My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1360

Vol 5 Chapter 1360: On The Occasion Of Healing On The Eve Of The War

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"It's terrible, these great powers actually gave their lives to this little guy..."

Jian Wuji shook his head and marveled. If this news spreads, I am afraid that the entire Holy World will have an unprecedented earthquake!

These 17 people are the characters who have touched the "that level"!

This group of powerful people who have been imprisoned by the Holy Prison to be crazy, and then with a Lin Chen who is not afraid of the sky, then, is the beginning of crazy!

In all fairness, even if Lin Chen released 17 of them, judging from the actual situation, the probability that 17 of them can actually kill the holy prison is infinitely close to zero!

The holy prison is nineteen, and the prison masters are not vegetarian. If they are in their heyday, they will naturally not pay attention to it.

But today they are different. They have no strength at all. To put it bluntly, there are a lot of power among the 17 people, who are planning to die in this battle!

Even if you cant get out, you have to pull a few backs at least before you die!

So they are very open-minded, how about their lives, and they can exchange for a fight before their death, and they will no longer be imprisoned and imprisoned in prison, this life is enough!

"Very well, it seems that everyone is very open. Although life and death are bearish, I will do it if I don't accept it, but I will not let my people go to death."

"Our goal for this operation is not the first floor. I only need to hit the second floor. I have a special space channel. As long as I can kill the second floor, I can lead all of you away."

Lin Chen said, startled the stormy waves!

There is a secret passage on the second floor to leave the holy prison?

This news will undoubtedly make all powers rekindle hope!

"Lord... protagonist, are you true..."

Fei Wushuang's charming tears flashed, and he couldn't even believe this fact!

"Bai Shuai never deceived himself, first restore the holy power in the holy cave!"

Lin Chen waved his hand, all the luck sacs were all wide open, and the surroundings were empty, and the golden light rain began to fall!

All are gold holy yuan coins! The number is more than one million, totally more than ten million gold holy yuan coins, piled up like a mountain in front of seventeen people!

The holy cave of the sage, the direct way to restore the holy power is to absorb a large amount of gold holy yuan coins!

Lin Chen has been prepared for a long time, and his luck sacs have all cultivated a large number of pseudo-industry luck sacred plants. The gold Shengyuan coins produced have already exceeded the foundation of the Sixth Grade sect, comparable to the Seventh Grade Giant!

"This amount of gold holy yuan coins... It seems that the hero is prepared!"

"Hahahaha! It seems that this time I can have a good fight!"

All the powerful hearts were ecstatic, and urged the dry sacred caves, such as the hundreds of rivers and rivers. If everyone formed a vortex on the top of their heads, all of them were included in a large number of gold sacred yuan coins, and turned into Jinhui into the sacred cave!

Among them, a white-haired boy and a young man with purple eyes glanced at each other, and his heart was turbulent.

This young and young protagonist can be described as medium and small. If they previously rejected the implantation of the spiritual imprint, I am afraid they would not know that there will be a space passage on the second floor to leave.

By then, they are still dead!

This child can be said to be testing them all the time! As if to warn them, convince him that Lin Chen is the most correct choice!

This hero, deserves the value!

"Don't worry, with your previous heritage, these ten million gold holy yuan coins are nothing..."

Lin Chen released the sword Promise again. Everyone looked at each other and couldn't help but be surprised. There was a sword saint with perfect life and death following the hero?

"Senior Sword Promise, trouble you to protect the law. Those prison guards may not have come so quickly, but the nearby Demon Race will leave it to you."

Lin Chen said with a smile, Jian Wuji waved his hand: "Little guy, you're welcome, even though this little thing is commanded, how can it be worth your life-saving grace!"

Sword Promise stepped on a sword light, flashing for thousands of miles, releasing the sword energy that enveloped the galaxy, protecting the seventeen prisons.


Just as everyone was puzzled, the space fluctuated, and the dazzling Danxia Qi of the steaming clouds of Xia Wei rushed to the sky. The colorful, surging light, the holy ring enveloped the sky and surprised everyone!

"This is...Sheng Dan?"

"At least it's also a fourth-grade Saint Pill, hero, do you say that?"

When the seventeen people were ecstatic, Lin Chen said indifferently: "I am a sixth-grade saint-level apothecary. I came to you from the beginning. There are so many panacea preparations, and how much you can recover depends on yours."

Sixth Grade Saint Grade?

The look of the great power is extremely exciting!

Sixth-grade Saint-level refining pharmacist, this grade, when they were at their peak, did not even have the qualification to talk to them!

However, it is beyond common sense to be like a protagonist such as a twenty-year-old sixth-grade saint-level refining pharmacist!

Six phantom magic lights are coming, Lin Chen's side, the six avatars are coming, the power of everyone is even more terrifying!

Doppelganger exercises, with 17 powerful experiences, have seen a lot, they have never seen this mysterious means!

It's exactly the same! From the blood to the bones, and even the spiritual fluctuations, it is perfect, like the body!

Without the spirit to know Zhou Tians imprint of life and death in the sea, they cant tell who is the real and the real!

"It's worthy of daring to enter the nineteenth weight of the holy prison alone, we seem to have worshipped a great hero..."

Lang Fanyun licked his tongue, his expression was fiery and exciting!

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Next, I will use your avatar to control the spiritual life and death mark in your spiritual origin, to help you refining medicine faster. The highest medicine I have prepared is no more than the sixth grade peak. Not much time, your side Restore the Holy Power, while absorbing the power!"

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen and the six avatars made their hands together, and the spirits like a gigantic wave swept through the seventeen people. When they injected their spirits and learned the sea, hundreds of holy pills suspended in the sky flew into different powers. Inside!

From the appearance of the 17 people, they didn't have too many injuries. In fact, they were already full of holes!

The higher the saints are, the less likely they are to be injured, but at the same time, once they can really hurt them and want to recover, it is difficult. This is also one of the six major criminals who fled that year, and it will become one of the reasons for the Kyushu mainland false god.

These healing sacred pill, a sacred pill made by Lin Chen from exhausting all the resources produced by the pseudo-medium spirit plant, plus a small shadow when picking up the Wanbao secret realm, some top rare medicinal materials were refined.

In the past, he had to gather the abilities of all avatars with the spiritual power to enter the holy realm in order to reluctantly refining the Sixth Grade Shengdan.

However, after he included a large number of outlines of the refining medicine secrets of the Danyu Presbyterian Church, and his spiritual strength, he had reached the perfection of the Holy Land.

In addition, he has strengthened the +15 orange-level handprint "Baji Xuan Shengyin" to fight the battle. Compared with the medicine refining background when he participated in the natural election conference, Lin Chen's medicine refining skills nowadays are not described by the world. For ever!