My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1362

Vol 5 Chapter 1362: The Prelude To The War

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Tie Xiaosheng, the 17th floor temporary prisoner, once served as a deputy to the 16th floor prisoner, made outstanding achievements, and was temporarily promoted to the 17th floor temporary prisoner.

At this moment, the moment Tie Xiaosheng took the 18 strong men to circumvent Sword Promise, he suddenly discovered that before the 17 prisons, there stood a young evil demons.

He laughed in the corner of his mouth, the evil spirits and monsters, and his white jade-like face resembled the arrogance of the human race, which made Tie Xiaosheng and other powerful people's faces change!

"Mozu? A Mozu actually sneaked in!"

"Damn things, I will destroy you first!"

The two strong prisoners in Na Xing Realm were furious, taking their fingers as swords, and one finger tearing the void, like Qianlong flying into the sky, pointing directly at Lin Chen!

"No! The nine nails in the prison are gone!"

Tie Xiaosheng's eyes narrowed and his feelings were uncomfortable. With a wave of his hand, he was about to lead the team to pull away, the space was rippling, like a vortex strangling, violently twisting, the two's lore was crushed by the sky!

"Oh? Tie Xiaosheng, I haven't seen it for many years. The little Maotou in those days is now in a state of mind."

A cold laughter echoed, and the two figures left and right, appearing next to Lin Chen.

Sword DomainFang Ling, Sword DomainLang Fanyun!

Seeing the holy power of the two's holy caves fluctuating rarely, Tie Xiaosheng looked terrified, responded swiftly, and swallowed the next immortal medicine, making his 71 holy caves inspire even more holy holy power!

They actually came out! Moreover, even the Holy Cave has recovered a little!

Even if he was seriously injured, this was also the strongest man who was based on the pinnacle of the era.

"All staff listen to the order. In the end of the battle, we must insist on the support of the 16th floor! If we escape here, we will face even more terrible punishment than death!"

Tie Xiaosheng and others waited in strict array, and all the holy caves burst into holy light, like rising stars, hanging from the sky!

Nothing is the super power of the Na Xing realm level, instantly pulling the momentum of the posture, it seems that a row of sun, moon and stars are in front of Lin Chen and others, the momentum is enough to crush countless low-level saints!

The corners of the mouth of the two were raised, disdainful.

Lin Chen opened his arms and turned into a demonic king, laughing awe-inspiringly!

"From now on, hit me, hit hard!"

boom! boom! boom!

In the darkness, ten holy lights are blooming, like the sun, the moon and the sky, the mountains and rivers are reversed, and the darkness and void space of the entire nineteenth floor is completely opened!

A strong silhouette, walking out of the holy light, or the picturesque eyebrows, personable, like the hands of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, such as the king overlord, the imperial conquest!

Or beautiful and immaculate, perfect and flawless, with a smile that reveals the beauty of the gorgeous generation!

Or Yuanzhu Yueli, between the closed eyes, there is the vision of the ten thousand Buddha dynasty, suppress the demons!

Or the tiger's back and waist, the blood is as strong as the ancient relics, and between the exhalation and breathing, it is like a cosmic storm coming, and a storm-like airflow crushes the void.

Or the immortal wind bones, the detached appearance hides the long-lasting killing intent, turning the hands like a vertical and horizontal movement, every move, inducing nine days and ten places, the road roars, and the clouds change color! !

Tie Xiaosheng's pupils shrunk and his heart was trembling!

Thousand domains feast Saint Fei Wushuang, spirit domain white jade fairy Xiao Linger!

Taizhang Longzun in the battlefield Dragon Nine Mountains, and the old burial in the bloodshed Ji Wuchen!

The strongest fortune-teller in the history of the Shenji Pavilion, "Jiang Taixu", and the ice field "Twelve Palaces", Zi Qianyou!

Danyu made Dansheng swift to life, and Heavenly Saints destroyed the twins Sky Ember and Earth Destruction!

There is also "Yi Feiyan", the burning sword of Yanyu, and Shangguan, the "war madness" of Huangyu, is invincible!


Everything is out!

Those who have been written legends by countless saints and admired the existence of legends are all dispatched!

With the exception of Tie Xiaosheng, all Na Xingjing prisoners were trembling and couldn't help but took a step back. What's more, even those who had practiced almost started to spit foam and almost fainted!

Directly scared silly and scared!

Na Xing realm is not weak! A person who can become a powerhouse in Na Xingjing, without discomfort, has great chance, great perseverance, and good luck!

If Lin Chen didn't use the three-piece Ares suit, he wouldn't be able to beat any saints in the Star World!

However, the opponents faced by this group of prisoners simply do not exist on one level!

These dozens of people, during the heyday, just one, they can shoot all of their prisoners from the flip!

Even if the body is seriously injured, the strength of a tiger is still a tiger, can it be challenged by ants?

Bang ~!

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun took the lead to move through the darkness with a sword.

"If you fight, you will rush the fastest. Leave some opponents for Lao Tzu!"

Long Jiushan laughed with wind and thunder, his soles stepped on the void, and shattered thousands of miles of space, like a battle of stars and stars, rushing to all prisoners!

Fei Wushuang and Xiao Ling'er looked at each other, flickering in the shadows, like a white rainbow into the sky!

Tie Xiaosheng bit his tongue and dared to lead everyone to forcibly fight!

A quaint war broke out in no time!

Jiang Taixu, who was dressed in linen, sat down, holding a jade cup, and poured the hot tea, and he laughed and said: "Fortunately, the protagonist brought a lot of good things. The millennium did not taste tea. The old man missed it very much."

When the tea fragrance filled the void, Jiang Taixu tasted a chuckle, and said: "After two breaths, the two on the east side will fight back, and the brother Long Jiushan will relax, and it will not be good to hurt."

"After a rest, Tie Xiaosheng will burn the Holy Cave desperately, and the sword of His Excellency Lang Fanyun will not be too aggressive. How to say it is also the Sacred State of Mind, give some face."

"After three breaths, the four people in the south will start the fight formation method at the same time, input the power of the essence blood with a specific blue-yin treasure energy, and temporarily increase the holy power of the holy cave. Protracted war is possible."

The voice transmission was over, and it didn't take long for Jiang Taixu to make a few words. The entire battle trend was perfectly understood by him, and it was the same! !

His old eyes flashed with sharp sharp edges, deep and long, looking farther and deeper.

Lin Chen is breathtaking!

This is the battle of the pinnacle saints, which is not a crushing battle at all!

In all fairness, his seventeen servants, who had just recovered, even the Holy State of Mind is far behind, not to mention the body with serious injuries, and the pure combat power barely reaches the level of Na Xingjing!

Even so, Lin Chen has not mobilized everyone's strength, let them fight more and less, and still played a full-scale crushing battle!

The same power can exert very different power in the hands of people in different realms!

However, when Jiang Taixu looked at Lin Chen, it was even more mysterious and dignified!

He saw the possibility of being farther away!

A group of arrogant, powerful tigers is not terrible. They are alone, regardless of each other, the strong are all like this.

The scary thing is that this group of tigers has a leader! When a joint operation is launched with the will of the leader, an unprecedented threat will erupt!

Not to mention, this is not as simple as a group of tigers. This is a group of true legendary monsters!

The war of holy prison begins at this moment!