My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1370

Vol 5 Chapter 1370: I Spend My Days In A Mad Song Who Is Flying And Domineering

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Chapter 1370, I'm Taking A Fantastic Day Towards A Fantastic Day!

Just want to copy the guy to continue to pursue, but came the screams of subordinates!

"Brother Yunlong, save me! I'm almost done. I don't want to die like this!"

"Brother, save people first!"

No matter whether it was Na Xing Realm or the Sacred Heart State, everyone shouted Pan Yunlong.

"Damn, shut up!"

Pan Yunlong was so angry that his sword was flying, and he was violently killed in the poison tide. He didn't plan to let Lin Chen and others go!

On the other side; Lin Chen let the little shadow hide his own avatar, and after taking all the attribute light **** dropped by the fallen prisoner, all entered the space channel except the last eight!

At this time, within the eighteenth floor, the last eight strong men saw Pan Yunlong's death chase, and immediately waited in a strict array, dignified.

"After I break, you go first."

At this moment, the handsome and free Qi Feiyan blocked behind the crowd and smiled lightly.

"After that, the protagonist's safety will be given to you."

Everyone on the 19th floor was shocked!

"Qi Feiyan, don't you use real cultivation?"

"Don't be crazy, you will die!"

Qi Feiyan laughed a few other people from time to time, "Hahaha, the true cultivation cannot be played naturally, but it is still possible to deal with the peak of a Sacred Mood."

Bang ~! !

The glow of Qi Feiyan's holy cave was flowing, and the red Santa Xia danced in a flurry. The temperament of Qi Feiyan's entire person was constantly transforming, and the shawls of hair were flying, like a swaying firework.

There were ten groups of red sun burning violently beside him. The high temperature permeated the entire eighteenth floor of the holy prison. It was awe-inspiring, burning all the poisonous mist!

Qi Feiyan stretched out his hand, and within ten rounds of the red sun, a lot of red xiaxia violently overturned, and finally he pulled out a hundred-footed red arrow!

The tip of the arrow flows through the terrible sharp edge of the earth, as if it was made from a round of red sun above Jiuxiao. The burning temperature makes the seven people standing beside him feel a violent heat. sense!

Ten regiments of Chiyang ignited into fiery waves like dragons, and transformed into a vast red bow of Shengwei, which was born in the sky and was held by Qi Feiyan!

He took Chiyang as a bow, Chixia became an arrow, Qi Feiyan came from the foot of the fire, and when he leaned forward to pull the bow, he fluttered and Chixia surging, it can be described as extraordinary, like a generation of gods!

Qi Feiyan's mouth was constantly bleeding, but he laughed with pride!

"I've spent my days in a mad song, and who is the hero!"

"This arrow is Qi Feiyan I gave to the protagonist's recognition of the Lord!"

Choke~! Hey~! !

The ultimate sound of wind breaking is like a sonic boom, decayed, and a scent of Cabernet Sauvignon rises from the horizon, infinitely magnified, magnified, and eventually becomes the most dazzling light between heaven and earth!

The seven strong men who retreated shook their hearts!

came back!

The Burning Sky Arrow Saint of Yanyu is back! The charm of this arrow is like that!

This one arrow can stretch across thousands of miles, one arrow can smash the world, one arrow burns to the sky, undefeated like a god!

Pan Yun's dragon skin aimed at Chi Gong was blown up, as if locked by the sharpest sharp edge in the world. The instincts of life are constantly warning!

Bang ~~! !

On the eighteenth floor of the Holy Prison, a dazzling radiance of Cabernet Sauvignon broke out and filled the Holy Prison!


After a quarter of an hour.

"This little boy looked at them..."

Pan Yunlong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, stepped into the air, and gasped like a cow.

His chest, holy caves are full, holy bones are broken, and there is a scar of fist size directly in front of him, which directly penetrates his holy body, which is shocking!

A real dragon is always a real dragon. Even if the dragon swims in the shoal, it is always a real dragon!

Qi Feiyan's arrow almost made him fall on the spot!

It is a pity that he is the pinnacle of the Sacred Heart State, the Sacred Heart will not be broken, and the body will never die!

"This group of dog thieves can't run away, and will kill them later!"

"It's not that simple. You have to face the entire holy prison's masters and prison guards. What can you do with your mortal body! Later I will come to the front and back, and you will all die! "

Pan Yunlong closed his knife and rescued his subordinates by entering the poison tide.

Within the space channel;

Lin Chen gave a thumbs up to the black-haired little girl, hehe laughed.

"You can get rid of the seven peaks of Na Xing Realm at the first shot."

The dark-haired little girl smiled happily with her hands on her hips: "Don't forget your promise."

"It's okay. After that, you can eat lollipops."

"What is a lollipop?"

"That's what men like to invite girls to eat."


When the people were relieved, the last seven people caught up with the big troops. Lin Chen saw Qi Feiyan's coma and immediately changed his face.

"what happened?"

The seven looked at each other and couldn't help laughing.

Jiang Taixu said: "He has liberated a little strength in order to break it, and now the wound has cracked again. Although his life is worry-free, it is impossible to fight."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that it was no wonder that the retreat was so successful. This Pan Yunlong did not catch up. It was Qi Feiyan's handwriting!

"Take good care of him, none of you can die, all must survive to return to the Holy Realm!"

When Lin Chen handed Jiang Taixu a ring, he scolded everyone. Everyone looked at each other and laughed heartily.


The time passed slightly, when the eighteenth floor was overwhelming.

Nineteenth floor, deeper.

Bang ~~!

The space entrances of several magic caves have suddenly expanded. What is different from the past is that this time it is no longer a low-level holy demon king, but a group of demons who have turned into humanoids!

A young man headed, with a pale and beautiful face, a flying sword and eyebrows, a high nose bridge, and a courageous manner. When the corners of his mouth are raised, he is like a handsome, undusting and handsome son.

But, weirdly, his white neck and neck suddenly cracked a gap, and turned an off-white eye, glancing around, like living creatures!


The magic snake with the rising spirit reveals the snake letter, which is derived from the sides of his shoulders. Evil is strange. Ten gray eyes are closed from the cheeks and neck of the teenager and the open eyes. It is extremely strange!

Ten powerful demons stood quietly beside him, dared not make a sound, and the atmosphere dared not breathe!

After a moment, the boy Lang Lang smiled.

"Well, the concubine's vision was really good. There was a war here. Those humans imprisoned here are gone."

"The female demon took away a group with good strength. Although this group of people left behind is not as powerful as the previous group, the group with the most potential, um, disappeared at the same time, it seems to be a prison break."

The teenager looked up at the nineteenth floor sky and smiled slightly.

"If you lose the nine-brake seal, they will have a plate of food at your fingertips. If you get this group of bodies, my family can continue to advance one step ahead."

"The kings, go see the good show with the emperor, the best..."

When the ten eyes opened from the boy's forehead, the boy laughed with a wicked smile.

"Best, can bring people back."