My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1366

Vol 5 Chapter 1366: Paul.. Protect The Hero?

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After hundreds of thousands of years, that holy state of mind once again felt the fear of death from the previous moment!

too frightening!

The embers are destroyed, these two people are worthy of being the superb evil killer in the Heavenly Sanctuary, and they will kill the Holy Room quietly, perfectly hidden, and they will die if they are not careful!

If they were not injured, the speed was less than one-thousandth of the heyday, he had already been in a different place just now!

"Sure enough, I'm still not used to it..."

"Special period, be patient..."

The duo disappeared from the darkness, the pinnacle of killers, success and failure are often only momentary, either kill the opponent, or expose the action to death.

One blow is impossible, the action just now is enough for the two to be called failure!

Around all directions, in the eighteenth floor of the holy prison, tens of thousands of altitudes are chaotic war circles!

Boom~~! Rumble!

The entire 18th floor of the holy prison, no, it should be said that it is below the 16th floor, the space is trembling, the world is changing color, and the plane is upside down!

In this unprecedented world-shaking battle, only in a very short period of time, the two sides played together, and the inside of the eighteenth floor of the holy prison was turned upside down!

brush! brush! brush!

Eight streamers, like smallpox, surrounded by Pan Yunlong who wanted to act.

They are Dasheng DashengXuyousheng, Hundred Burial EldersJi Wuchen, Zi Qianyou in the Twelve Dao Palace and Qi Feiyan of the Burning Sky Arrow Saint, the invincible Shangguan invincible, and Fang Ling in the sword domain and Dao domain in the sword domain Lang Fanyun and Jiang Taixu are close!

Pan Yunlong is in full bloom with 80 sacred caves, the peak of the sacred state of mind, and another sacred cave will be listed in the heavenly realm.

If it is the heyday, let alone them, the strongmen of the eighteenth floor will not be afraid of him.

But now everyone's holy cave has extremely limited holy power, and they are all seriously injured and fighting alone. No one will be his opponent. To withdraw the enemy without injury, only the strongest group of forces can be dispatched!

"You can't run away."

Pan Yunlong smiled suddenly, holding the void in the palm of his hand, a chopping knife with a flowing cloud, a long mouth spitting a knife, eight feet and eight in length, a knife chopping through the sky!

"Three thousand miles from the southwest!"

Almost when Pan Yunlong drew his sword, Jiang Taixu transmitted seven people, and everyone flew in one direction in an inconsistent way, which was unacceptable!

In the face of Pan Yunlong, Jiang Taixu did not have the previous ease, more dignified and serious.

To account for opponents with higher cultivation bases means greater costs!

"Does Jiang Taixu's hexagram count deduce the power, I want to see if you can predict a few times!"

Pan Yunlong's foot kicked, the crotch under the sky spread out a hundred-foot cloud dragon, lifelike, the mighty dragon, the dragon sound bursts thousands of miles, the sharp and violent splitting, chopping, cutting, starry white mansions like the sun and the moon. , Constantly screaming at eight people!

"On playing knives, you are not qualified yet."

Lang Fanyun sneered, his fingertips crossed horizontally, breaking his knife light again and again, but the other party's momentum was more fierce!

Fang Ling Shengli turned the sword, held it out of thin air, held his head high and cut it down, slashing the monstrous avenue!

"Retreat, don't forget the hero's order!"

When Qi Feiyan's rough voice drank, a burning arrow of the Holy Flame blasted from the sky, and the terrifying pressure of the world was coming from far and near, bursting into the air, as if an arrow broke the world!


Pan Yunlong cut the sword diagonally, splitting the layers of the virtual image of the dragon, and the teeth of the claws were ripped apart by the fierce arrows!

"Hey, let's play with the old man?"

When the laughter echoed, tens of thousands of feet of blood rolled in the sky at an instant, and a **** big hand was found from the thousands of blood waves, and it was smashed into Pan Yunlong's lore, and the aftermath broke away!

Pan Yunlong hasn't given color to the old burial man Ji Wuchen, and a huge, astonishing red cow suddenly stepped into the air, hit the earth and twisted, pushing the sun, moon and stars!

You Xiangshengsheng has one hand, and the azure blue spiritual net holds all the illusions, covering Pan Yunlong's position!

The earth-shattering battles were inseparable. Pan Yunlong's battle circle became the most terrible battle area, and no one dared to get close.

Although the eight powerful people can touch him, they can't help Pan Yunlong. They actually restored their cultivation behavior, but they are about Na Xingjing.

If he had to rely on his great attainments in various fields and his understanding of each realm, the infinite fighting experience he had accumulated had to be accompanied by a Jiang Taixu deduction of the fighting trend, in order to involve a Pan Yunlong.

It is impossible to do better than any team from Na Xingjing!

"There is too little time to recover. Although we have a large number of people on this side, each one is seriously injured to the point of dying. The surface cannot be seen. Once injured, it is like a tight string, and it may break in an instant. If it wasnt my order, they would have been desperately long..."

Lin Chen had a glimpse of the entire fighting trend, and the current trend has a somewhat equal taste.

If you force a **** battle, you will have a chance to tear open a mouth and be close to the space passage of the eighteenth floor, but the problem is that there will inevitably be deaths, and not one or two!

"Everyone on the eighteenth floor of the Holy Prison has already come down to me, and I have given my life and death. Since that is the case, I can't let them have an accident. Let me break this breakthrough! It's just that my three-piece God of War has been It's been brewing for a long time!"

Lin Chen aimed at a prisoner who was at the pinnacle of starry realm, flashing a tremendous war intention!

Na Xing Jing Pinnacle, this kind of existence, was once a giant on the high, you can kill him with one finger!

But now, it is possible to break the situation by repelling a Na Xing realm or above!

Lin Chen constantly urged the magic mark of the palm, making his disguise more realistic, so that he would not reveal the flaws when he next shot.

Between the rising of the magic energy, two huge horns grew, and a huge red tail shook out from the back, and he became more and more like a giant troll!

Even more terrifying is that the pure power of Lin Chen at this moment has begun to soar!

100 billion dragon power, 15 trillion dragon power!

20 trillion dragon power! It is still going on!

Lin Chen finally urged the Ares three-piece suit. His strength was in a straight line, and he broke through 40 trillion dragon power!

Once, with 10 trillion dragon power, he broke the space boundary of the Wanbao secret realm with one foot, and repelled the possessive body of Haotian Saint King!

Now, his pure power has reached the critical value of 70 trillion dragon power, still high! !


Lin Chen broke into the void, flashing like a divine light, urging pure power to crush away at full speed!

"The wounded step back, let me come!"

Lin Chen shouted at Jin Wuxia, who was fighting fiercely!

When Jin Wuxia subconsciously retreated by his orders, his face was startled again!

"Princess, how can you put you in danger..."

Lu Dingtian and Lu Yangtian slammed at the same time, spread all over the battlefield!

"Quick protect the hero!"

Sigh~! Bang~! Bang ~~!

The terrible explosion sound reverberates!

There was a momentary dim light between heaven and earth, and the top star prisoner of Naxing Realm, who blocked several people, looked up and spit blood, and fell down!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Paul... protect the hero?

This... this is too fierce!

The hero still needs protection?