My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1359

Vol 5 Chapter 1359: Zhou Tian's Life And Death Desperate

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"Freedom, there is also a day of freedom here, his mother! This time, even if it is dead, it can die happily!"

"Hahaha, pleased, pleased! Even if you are seriously injured, those **** prisoners, I will come to slaughter one! Kill one enough, kill two blood to earn!"

"The nine **** nails of these **** were finally pulled out, and it wasn't so cool!"

Nine brake nails, originally used to suppress all power, can be used to strengthen the'nine brake seal' seal, this is to avoid some powerful people hiding their backs, you can slowly release or push out the method to release the nine brake seal , The nine-brake nail will become the mountain that continues to press on the lid, and will not let the lid have the chance to be lifted!

Unexpectedly, the Holy Prison is that someone will be able to directly unlock their'Nine Seals'! The reinforced seal of Nine Brake Nails is completely reduced to a joke!

With your powerful cultivation and arrogance, if you put it in the past, how can they easily surrender to others, but they have nowhere to go, dreaming of leaving the holy prison!

The failure to follow the Devil Race at the beginning was entirely due to the last bottom line in my heart!

When all the people were able to vent, the Lin Chen threw out an almost weird answer, making the scene silent for an instant!

"You guys, please let go of your spiritual consciousness. I will engrave a spiritual imprint in your sea of spiritual consciousness. This imprint will be on. After that, your life or death will be decided in a moment. When the spiritual imprint is 10%, I will Heal you right away."

This problem made the scene of the hot network cold instantly!

Manipulating the life of the other party is the most taboo thing, not to mention for the powerful people who have practiced for many years!

The seventeen people on the scene, even though the divine power is dry, there is no fighting power. If you want to kill a life and death, it is still easy. It is not impossible to even kill the strong star power. The realm of the saint goes further back. The more scary the gap!

But the weird thing is that Lin Chen did not mention the requirement of this spiritual imprint before unlocking the Nine Seals, but after unlocking the seal!

If he made this request before unlocking the nine-brake seal, many people might be willing to accept it.

What does this stand for? Does this mean that he has enough self-confidence to suppress each of them, even if he unlocks the seal?

Or is he testing them?

Hundreds of thousands of possibilities flashed by, and when the public could think quickly; one of the Tsing Yi men said in a deep voice.

"Princess, can I understand that you are testing and using us?"

Lin Chen didnt care about smiles-"You can say that, to be precise, it is mutual use. I can unlock the Nine Seals for you and recover some of your injuries. You will naturally become my capital to break through the holy prison. and strength."

"Princess, this...although you are so kind to us, you can control the life and death of this spirit. This is too difficult to bear."

The handsome middle-aged men of the two twins, he has a magnificent demeanor, and he is as handsome as he is in charge, and apologizes to Lin Chen.

His other brother, twins, was sharp and stern.

"Can I understand that if we do not hand over the spiritual life and death to the protagonist, the protagonist will not heal us, or even cut the grass and roots, right?"

As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere was more strange and silent.

However, Lin Chen shook his head unexpectedly and smiled.

"Yes, if you don't give your life to me, I will treat you as well and treat you equally. If you want to leave, I won't stop you."

Lin Chen's remarks, everyone is as thunderous!

After a long silence, they gave Lin Chen a deep look after each other--

Wave Fanyun from the knife field took the lead out and clasped his fists in both hands, saying: "Princess, start now. The words have already been spoken, and I will never regret it. My life is yours, Lord Chen Chen!"

His eyebrows overflowed with faint spiritual brilliance and completely let go of his mind!

"Speaking, it's a pure man."

Lin Chen urged the spiritual power to seal, and started the "Zhou Tian Sheng Si Yin" which he had successfully cultivated before July!


A spiritual mystery engraved with eight lines of patterns, such as blood dripping and melting, merged into the spirit of the waves and waves!

If at this time, Lang Fanyun rebelled, Lin Chen would encounter a spirit of bitterness, I am afraid it must be hit hard!

However, Lang Fanyun did not resist, but completely let go of his mind!

The seal of Zhou Tian's life and death is like an imprint that is integrated into the spiritual origin. After being completely integrated into one, Lin Chen's vast galaxies have a spiritual consciousness in the sea, and there is a dimmer spiritual galaxy!

That is the spiritual origin of Lang Fanyun. The two have a mysterious connection at this time. Lang Fanyun can clearly perceive Lin Chen's position and existence.

Lin Chen could make his spirit disappear in a single thought. Secondly, if the exhibitor of Zhou Tiansheng's death fell, the engraved person would be severely damaged or even die.

"Oh, you old friends are all out of nowhere, there is no reason for our fright."

Sword domain is powerful, Fang Ling also stepped forward and clenched his fists at Lin Chen: "Princess, just follow the promise."

"Okay, I appreciate that people like you don't talk too much!" Lin Chen smiled awkwardly, and produced a seal of life and death on Zhou Tian!

"The concubine can't be left behind." Qianyu's Fei Wushuangyingying owed her body and offered to dedicate herself.

Then, all of you looked at each other, some were decisive and decisive, and some even hesitated and stepped forward!

All of them, this time all gave their lives to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's mouth was slightly raised, and it was useless to deal with these great powers and play tricks and tricks.

Therefore, from the beginning, he revealed his details clearly, mobilized the power and strength of the three-piece Ares, and thoroughly convinced them!

No matter where it is, strength is the first element to gain a foothold, and only the strength and potential shown by it can completely subdue this group of mights!

If Lin Chen was just a shocking young man with great potential, his previous speech would be impossible to impress these evil spirits!

Those who can cultivate to their realm, which of them is not a worldly evil, a peerless sage? Without sufficient strength, Lin Chen is impossible to get their appreciation and follow!

Hidden is useless, on the contrary, it is they who have seen through Lin Chens horror potential and strength, and the infinite possibilities in the future, they will choose to follow him!

As for his character, needless to say, Lin Chen has a strong fighting spirit, a clear and mellow state of mind, and there is a conscientious spirit throughout his body. This kind of character cannot be a demon character, and the powerful people have already seen through!

For these seventeen people, half of their life entrusted to Lin Chen is due to being convinced by Lin Chens potential, spirit and spirit, and the other half is desperate!

They are betting on Lin Chen, it is not worth being their prince!