My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1361

Vol 5 Chapter 1361: A Full Battle

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Today, Lin Chen can ensure that a single avatar can also have a 90% success rate in refining Liupin Shengdan!

Describe in one sentence: Lin Chen is now an avatar, and the essence of refining medicine can be stronger than all the avatars who participated in the natural election conference that year!

If all the avatars unite the alchemy, the grade of the six-grade Shengdan, perhaps there is no longer a holy pill that can harden his Lin Chen!

After three hours--

"It seems that it's still a lot of money..."

When Lin Chen saw the seventeen people refining and healing many holy pill, the mental control had a comprehensive view of the conditions inside the seventeen people. The recovery of the injury, not to mention the recovery of a few percent, did not recover even one tenth!

But the number of Shengdan has been consumed, more than half!

"Seven six-grade saint-level pharmacists are still not enough for them. At least seven-grade, even the legendary eight-grade, but this level of Saint Pill, I dont even have the Dan side. It seems that this time the jailbreak is still I have to fight, I dont know if the 8% Ares three-piece suit and the sky-turner can kill them. There is no turning back this time..."

Lin Chen saw Li Mang, who had broken the wreck, and if he could kill him, he would really eat "big fat man" in one bite!

Despite being a double-edged sword, he can conquer these seventeen top powerhouses, and his Lin Chen's foundation has grown countless times!

At that time, as strong as the law enforcement team of the monster list, if you want to move him to Lin Chen, you must also weigh the group of super thugs beside him!

Time continues to pass by, and the seventeen people are dreamy, intoxicated, and able to recover their wounds, something they did not dare to think about!

The other end

It was at the moment when Lin Chen unleashed the seal of seventeen powerful men.

Holy Prison, first floor.

A magnificent hall standing against the sky, like the ruins of the ancient civilization that never fell, a virtual image of a saint walking in the void, as if returning to the ancient times, the majestic sacred sky, the nine rounds of the holy sun hanging the sky, hot and extraordinary!

Inside the Shengyang Palace, a secret room with a sun mark engraved on the forehead and eyebrows closed his eyes and practiced. His face was like a crown jade, majestic and holy, like an overlord who dominated one side, he was not angry.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes suddenly, and his murderous intentions skyrocketed!

Bang ~!

A huge wave of Yang Yan angered Zhou Tian, the entire first holy prison suddenly rioted, the space was shocked!

"This... what's going on? It's the direction of the prison master!"

"It's a terrible breath, I have never seen such a sign of anger from the prison master..."

Many prisoners were frightened, and the prisoner was angry, and he could judge anyone's life and death!

Not to mention the first-level prison master, when the next three-level prison master leaves, the first-level prison master is the most powerful being!

Because the first level of the prison master is the starting point of the holy prison, and it is also the last line of defense of the holy prison!

The golden armor man's figure flashed, and when he stepped on a round of blazing sun and waves, overlooking the void, his eyes were full of incredible!

"What a joke, seventeen nine-branch nails were unsealed at the same time! That was the seal that several adults personally set before leaving! Could it be that traitors were mixed in the holy prison, and some people rebelled?"

Brush ~! With the palm of your hand, a sapphire token appeared in your hand. This is an exclusive emergency communication token inside the holy prison. It is produced by the nine-turned saint personally. It has a limited number of uses and can contact all prison masters through multiple planes!

"Pay attention to all, there are drastic changes on the 19th floor, all the nine nails have been lifted, all of them have played twelve points of spirit, closed all the ascending channels, and stayed in holy prison!"

"Seventeenth floor, what is your situation, such an important thing, is it because your people are out of spirits?"

For a time, when the whole Holy Prison received the news, it exploded instantly!

The last batch of monsters on the 19th floor was released?

"Yue Senior Zhao Tianyu, there are not many people on our side, I will wait for the nineteenth floor immediately!"

In the emergency communication token, there was a voice of pretentious calm that kept the 17th floor prisoner temporarily.

As soon as this remark came out, Zhao Tianyu, the man in the Golden Armor, instantly lost his mind!

If it's not an inner ghost, then the situation may be even worse!

Someone got into Holy Prison? impossible! This is a holy prison, a holy prison that never fails!

Even if the Holy King comes, it is impossible to break in!

"The 16th floor prisoner listens to orders. This seat orders you to immediately mobilize the main force to support the 17th floor. It also authorizes you to have the highest right to life and death. If you have any questions, you can correct the law on your place!"

Zhao Tianyu's order, the highest right to kill and kill, will represent the sixteenth-level prison master and even his own companions. This is the right to be taught only in the most critical situation of the holy prison!

"A group of guys who were beaten into hell, removed from history, gave shameless dog stuff, and wanted to get up too? Just with your broken holy body, what can you do."

Zhao Tianyu sneered at the corner of his mouth, although his expression was dignified, it was far from panic!

History will not repeat the same mistakes. With his cultivation practice of the heavens, plus all prison masters, even all criminals can riot them!

The holy realm of being seriously injured and the holy state of full prosperity are completely different things!


The nineteenth floor of the Holy Prison; the dark void faintly reflected a faint golden light.

Bang ~~!

At this time, a loud roar broke the silence!

The nineteenth floor of the holy prison is here!

Twenty holy realms enter the space vortex, expel the magic energy, and break into the 19th floor!

"Hurry up and find out what's going on?"

"No, all the seals on the other side of the jail are unlocked!"

"There is a fight! It is a sword saint and a group of demons!"

Many powerful people instantly sensed the situation of the 19th floor, and their faces were terrified!


Jianmang was snow-white, slashing across the sky, with a sword spanning hundreds of miles, and Jianwu squinted when he killed a low-level holy demon king.

"Is it finally here, but the order of the little guy Chen Chen hasn't come out, Lao Tzu's life will have to die, and they have to stop them!"

The Holy Power turned the sword, the sword Promise ignited the supreme sword spirit of Jiu Xiao, and the sword was cut across the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

Space roars, swords like dragons roar!

"This person is full of breath and has no time to entangle with him. Let's get to the following situation first!"

The temporary prison master on the 17th floor shouted in a deep voice, and all the holy realm flashed, rushing in the direction of the 17 prisons!

"I will meet you here!"

A Na Xingjing prison guard old man in full bloom with 61 holy caves grinned, struck out with a claw, the white death breath exploded like a star nucleus, crushing the sword Promise the strongest sword in front!

Poof~! boom! boom! boom!

The aftermath exploded, Sword Promise receded rapidly, each foot stepped into the space shaking and shaking, and a sigh came from the throat. The other party raised him by one level. It is extremely difficult to cross the challenge!

"It's just that life and death are complete, and I've been hurt by Laozi's claws. It's kind of interesting, no matter what your origin is, dare to go to holy prison and die!"

In the early days of Na Xingjing, the old prison guard grinned sensibly, and stepped on the soles of his feet.

However, the moment he acted, a cry of a young boy shaking the entire nineteenth floor suddenly sounded!

"Fight! Hit hard!"

Sword Wuji's face was delighted!

It was Lin Chen's voice!