My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1364

Vol 5 Chapter 1364: World War

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Then, the panic token in Pan Yunlong's arms lit up.

Pan Yunlong has not yet acted, immediately offering an emergency communication token.

"Boss Pan, we failed to prevent, the whole army was wiped out, I have half my life left, you must be careful! The monsters of the nineteenth floor have all been released by a young demon!"

Inside the token, Tie Xiaosheng's breathless voice made Pan Yunlong and other teams look instantly tense!

The whole army is destroyed?

That's nineteen teams from Na Xing Realm! On the combat power, it is the upper level of the middle row in the holy prison!

What the Holy Prison did not expect was-

Originally, it was entirely possible for Tie Xiaosheng's team to suppress the seventeen players.

However, to their surprise, the injuries of the 17 powerful men will be healed slightly, and even their holy cave will restore a little holy power!

This is completely unexpected!

If it was just released from prison, without any resources, even if you give the 17 powerful men a month to accumulate strength, their prison guards can suppress this sudden situation!

What is even more terrifying is their seamless cooperation and unprecedented collaboration. This group of arrogant characters has never been able to join forces in a unified action!

Each of them was a peerless genius, sage, and if combined together in various fields, whether it is a strong attack, anticipation, consumption, defense, assassination, and other combat methods, they can perfectly match into an unprecedented team!

"It seems that things are a bit serious...can't delay any longer, everyone listens well, rushes to the eighteenth floor at full speed, pulls the battle, takes out all the family members, and fights with them with real swords!"

In Pan Yunlong's eyes, if there is an ancient evil dragon rolling, he is so angry!

"I'm going to see if a group of guys stepping into the gate of a ghost are eligible to escape from this seat!"


The eighteenth floor is overcast, like eternal silence and darkness.


A prison door suspended in the sky was blasted, and a worn-out shirt entered the prison door. After the hands were worn, the old man with a flying spirit, eyes like a pearly holy spirit disillusioned!

Its the Daisheng Dansheng swim to life

"In the came out from the 19th floor?"

In the prison, a man with shackles flickered in the eyes of the old man, and seeing who was coming was full of unbelievable!

"Old man, I haven't seen you in years. Don't come to nothing."

You Xiangsheng smiled, and then said seriously: "Do you want to join forces and fight with the holy prison?"

The late old man was startled!

Last fight with Holy Prison?


To the west, the two prison doors broke, and Fang Ling stood in front of them, standing with two young white-haired men. Although his face was young, his long hair was like snow, and his heart was old.

Only the holy body, there is a perpetual sword awning, like standing sword monuments, triggering an immortal sword spirit that will last forever!

The pupil of Jian Wuji standing behind Fang Ling shrank!

Fang Ling's name is too old. The traces of history have long been banned by the great giant Qing sects, and he has no chance of hearing about it.

But the two people in front of him were famous in the sword field!

The owner of "Eternal Sword Body", Lu Dingtian and Lu Yangtian!

In the peak period, the two, but the Holy Realm Jiuzhong, the super swordsman of the Heaven Realm, one finger can cut the sun and moon stars, and one sword can break the nineth heaven!

Two great men!

The two looked at each other, their faces full of surprise, and they said incredulously-"Senior Fang Ling, how did you come out?"

"Naturally, there is a great opportunity, ha ha ha!" Fang Ling laughed, "how about, should I serve my protagonist as a master and go with me to the holy prison!"


Lu Dingtian and Lu Yangtian were shocked and moved!

What is Fang Ling's identity and cultivation behavior? Throughout the entire sword domain, those who can match it are rare! It was one of the characters who were closest to "Kendo" in those days!

Who should be able to convince him to recognize the Lord? Holy King? Or is the true God coming?

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to team up with me, it's a big deal to move freely with each other, but I can tell you that we are in control of the secret passage here and entrust our lives to us, you still have a line of life, fighting alone, most dying Pull back."

Fang Ling ran with a smile: "All the people on the 19th floor of the holy prison recognize me the same as me, whether you go or stay, you decide!"

The two are even slightly twitched...

what's the situation?

All the powerful people on the 19th floor recognize the Lord?

"Oh, these two must be the arrogance of the ancient sword body, long admiring."

The two old men came out of the air, and Jian Wujie's pupils shuddered!

The old man beside You Xiangsheng is another big man!

The eighth-grade saint-level caster, Jin Wuxia, who was once respected as the'master of the reverse casting'

"Senior Dansheng Sheng is here..."

Lu Yangtian and Lu Dingtian saw this lineup, and they understood it!

I can't afford this battle.


Lin Chen flew to the eighteenth floor of the holy prison, and suddenly, a hoarse and magnetically pleasing voice shouted at him.

"Hello... you are the master in their mouth, right..."

Located in the highest prison on the eighteenth floor, the dark and bright hair is as smooth as a waterfall, the little girl is wearing a ragged shirt, the skin is like snow, and the hands are wearing inconsistent major handcuffs. Shine.

Her long hair covered her face and dragged on the ground. In her hair, her long and soft eyelashes stirred a pair of beautiful eyes.

Lin Chen was shocked!

He is now sheltered by the little shadow shelter, can this little girl find him?

Even more terrifying is that the power of her "Nine Brake Seals" is slowly weakening, as if her seal is being corroded by a strong natural force!

"You are not a Demon Race, the Devil Race can't be overwhelmed by them, hee hee, let me out, I'll help you kill, how?"

The little girl lifted her bangs with her hands, exposing the light brows of the blue sky like a moon, and the small and exquisite appearance showed a different charm.

She licked Zhu Lips, a little strange; "Help me untie the seal and kill one million saints for you, how?"

Brush ~!

A white fairy fluttering like a fairy in white clothes, Xiao Ling'er perceives Lin Chen's position with the "Zhou Tiansheng Si Yin", and rushes to protect Lin Chen's side!

"Princess, this is a humanoid disaster and cannot be easily released!"

Even Xiao Ling'er, who is full of vigilance for this little girl, has a glimpse of the leopard in the tube, showing the terrible place!

Lin Chen lifted his concealment, and the small shadow hovered over his shoulder. He suddenly smiled and said, "What's your name?"

"Me? My name is forgotten, I have been alone since birth..."

The little girl laughed coldly.

"They all call me Disaster of Pain."


boom! boom! boom!

Space shakes, the space of tens of millions of miles of the eighteenth floor of the Holy Prison trembles violently!

A momentum of tearing the sky came from the space above!

Twenty-one beams of light descended from the sky, Pan Yunlong stood alone in front of him, his eyes were as sharp as Zang Wandao, and swept away!

Twenty-one people's face came down, it was extremely exciting!

All empty!

The 18th floor of the holy prison, all 41 prisons are empty!

The world war is about to happen!