My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1368

Vol 5 Chapter 1368: The Painful Disaster Erupted And Successively Slaughtered

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Chapter 1368 The painful disaster erupts, killing the saints one after another!

Lin Chen attacked positively, but pretended to be attacked. His main follower was this little girl!

This little girl is the only one who cant control life and death with Zhou Tian Yin Yin!

She is also the entire holy prison, the only existence that can gradually gradually disintegrate the Nine Seals!

Things that even the 19th-floor giants can't do!

"Quick withdrawal!"

Everyone has a good heart, they are ready for the offensive, and the moment they delay the other party, they retreat one after another, crossing the void and stepping away!

"He actually released this monster! Is this Demon Crazy!"

Pan Yunlong, who has always been calm and calm, and Taishan collapsed in front of him, is as cold and ruthless as a blood-red owl, but at the moment it looks like a ghost!

He knew that the eighteenth-level prison was completely empty, but he didn't carefully investigate the highest prison!

Because the detainees there cannot be called people at all! It's a natural disaster!

"Hee hee, you shut me up for so long, but helped me a lot. I will give you a small gift."

The dark-haired little girl smiled eccentrically, and the delicate palm pushed the void slightly away, and a plume of green, gray, and black aerosol, like the wind and the clouds, suddenly covered the sky and covered the sky!

The prisoner realized afterwards that he had no time to retreat, and he was enveloped by the endless fog, as if even the space was rapidly corroding, dying, or even turning into a vacuum!

"Do not"

"It's a really painful disaster, crazy! This Demon Race is really crazy!"

"Brother Yunlong, save us..."

Some of the pinnacles in the pinnacle of Na Xing Realm failed to withdraw from the safe area. They were caught by invisible magic hands, the Holy Force dissolved, and the Holy Cavern died!

In less than dozens of breaths, their entire body began to shed, peel off, and flesh flesh like a snake!

This scene is extremely infiltrating!

Na Xingjing, but a saint standing on the top of the Holy Order! Put on the Sixth Grade sect, it is the supreme elder level!

Putting on the seventh grade sect is also a prestigious existence! Even the eight-grade sect can occupy a seat, not to mention the existence of the pinnacle of Naxing Realm!

However, at this time, ten full Na Xingjing peak prisoners are gradually moving towards death!

A gust of wind blew through, like a bone scraper, corroding their divine power into nothingness, the divine cavity was dim and festering, flesh and blood bursting and even bubbling green!

The five Sacred Heart Prisoners, including the previous jade robe, were also suffering!

The black and ink lines entwined their necks and even the whole body like snakes.

However, the vitality of the Sacred Mind State is more powerful. It protects its lifeline from death to death. There is no danger of complete death, but the pain of this life is not as good as death, enough to make any Sacred State crazy.

Seeing this scene, the strong men of the eighteenth floor of the holy prison couldn't help but feel numb for a while!

"This is the first time Lao Tzu has seen the disaster of suffering, this breath is really terrible..."

"When I think about it, this kind of existence is actually imprisoned on the same level of the holy prison. Now think about it, it's really life without death!

"Without the strength of the heyday, I am afraid that the outbreak area in the painful disaster will be quite miserable..."

"This may be more terrible than the painful disasters of all generations in history! She has been imprisoned for so long, beyond her cognition!"

When the small shadow returns, Lin Chen takes it one hand at a time and returns it to Qingxue.

Looking at the distance, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and secretly panicked.

"This is the plague of pain..."

The world is as big as anything. Thousands of people stand in abundance, and they are extremely blessed, and they have their own luck.

All things in the world have their fate, and even disasters are no exception.

When disasters gather together, they will gather spirits and become bodies. Although the human race is the weakest among all races, it is known as the primate of all things. When disasters gather together, they will become human races.

In the history of the human race, there have been very few cases of human race disaster.

The birth of the "human disaster" integrates all the bad luck, bad luck, and disaster luck between heaven and earth. From birth, it will become the center of all disasters and the source of all suffering.

Smallpox, evil ghost mark, rotten corpse poison and so on!

These near-unsolvable, extremely deadly epidemics of the sage's death are concentrated on one body, and as soon as they appear, they will cause unprecedented disasters in the world!

In the future, future generations will call this kind of existence a'painful plague'!

It is symbolized as the source of the starting point of all sufferings, if the Rui Beast is a surprise to the souls from the world. The "painful plague" is the anger that heaven and earth have fallen!

When the painful disaster was born, the breath of existence was a hundred thousand miles away, which could make the existence under the war emperor contaminated into blood!

The Emperor Warrior, if it is close to thousands of miles, can't even hold a breath, it will corrode the internal organs and turn into powder and die!

Even if the sage is approaching, blood will fall on the spot!

What's more, it's just that the larvae have such awesome power. Anyone who suffered in the past, as long as they exist in the world, will cause countless disasters in the world and take away countless lives!

Regardless of whether the host is subjective or not, the existence of the "pain of suffering" itself, once each period erupts, will relentlessly reap all life in the world!

Since then, the disaster of suffering has become the fear of the various races between heaven and earth. The dragon race once battled with the human race for several times with the ``human race brings the most terrible disaster in the world''.

The history of the suffering disaster is extremely long and rare.

Moreover, there will be only one plague of pain from any era. As long as the current plague of pain does not die, there will never be another disaster born.

And a history dating back to the ancient times, the human race's "painful suffering" seems to disappear forever, no longer born.

But the truth is that it has not disappeared! !

The host of the painful disaster was the powerful shot of that year, suppressed under the holy prison!

However, such existence does not allow humans to suppress it. Even if it is suppressed, the power of'disasters' will accumulate and increase every day!

In order to prevent the endless killing of "painful disasters" from continuing to emerge, the senior men of the Holy Realm chose a way to cure the symptoms and not cure the symptoms, imprisoning the last "humanoid disaster" at that time!

The result is the sight in front of you!

There is no doubt that this'little girl' has surpassed any painful disaster in the past and has grown to a powerful level that is unprecedented and no one can estimate!

If you put it in the outside world, put her inside any Qipin or even Bapin sect, and within a moment, the corpse will be everywhere, and the saint will die!

Sigh~! Sigh~! Sigh~!

After a burst of smoke, a peak of Na Xing Realm could not support it first, and died into a pile of holy skeletal bones.

You know, the prisoners who died on the nineteenth floor are only the first to enter the Star Realm. Most of the holy caves opened are between 61 holy caves and 64 holy caves!

And Na Xingjing, who followed Pan Yunlong, is all 70 holy caves, characters in the holy state of mind!

Then, two, three, four!

It's like a bamboo shoot!

The existence of the extremely difficult to kill in the past, the strong man in the peak of Na Xing Realm, at this time fell at a hairy speed!

All the prisoners of the Holy Prison saw a strong dawn!

The hope of rushing out of the holy prison is getting stronger!