My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1369

Vol 5 Chapter 1369: Give It A Shot First

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1369 Chapter 1369

Time went by a little bit, back to the time when Lin Chen negotiated with the Disaster of Pain.

The seal of life and death of Zhou Tian was implanted into the spiritual origin of the soul with the seal of spiritual life and death, but this little girl has nothing but form and consciousness, but no spiritual origin. Lin Chen penetrated into her spiritual consciousness, more like a mess of chaos and boundless Endless storm!

As the legend says; a humanoid disaster. Strictly speaking, this little girl is not a complete life!

Lin Chen said: "You said that you can now fully control your own power, right?"

The black-haired little girl nodded, "Well, I can freely control the burst of the main body's energy."

"I already, I don't want to stay here anymore. I want to find an opportunity to die completely. Being imprisoned here and enduring endless years is a boring thing. Death is a relief, isn't it. Even if I go out, Even if I want to hide in the corner of the world, your human race will kill me with a slogan that is bright and grand."

The little girl's tone was a bit lonely, and then he smiled and said: "You are different from others, you look at my eyes, there is no fear, you can kill me, right."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "Yes, I will let you out, but without my order, you can't act without permission. If you violate the agreement, you will lose a chance."

"Princess, never!"

Xiao Linger quickly blocked!

The dark-haired little girl ignored Xiao Ling'er, her beautiful eyes shone like black light, and asked curiously, "What opportunity?"

Lin Chen looked directly at the little girl in the prison and smiled.

"A chance to leave the holy prison, a chance to truly return to the ordinary, not to be chased by all creatures."


The shackles fell to the ground, and when the nine-brain seal was lifted, the little girl stared staringly at the person in front of her eyes.

Return to the ordinary... Can I also return to the ordinary?


"The protagonist is really not afraid of the sky, and dare to let go of the suffering."

"It is indeed a terrifying crazy move, but if used properly, our chances of breaking out of the holy prison will be greatly increased!"

"To break through the holy prison, we have to face the strong, far beyond this team, if we can help with the painful disaster, our success rate will increase greatly!"

The eighteenth-floor powerhouses gathered in the marginal space of the eighteenth floor, supporting the endless holy light to protect Lin Chen.

When they looked at Lin Chen's gaze from time to time, they were full of awe and admiration, and they admired Lin Chen's admiration to a higher level!

Although Lin Chen can control the life and death of these powerful men, it does not mean that they can control their thoughts and consciousness. The performance of Lin Chen's previous battle has exceeded all their expectations and cognition!

Strength is always the only way to express truth and the best way to convince others!

Bang ~!

Pan Yunlong controlled Baizhang Yunlong and traveled thousands of miles. When he passed the layers, he seemed to have been seen through his actions. Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun cut out another sword and killed him in midair!

"Damn, all save people!"

Pan Yunlong drank cold and angry, and many of the prisoners in the Sacred Heartland who had not fallen into the encirclement circle only had to gritt their teeth, so that they could use all their defensive skills and rushed into the area covered by the suffering disaster!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed!

He waved his hand abruptly, "Come on, when they save someone, it's when we break through!"


The poison mist dissipated and faded like a tide. From the direction of Lin Chen and others, a hundred-foot wide space avenue was opened. There was no poison gas in it and it led directly to the space door!

The black-haired little girl and Lin Chen looked at each other across the air, Lin Chen smiled and gave her a thumbs up!

The little girl spit out the lilac tongue slyly, so cute.

If it were not in the tide of disaster and poison, it would be no different from the innocent girl outside.

Everyone immediately followed Lin Chen's footsteps, all swept towards the opened space avenue, and rushed to the 17th floor of the giant space door!

There are tens of thousands of celestial symbols in the sky, and the layers of disillusionment of the voids are intertwined with the huge door of the entire space, such as the remains of the ancient civilization.

A huge space gate, the enchantment is so powerful that it is far more than any other saint in the world!

"How to open this upward space channel?"

"Lao Xia, your space Dafa should come in handy!"

"With a hair, the old man's strength recovers a bit, use a ghost space Dafa!"

Facing the giant door of space, the powerful people have a little helpless taste.

"Spark off! Give it a kick, so much!"

Lin Chen shouted, everyone hurried away, a faint divine light flashed by!

Sigh~! Bang~! !

The ultimate divine power penetrating heaven and earth condensed a little, and suddenly bombarded the space giant door, shaking and shaking, the door crack opened a gap of more than ten feet!

Seeing Lin Chen raising his legs and closing his legs, the strong men's mouths widened, and their jaws almost fell to the ground...

This protagonist is too kicked the huge door to the upper space!

There should be no ambiguity when it is time to do it!

"Still dumbfounded! Your chief and chief are not handsome at this time, hurry up."

Lin Chen waved his hand, and everyone was excited, and a brain burst into the silver-white space channel above.

Long Jiushan, famous for his fighting violently, patted Lin Chen's shoulder as he sighed.

"Protagonist, you are too fierce!"

Lin Chen smiled slightly, showing confidence in her confidence.

"I have more fierce."


The dark-haired little girl turned into a dark sky, left the poisonous fog area, and saved the direction of shooting Pan Yunlong!

Pan Yunlong's time was creepy, and there was a sense of crisis that was targeted by Honghuang's relics!

Black Mist condenses into a slender jade hand, flashing a strange black awn, and shoots with a steep palm!

Pan Yunlong's blade was blocked, and he was faced off!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The black mist exploded, and the newly formed slim hand was shredded into nothingness, but it successfully covered the retreat of Jiang Taixu and others!

"Do you want to play with me too?"

The black mist was surging, and a slender and exquisite clear shadow emerged. The long black hair was vertical like a waterfall, and the soft hair reflected the girl's smile.

The horror of the painful disaster is that the top saints are also unpredictable against the poisonous storm, and their frontal combat capabilities are slightly inferior.

Even so, Pan Yunlong did not dare to be careless!

It is not the criminals imprisoned, its power is the growing monster in the holy prison!

In terms of the degree of threat, it is not an exaggeration to confine it to the 19th floor!

It was held in the 18th floor in order to facilitate the prisoners on the 17th and 19th floors to support the 18th floor for the first time. If there is any movement, the strongest power can be instantly condensed to suppress it!

"Nizi, come back!"

When Lin Chen's voice came, the little girl's body shook, Qianbi Bibo circulated, and quietly disappeared.

"Want to run?"

Pan Yunlong was so angry, his eyes flashed!