow could not be like his Lin Chen, Can ignore the coercion of the pinnacle saint!

To this end, he directly removed the small shadow, leaving him alone.

"Oh, everyone must be a prestigious figure in the human race. I have been in here for so long.

Lin Chen's handsome evil charm face disguised as a demon face appeared a strange smile, he said indifferently: "How, do you want to make a deal with me."

Bang ~~!

In a certain cage, the infinite power to suppress the demons was suddenly released, the sacred rhythm was ethereal, and the vastness was immense. The Wei An seemed to suddenly come across a plane, and suppressed to the top of Lin Chen's head!

Seems to rely on his momentum to squeeze him into pieces alive!

"Every mottled demon, also deserves the conditions of this forum, die!"

A jealous human race sneered, the power suddenly increased, trying to forcibly kill Lin Chen!


Lin Chen stepped out, and continued to walk towards their huge and high-cast prison. The clouds were light and breezy, and the face was evil and mad, all free and easy and domineering!

Not affected at all!


"A tiny demon, not even as high-level holy demon king, can actually resist the holy prestige of this seat?"

Suspicious eyes cast, Lin Chen even the repression of the Holy King, the will of God could not be suppressed, these saints could not suppress him no matter how strong!


"You, I can let you regain your glory and free you from the shackles of this holy prison. As long as you surrender to me and become my servants, you will have the opportunity to take back everything you have lost!"

Lin Chen's evil spirit was awe-inspiring and he laughed loudly.

When Lin Chen laughed, his backhand was awe-inspiring, and a wisp of awns shot into several prisons in the dark!

Bang ~~!

The sacred prestige is like a sea, the light of the sacred caves rises like a bright new day, and the nineteenth floor of the strong men's'Nine Temple Seal' has begun to loosen a point!

"This...this is...!"

In the seventeen prisons, complex and shocking wonders echoed!

This is the key to unlocking the'Nine Seals'. Can this young Demon really unlock their seal?

However, the surprise was only fleeting. In the 17 prisons, there was a sudden sneer and disdain!


"The cultivation base is not big, and the appetite is not small. Are you a small demon who is also worthy of waiting for me to submit?"

"Laozi's life, even if he is dead, he will not bow his head to the Demon Race! Your boy is a bird!"

"The Emperor of the Devil Clan came to Lao Tzu and couldn't look down on you. You are a fart!"

"The way is different, don't make any conspiracy. Even if you can unlock our Nine Seals, this palace has been responsible for hunting the Devil Race, and how many Demon Kings and Demon Kings have killed, even if they are dead. Be a demon dog!"

In the seventeen prisons, there were echoes of laughter and disdain, a tone of unique pride and integrity revealed in the tone!

Some even burst into a terrible rage, and several strong men released Shengwei at the same time, wanting to crush Lin Chen directly!

"Sure enough... these people are the bloodiest group of strong men in the holy prison!"

Lin Chen's eyes were even more excited!

He didn't bet wrong, he was right!

In the seven months when he dived into the holy prison, he had repeatedly eavesdropped on the things that the holy prison was talking about when the holy prison was broken!

At that time, Luo Yaoer infiltrated the Holy Prison, and took away the most fierce and fierce characters in the three floors of the 17th, 18th, and 19th floors, and was also a false **** who later made waves in the mainland of Kyushu!

However, she did not completely take away all the strong men, and some strong men did not follow her and leave.

Anyone who follows the devil emperor must be loyal to the demon clan at the cost of their life and become the most faithful running dog of the devil clan!

However, the last people who stayed were the **** people who would rather die than be devil for the demon or demon clan for the tiger!

"Hahaha, if I said, I am not a demon race, but a human race?"

Lin Chen urged the palm of the devil's mark to lift the "Demon King Reincarnation Dafa", the devil qi dissipated, his disguised face fell like a shell peeling, the devil qi was torn, and the whole devil qi retreated like a tide.

He showed his true face and restored the cynicism of the cynical youth as before, with the corners of his mouth rising, evil and domineering.

His right arm and legs, wearing a pair of golden armguards, leg armor, flowing light golden Xia Hui, mirroring the young man in a silver robe as shining like snow, a seven-foot boy, rich and handsome, handsome and elegant Revealing a high and overbearing fighting will

The powerful men in the 17 prisons are horrified!

Terran? Is this kid actually a human race? impossible! How can they look away?

The strongmen detained to the 19th floor are all standing in the realm of the pinnacle of the holy realm. Even if they are cultivated, they will still have experience!