My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1363

Vol 5 Chapter 1363: 3. Let The Madness Come More Thoroughly

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If placed in the past, the possibility of'perfect union' will never exist.

Even if these 17 people are released, they will only fight each other at most, and will never deliberately cooperate with others for some people and some purposes.

But now, with a protagonist who controls all their lives and deaths, what was once impossible will be made possible!

"The hero who can't see the fate...I really look forward to the next history... Haha, if the old man can survive, it will be very interesting to see it in a few years."

In Jiang Taixu's eyes, a rare excitement passed by!

Withdrawing his gaze and tasting a cup, Jiang Taixu poured another cup without looking away from the tea, and said with a smile; "After a breath, the four prisoners in the southwest will be exhausted, and the two will take their hands off. "

The voice just fell-

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The horizontal line of the void pulls out two white, one purple and two knife lights, hitting the necks of the four prisoners who are desperately unable to survive. It is fleeting and clean!

After the white-haired boy "Sky Ember" and a pair of purple eyes "ground destruction" succeeded, he immediately disappeared into the void, like the top killer, and there would be no hesitation and flaws in killing his opponent!

"After three breaths, the enemy will fall into the first round of exhaustion, and you will be handed over to you, Mr. Zi Qianchou."

Jiang Taixu talked and laughed in the wind, the picturesque handsome young man, Zi Qianchou appeared from the sky, palms swirled, the Five Avenue Palace descended from the sky, when released, such as the five ancient ruins suddenly came down, surrounded everyone!

"Fighting fire attack, Tie Xiaosheng had backhand to escape, intercepted from the southwest."

boom! boom! boom!

The entire nineteenth floor of the Holy Prison instantly overturned the sky!

Lin Chen retreated and retreated under the protection of Yu Shengsheng. In this battle, winning is only a matter of time!

"In the past, go to support Senior Sword Promise."

Lin Chen ordered that Dasheng Sheng's "You Wang Sheng" nodded and smiled, "Princess, no problem."

At the end of the speech, You Xiangsheng turned into a streamer and moved out of the sky!

On the other side; Sword Promise does everything possible, with the complete repair of life and death as a Naxing Realm in the war, even if repair is not as good, the fighting momentum is not reduced, such as desperately San Lang, recruiting to fight for life!

"Hahaha, happy! Too happy! I haven't fought such a refreshing battle in a long time. Come, but it's just a life. How dare you shy away, Lord prisoner, a Na Xing realm counsels me that life and death are not possible?"

Sword Promise Sword Straight to the point, abandoning the defense, attacking in all aspects, actually hit that Na Xingjing is impatient and violent!


A sudden burst of spiritual power came, like a world storm sweeping across the sun and the moon, overwhelming the prisoner!

"not good!"

When the other party was about to evacuate, the spiritual storm exhaled a shocking spiritual shock, subverting his spiritual consciousness, and the moment the fault appeared, Jian Wuji killed with a sword!

Poof~! When the tip of the sword condensed by Sacred Force pierced the prisoner's chest, he barely got rid of the control of the spiritual storm. With a stun, he retreated from the sword, and the figure dived into the void, but a palm of his hand suddenly passed through the void, and quietly shot him. The heavens are covered!

Fuck~! Click!

When the Heavenly Spirit Cover was broken, the Holy Cave died together, but the cultivation of Na Xing Realm seemed extremely powerful. The rapidly expanding Holy Cave wanted to force itself to explode, pulling people together to death!

Tear ~! The knife passed, the prisoner's head was in a different place, the holy cave was closed, and he couldn't even explode before he died!

The figures of the sky and the earth extinguished the two, revealing the void, and the prison guard looked dead and muttered to himself.

"How is it possible, Brother Tie Xiaosheng, they lost... so fast..."

When falling, a large number of attribute light **** fell, and when Lin Chen cleaned the battlefield, all were accepted, and the attribute value ushered in an unprecedented surge!

Although he didn't kill it by hand, the falling Nastar Realm Powerhouse has a very high quality attribute.

The prison guard is not like a holy prison criminal who is half-dead and alive, and a saint with no holy power. It is a cultivation practice above Na Xingjing in the heyday!

Lin Chen couldn't ask the seventeen servants to beat them seriously, give the head to themselves, so that they can get more attribute values.

The saints in Na Xing Realm are not vegetarian. In the current situation, the seventeen servants are still seriously injured, and even the injury has not recovered even one tenth. It is ten times harder to control them by force than defeating them without injury.

What Lin Chen wants now is to break through, there is no need to put everyone in danger for the attribute value.

"Is it all here?" Lin Chen looked around the audience.

"Fortunately, it was not a disgrace, and the whole crew was not injured again in the battle."

When Jiang Taixu led the crowd, he shook his head and regretted it.

"It's a pity, let Tie Xiaosheng run away. In the end, the state of mind is not so easy to die. The hero, will you continue to pursue?"

Lin Chen waved his hand: "There is no time to control him. The next time is the war. I still have some gold holy yuan coins on hand, enough to support you to fight out!"

"Right to the hero, this."

Jiang Taixu very faithfully gave Lin Chen the luck sacs of all the prisoners after his death. Twenty luck sacs were full, and the family was extremely rich!

"good stuff!"

Lin Chen opened the air-transplantation capsule, and his eyes lit up!

There are more than a dozen fifth-grade sacristy and three sixth-grade sacristy in these air-transplantation capsules, as well as a large number of gold sacred yuan coins. For Lin Chen and others, they send charcoal in the snow!

"System, break it down for me!"

[Consume 12.3 million points of Heavenly Dao, decompose 19 pieces of fifth-grade sacristy, 3 pieces of sixth-grade sacristy, get the essence value of the set of 960,000 points, 290,000 points, 1.02 million points...

Lin Chen is all broken down, get the essence value of the suit!

Then, he threw the luck capsule into the crowd, one by one, and instructed: "I added a batch of gold holy yuan coins, and I absorbed while moving forward."

Lin Chen raised his head, and his evil eyes gazed at the magical vortex in the void, and said with a smile.

"Go, hit the eighteenth floor! I'm going to play with the big one, let the madness come more thoroughly, and release all the people on the eighteenth floor!"

Everyone's look changed, they looked at each other, and their hearts became more and more excited!

Eighteenth floor...

There are many old friends there!

The protagonist's wave is to fight the holy prison! !

"My mother, I encountered this kind of war as soon as I came out. It was so happy!"

"The protagonist's character is very appetizing to the old man, sharp, full of sharpness, I like it!"

"Fuck the holy prison, I've been holding back for most of my life! I'll **** his grandma, roar!"


The seventeenth floor of the holy prison, the space passage, the powerful menacing descended!

As the first prisoner, Pan Yunlong, Meiyu Rudao, a cold man of forty years old, a cold and ruthless face like a generation of heroes, an iron selfless face, and cold killing.

He was so angry, this murderous intention seemed to slaughter countless saints and demon kings, almost condensed into substance, and the void he walked through actually flew into gray snowflakes!

It is a strong man at the pinnacle of the holy state of mind with 80 holy caves in full bloom!

The strength of this team is quite different from the temporary stationing of the 17th floor. A total of 21 people, each of them, is terrifyingly strong!