My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1358

Vol 5 Chapter 1358: I Have Lin Chen In My Heart And I Will Never Be Godless Again

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Seeing Lin Chen's true look, Zhu Qiang was shocked!

"Two... twenty-something young human race?"

"The spiritual sanctification is transcendent, pure and flawless, the heaven and man are one, there is no sign of being taken away..."

"The meridian is pure, the blood of the essence has a sense of awe-inspiring righteousness, and it is not doped with any blood of the demon race..."

The eyes of the powerful people are extremely old, seeing through Lin Chen's details!

However, because they were seen through at a glance, they were even more terrified and their scalp exploded!

If he is an orthodox race, how did he come in? A 20-year-old humanoid teenager, who is called a baby in front of them, is not a single person. How dare he break into the bottom of this holy prison?

At this time, the Holy Dragon took away the attribute light sphere of the entire nineteenth holy prison, and flew violently, entrenching Lin Chen's side.

Lin Chen jumped up and stood aloft on the head of the dragon. With a palm of his hand, the seventeen fierce blasts were like seventeen prisons, and the "Nine Seals" of many powerful men once again unblocked part!


The holy cave roars and shakes, and a little aura is slowly incorporated into the dim holy cave. The individual holy caves of all the strong men begin to quietly derive a trace of holy power, such as water sinking into the dry land, to nourish their wounded holy body!

All the powerful people felt a tremendous shock in their hearts, dreams, dreams, and intoxication!

This familiar and unfamiliar feeling made them shocked and obsessed!

Even the most subtle is the power of their dreams for countless years!

They are the holy power that dreams to revive!

They have been for too long and too long, and the Holy Cave has not restored the Holy Power!

What a prestige they have in the Holy World! They are admired and worshipped by countless people in the world.

They once sentenced hundreds of millions of lives and deaths, and one sentence can make all beings soar!

That was an era that once belonged to them only! They are the masters of this era and the pride of heaven!

However, they were beaten into the holy prison, and the holy king and the legendary creators took away everything they had, and became prisoners for countless years. They even thought that the glorious time was a dream of Nan Ke!

Not only is Holy Power awakened at this time, but also the memory of all the strong people lurking in the heart!

"You... who the **** are you?"

A trembling voice came from a prison.

"Who am I?" Lin Chen raised his lips slightly.

The golden radiance circulated his whole body, as great as divinity, vast as the sea, unleashing the might of war against the heavens and the world!

"Who am I? My name is Lin Chen, the name is not important, the important thing is that I am the one who can make you regain honor!"

"I, can make you rise again and glance at the world!"

"I, can make you reborn again, and can give you a chance to challenge the former enemies and the holy prison!"

Lin Chen's tone was sincere and passionate, with a high voice.

"Everyone, He Li's arrogant history of eternal history, He Gu, the gods who fool all beings!"

"If you call me Lord, after that, you will be under one person, over hundreds of millions of people. You dont need to worship God, no longer knock God, only recognize me Lin Chen, after this life, you have my Lin Chen in your heart, Then there is no god!"

"Follow me, give my life to me, and follow me through this holy prison, to be the first madness of life and death!"

All the strongmen in the 17 prisons were frozen, like being struck by thunder!

His tone, the true feelings revealed, the spirit is full!

At this moment, the eternal dark nineteenth holy prison reflected a golden light, and the light became more dazzling and unstoppable!

Bang ~~! !

The nineteenth floor of the holy prison, at this time a violent wind! The hurricane screamed, and the war of no fighting spirit was blown!

The golden divine light illuminates every jail, and the seventeen strong men in shackles stare at the direction of the golden divine stare.

The young man struck a silver robe and stood above the dragon head of the holy dragon. His body was pulled up like a gun, and the holy dragon was lying head down, the yin and yang dragon encircled his body, and the golden divine power rolled like a dragon and poured his body. , He bathed in golden light and dignity, it seemed so domineering in the world, unparalleled!

Under his handsome and calm face, there is a domineering power sweeping the heavens and the world among his brows!

The young man bathed in golden radiance, went to the holy prison alone, and ran to the nineteenth floor of the holy prison. At this moment, like the **** of war, he issued an invitation to all of them to fight again in the holy world!

When Jian Wuji witnessed this scene through Taoyuan planting capsules, his heart was shocked!

He seemed to see a young real dragon, swaying the dragon's tail, rubbing the dragon's claws, and revealing the sharp edge. At this time, he was about to break through the darkness and disturb the world!

"A real dragon is born, it's unstoppable..." Jian Wuji was amazed, his heart trembling.

"The host is so handsome!" Bai Qianqin admired in Qingxue's capsule, and her beautiful eyes were blooming, and her heart was like honey.

At this time, all the strongmen in the seventeen prisons, their appearances are old and young, male and female, their looks are extremely exciting.

But the same thing is that in their vicissitudes and dull eyes, there is an increasingly tenacious fighting spirit, like a raging fire raging all over Qianye, which is beyond control!

Should we continue to silence the Holy Prison and kill the will, or do we fight hard to break this Holy Prison and the day completely?

clang! clang! clang!

The sound of heavy gold iron sounded, and a powerful man in prison stood up!

His face was as thick as water, his sword and eyebrows were flying, and he was thirty years old, with a seemingly calm face, his eyes burning with monstrous fighting intent, and he shouted.

"Jianyu Fang Ling, see the hero!"

He bent over and clenched his fists, his tone was firm and sincere!

Another powerful person stood up, his expression was rock-solid, his face contoured like a knife and axe, and with a scream, he shook the mountain!

"Dao Yu waves have turned over the clouds and have seen the hero!"

It's not over yet!

The beautiful woman was dressed in a shabby red gauze, her body like Qingxue Yushu, her body shackled, her body slightly bent, her eyebrows bent slightly, and her delicate voice was tenacious.

"Thousands of fields are unparalleled, and see the hero!"

Then, four, five, seven, ten!

In the end, on the nineteenth floor of the holy prison, all the mighty and all stood up and worshipped Lin Chen as the master! !

"Very good, this is the result I most want to see, I hope you will not let me down."

Lin Chen's meaning is a deep smile, and his hands are printed in advance and wiped out!


The Nine Temple Seal at the eyebrows of the great powers vanishes and is completely erased!

boom! boom! boom!

A terrible atmosphere, subverting the ages, pushing the terrible atmosphere of the wilderness into the sky! !

All the auras in the nineteenth floor of the entire holy prison shivered, such as the appearance of seventeen vortices out of thin air, swallowing thousands of miles of aura, and were instantly incorporated into the holy cave of the seventeen powerful people!

clang! clang! clang!

Directly above the seventeen prisons, the nine-jaw nails, which were as thick as pillars, bounced and flew!

"Hahahaha! My Dragon Nine Mountain is out again!"

"This time, even if I die, I will die on the way to escape!"

"What a wonderful feeling, is this the feeling of having power again..."

All the powerful people were passionate, excited like a child, excitedly shouted, and dreamlike, stunned.

Some wept with joy, and some burst out with hysterical roars and growls, as if to suffocate all these endless years! !