My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1365

Vol 5 Chapter 1365: A Melee

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The seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth floors of the Holy Prison. In the war of Luo Yaoer, the three levels of the Holy Prison were all pierced and empty, and today it cannot be completely repaired.

The holy prison criminals that were taken away all became subordinates of the demon clan, and all those who stayed were disdainful and powerful people who were in the company of the devil clan!

Today, the eighteenth and nineteenth floors are all released!

Even so, Pan Yunlong is still standing directly in front of him, squashing the audience and gazing at the world!

His eyes were sharp like swords, and he glanced through the void of a thousand miles at a glance, and quickly scanned the entire eighteenth floor of the vast space!

Pan Yunlong was once ranked as the tenth killer in the Heavenly Sanctuary. When he became famous, he slashed ten million demons and slaughtered one hundred thousand! It is a world-famous murderer with a famous name, and even the eight-ranking sect dare not easily provoke!

He is the strongest person under the main force behind the guarding of the holy prison, and the super strong man who stepped into the heavens with half his feet! This is the strongest existence besides guarding the power of the first layer at this stage!

"Pan Yunlong, don't look for it. If the old man wants to hide the gas engine, can you find it?"

Jiang Taixu laughter spread through the eighteenth floor of the holy prison!

"This voice... is Jiang Taixu!"

"Is this old monster also released..."

Pan Yunlong's two Sacred Mind Powerfuls frowned, and the worst happened!

In battle, the last thing you want to match is a strongest arithmetic operator, a powerful arithmetic operator who can control the entire battlefield if he has a powerful helper!

"Jiang Taixu, don't pretend to be a ghost. If you are in the heyday, this seat will give way immediately, but you are now a life, and you want to escape from the upper layer of the passage of space, and be guarded by this seat, I see you Who dares to show up!"

Pan Yunlong's shoulders were shocked, and the whole body's holy cave turned into a windy dragon and tiger. The visions were mixed, and there were millions of miles of Shengxia, such as the relics of the ancient civilization.

Even behind Pan Yunlong, ten superpowers of the Sacred Mind State, stepped out together, guarded thousands of miles, and projected the 18th floor of the Holy Prison into the magnificent Holy Brightness!

Even many low-level Demon Legions that have just arrived here melted in this endless Holy Light in an instant!

Ten Na Xingjing Peak Prisoners are waiting in line, either holding a high-level holy weapon, or swallowing the Elixir, or urging the hidden world secret method to increase their strength on the spot.

"The coach forced to lead the team, they still need to pretend to be crazy?"

When the joking laughter echoed, an earth-shattering divine power spread the world, and actually stood in court against the prisoner!

After bathing in the endless San Huixia, dozens of silhouettes step out neatly from a shadow avenue!

No one in this group, this team is a mortal!

Yes, the heroic poses hang high and the great shores stand alone, standing like a piercing Lingyun Jiuxiao's peerless gun!

Some are reticent, and their eyes open and close like an electric awn, and the whole body is surrounded by the electric snake's blue Xia Shengli.

Some are chic, screaming and screaming in the divine sacred cave, screaming with endless sonic booms, as if a sacred cave is hiding a genocide storm!

Some qi and blood are exuberant like the eight-armed dragon, and the whole body is disillusioned with the collapse of the virtual images of ancient ancient beasts, such as Qilin, Qilin, and Canglong, and the body seems to be lurking in the body.

Some people are imposing, and their bodies are good at mountains, sun, and moons. The clouds of colorful clouds cover the top of their heads, stacking thousands of mountains and rivers, and mountains and rivers.

Some of them hung nine rounds of blazing sun behind them, and Jin Yan burned the sky, and one round of Yang Yan seemed to be filled with fire, devouring Zhou Tian!

Some are so daring that when their hands are empty, they are like ten thousand swords. They are so strong that no one in the world can match them!

Some of them have vertical and horizontal lines, embrace the chest with both hands, and look at it at a glance, cut off the Void Avenue, divide the sky, and provoke the supreme sword to radiate clank!

Some immortal capitals are flowing, white clouds are floating, and silver hues are scattered all over the sky. They are embellished by snow, and there is a magnificent and cold killer in the gorgeous Fanghua.

Some immortal wind bones, chatting and laughing like a plain old man, but occasionally passing the absolute confidence that Zhizhu is holding.

Throughout the domains of the Holy Realm, it is no longer difficult to find the second such team! !

They are all in the Holy Territory, transcendence, the existence of the ancient and modern!

All prisoners swallowed unconsciously...

Although they are not as easy to be bluffed as Tie Xiaosheng's team, but to fight this group of characters, there will still be a subversive impact on the state of mind!

You know, the criminals from the 17th floor are never the area they guard!

However, at this time, this group of ancient and modern characters, like the stars holding the moon, set off against the evil young people in front of them, with a pair of eyes full of devilish spirits, evil and strange.

"Is it really the Demon Race? How can the Demon Race solve my Nine Seals of Holy Prison?"

When Pan Yunlong was suspicious, he sneered: "Why, then, the iron-clad and arrogant people, finally, knelt down for the Mozu as dogs?"

"Hahaha, Pan Yunlong, use these less to stimulate us, we have more hearts than you!"

Lang Fanyun's whole body was full of knives, with sharp edges exposed, a smile and a thunderous wind!

Fang Ling was very aggressive, and said sharply-"What nonsense with him, all made them!"

"All the orders and goals, pierced the 18th floor of the holy prison, and killed them! No one can go wrong, and I will survive for Laozi!"

Lin Chenling shouted, everyone suddenly moved, all dispatched!

"My demon, you are the first to kill you!"

A strong saint with a sneer, sneered with five fingers at Lin Chen, and the holy force that twisted and twisted like a dozen hurricanes!

Lu Dingtian and Lu Yangtian left and right, flashing to the space in front of Lin Chen. The palms of both hands were flipped and shot. The edge of the ancient sword body was shot like a gyro, and the wind and clouds were cut off, cutting off the void!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The two retreat at the same time, a gloomy glance between the eyebrows, injury is trouble, and even a holy state of mind can beat them back!

"Hahaha, want to move our hero, you are a fart!"

The blood of Longjiu Mountain is activated, the laughter is like thunder, and it is in a half-dragon state. Raising his hand, a hundred acres of dragon claws crushes the mountain and river, and slaps the heads of all the prisoners, and tears the layers of holy light!

Xiao Ling'er and Fei Wushuang teamed up, Fei Wushuang's blushing divine power turned into a holy bow. Xiao Linger took the bow and took the arrow.

Pedal sword Tianhe, where he passed, like two peerless sweeps across the sky, forcing a Sacred Heart's desire to move, when trying to stop the two, the flashing light flashed in the void, making the Sacred Heart State Hanmao upside down!

"The sky is destroyed? Not good, Shuanglong dives into the sea!"

The Sacred State of Mind responded very quickly, with a touch of palm, and the faint blue gleaming like a water dragon, lingering around the body. The aquamarine light enchantment instantly condenses into a barrier!

Dang ~! Dang ~!

The Ssangyong Barrier can withstand the sneak attack of the two of them. Although there was no physical injury, the Sacred Heart Prisoner was scared out of cold sweat!