My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1367

Vol 5 Chapter 1367: I Have A Punch Destroy The World

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If not in a fierce battle, many strong men fear that their jaws will have to fall to the ground!

A boxing retreat to the pinnacle of Starland!

What is this concept?

You know, everyone knows more or less Lin Chen's details!

Their protagonist was in his early twenties, and the saint's tribute was about threefold!

Even if he has a more dazzling foundation in the spiritual realm and the physical refining realm, it can be completely different from the Na Xing realm!

The saint triple repels the saint seven peak?

Where the **** is this monster! He didn't even step into the cave!

It would not be possible to do so with any wizard from the monster list who has not entered the cave-enlarging realm!

"Lao Tzu was called a monster of thousands of epochs. Today, I saw the hero's heroic attitude, and I knew what a real monster..."

"Compared with the protagonist, we are afraid that they are not as good as one-hundredth of a horse..."

"I really didn't follow the wrong person! I was full of enthusiasm at that time, like the principal, I was still there"

One boxing retreat to the pinnacle of the starry realm, Lin Chen's momentum is like a rainbow, and the devil's spirit is so violent, he blocked his God of War majesty. The three-piece God of War majesty is too unique and very recognizable. Lin Chen must be Pretend to be an'Emperor Troll' who only relies on strength!

"Sculpture Demon Race?" Pan Yunlong's pupils shuddered, and then suddenly heard everyone: "Keep him from this block, don't let him approach the space channel!"

"Don't let these people get close to the protagonist, open up a way for the master to open up! Then follow the original plan!"

Jiang Taixu told everyone that everyone's fighting trend started around opening up a path for Lin Chen, and the atmosphere quietly changed!

[The host obtains 1.1201 billion advanced blood, 1.230 billion advanced essence, and 50.1 million advanced thunder energy...]

Lin Chen easily collected a large number of attribute values dropped by the other party, shaped like a flash of lightning, flashing again and again, straight through the heavy encirclement!

Each plane of the holy prison was created by different holy kings and reinforced by the supreme true god. If you want to leave this place, you can only get a passage of space. In addition, even if you tear the space, you cant jump away. Space in the plane of the holy prison.

There is only one space channel, that is, the giant space door upwards, whether it is attacked or unblocked. Only by opening the space channel upwards can we move on to the next level!

Luo Yaoer only left Lin Chen to open the lower space seal, but not Lin Chen when she returned, because she was the bottom of the dive holy prison, she directly hit it, no follow-up at all. s method.

"Careful hero!"

Jin Wuxia saw Lin Chen playing directly in front of him, secretly screaming and moving, following Lin Chen, the whole body's holy cave condensed only a few divine powers, turning into golden awns to shine, the indestructible Gengjin holy spirit was like a dragon Qi, surrounded Lin Chen in a magnificent way, protecting him strictly!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

A giant palm of energy tears across the sky, tearing the flawless Gengjin qi of Jin into pieces, and the sky fades in an instant!

"Really think of yourself as a savior?"

A sneer sounded, and a snow-clad man in a jade robe traversed the distance of Lin Chen, imposing like a giant ancient Buddha, and the surrounding space was trembling!

boom! boom! boom!

Behind Lin Chen, the vast mountain of St. Xia hit the mountains like a sea. The pinnacle of Na Xingjing, who was previously repelled by Lin Chen, was killed again at this time. Jin Wuxia was forced to fight and his face was pale!

"The protagonist is careful! This person is the sacred state of mind blooming 71 holy caves!"

Jin Wuxia hurriedly drank!

"Is the 71 Sacred Heart State blooming in the Holy Cave..."

Lin Chen breathed out a breath, his fighting intentions rose, and awe-inspiringly issued a death order to everyone through the "Zhou Tian Sheng Yin Yin"!

"Don't because I disrupted your fighting rhythm, a Sacred Heart State can't stop me!"

Lin Chen's command was domineering, with a trace of whoever wanted me, the domineering world!

For a time, the people of the riots settled down again!

In the electric light and flint, Lin Chen shrouded under the body of the devil qi, and his armor, leg armor, and Jin Hui of God of War were restrained, destroying the mountains and rivers, and crushing the dragon and qi of Qiankun from his body. Start to breed, skyrocket, merge!

A wave of invincible supernatural powers that exploded into the heavens and the world, flying soaring, Lin Chen's eyes flashed like a **** of war, breathing and exhaling, set off a galaxy-like global storm, blowing the crystal wall of space fragmented , The light dissipates!

Its pure power is so powerful that even the two-story servants who are well-informed are shocked!

The pure power of their protagonist suddenly began to soar to 150 trillion dragon power!

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth overflowed with a trace of blood!

"Is 160 trillion dragon power going up, is it starting to approach the limit..."

At this moment, Lin Chen's power has climbed closer to the limit that can be endured by the mortal body of the flesh shell and the holy cave and the spiritual realm!

His doppelganger immediately transplanted more sacred healing items from Qingxue planting capsules, such as Ruri Bodhi, Long Qingguo, Sheng Peach, Dragon Blood Spit, Sansheng Huimengzhi, etc., any healing All his holy things are absorbed by his brain!

"It's a weird Demon Race, the power of overdraft comes at a price, you don't have this opportunity!"

The battle of the Holy Realm changes rapidly, and the seemingly complicated process actually occurs in an instant.

"Hell Burial Devil's Claw!"

The lonely edge seemed to come from hell. When the Pentium condensed, five green and white claw marks exuded the atmosphere of the world. Rolling Pentium, a thousand blows, destroyed Lin Chen!

If you put it in the outside world, this claw can break through the peak of the Star Realm, and even seriously fall in a moment!

"Hahahaha! Come on! I have a punch, destroy the world!"

When Lin Chen was full of pride, when he laughed wildly, he punched out!

Boom! boom! boom! boom!

With one punch, subvert the universe of time and space!

Where the fist wind passed, thousands of miles of space exploded in succession, forming a terrible storm of golden light rotation. The center of the storm was enough to absorb all the light and light between the world and the sky, and it could not escape the space where the fist wind passed. !

Sigh~! Bang ~! !

Between the two sides, a cloud of mushrooms blasting through the heavens and the earth exploded.

The aftermath of the explosion along the way overturned many prisons, such as the hurricane crossing, destroying everything!

The space is broken like a cobweb, tens of thousands of miles along the way, a transformed space channel is smashed, and the holy state of mind is repelled by thousands of steps!

Lin Chen's price is also not small, his right arm is bloody, almost lost consciousness, and his injuries are not small.

However, the corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose faintly, and his goal was achieved!

"Sure enough it's a bit of a ghost..."

The Yupao man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then sneered, "Even so, you can't break through. As long as this seat is still here, you don't have this possibility!"

"Yes, yes, you won, you are so handsome, you are hanging, you are a stupid hanging."

Lin Chen smiled and gave him a thumbs-up, then backed away bizarrely!


The jade robe was shocked!

Not only that, all the strongmen of the eighteenth and nineteenth floors, except for the eight in the Pan Yunlong battle circle, all the staff retreated!

At the next moment, the Yupao man turned back suddenly, his pupils shrunk!

But see, before the entrance of the closed space channel, a ray of shadow sneaked into the void and left, leaving a little girl with long black hair and bright eyes. The jewel-like eyes flashed a strange light. When a slight smile, all prisoners were shocked!

is her! The painful disaster that even the saints of the sixth and seventh revolutions dare not touch easily!