My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1371

Vol 5 Chapter 1371: Sleep You Paralyzed Hi

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"System, are you sure."

[The search for the host has been completed. This volume is the Painful Disaster recorded in the Volume 980 of Tuosheng. You can transfer the fortune of the disaster to the Qiyun Spirit Plant. This Spirit Plant will become an unprecedented disaster plant.

[Please note to the host: Regarding the Disaster of Pain, all records are theoretical and have different effects and risks than actual implementation.

Lin Chen has the confidence to turn the "painful suffering" into a true harmless spiritual form!

Although the black-haired little girl can control the body's power freely, it is not absolute control. After losing the nine-brake seal, a large-scale disaster will still erupt after a period of time. Once released to the outside world, it is indeed a living creature!

Everything has its own turning point, one drink and one peck. When Lin Chen released her, he had determined that the records of Tuo Sheng had been in contact with the last suffering disaster.

Tuosheng is good at documenting the characteristics and characteristics of other racial creatures. He had a deep enough understanding and research on the "pain of pain", but unfortunately it has not been implemented yet. The previous painful disaster was siege by the human race.

"Hopefully, if this little Nizi can become a harmless spirit body similar to that of the Void Thunder Pond, I am equivalent to bringing a super strong person with me!"

The dark-haired little girl is different from Lin Chens other servants. Even if he can lead the people to kill and return to the Holy World, they will not be able to help Lin Chen for a short time.

One is identity. Their identities cannot be seen. Otherwise, the senior officials of the Holy Prison will know that his Lin Chen will be copied in the first place.

The second is strength. The Holy Prison is imprisoned for countless epochs. After fighting with a large number of demons, their cultivation and the Holy Body are weak to a very low level, and they must be well rested.

The third is resources. The identity of the people cannot be seen, which means that they want to obtain resources to restore their wounds. It is extremely difficult to cure their injuries. There are hardly many ways and opportunities to obtain them.

Secondly, he wanted someone to cure them based on his Lin's medicine refining skills, but he couldn't cure them completely, and at most he could delay their injuries and make up for their divine power.

Even though Lin Chen has the great authority of the refining medicine like the sacred mortal saint, "One is that a clever woman can't cook without rice, and the other is that he can't show his strength in refining medicine, and he can't make a top-notch medicine by dragging his body. Holy dan.

Therefore, on the whole, Lin Chen's breakthrough can finally be brought out, and the combat power can be used immediately. Only the dark-haired little girl, of course, can't be exposed.

She kills the starry sky like picking grass and mustard, and takes this big guy with you, its exciting to think about it!

When Lin Chen looked forward, Jiang Taixu suddenly said.

"Princess, we are at the 17th floor entrance."

Lin Chen's spirit was rejuvenated, his fists were motivated, his fighting intentions rose, and he shouted, "All of you, ready to fight!"

"The gang of **** must be thinking of making dumplings and hitting them back and forth. Hey, then we will give them a center to bloom and bloom. Later, if they fight, they will delay the time!"

All the strong men are waiting in line, everyone's guess is the same!

They only passed the first level!

Next, there is the strong man of the entire Holy Prison!

Lin Shuai forced his lips to go up frantically.

"When you want to get in front of Lao Tzu and then back to Lao Tzu?

Seventeenth floor of the Holy Prison!


Ripples appeared in the space, Lin Chen and his team descended!


"This... Brother Tie Xiaosheng, haven't they returned?"

Perceiving the arrival of the crowd, the expression of only four prisoners left on the 17th floor has changed!

"Everyone listens to the order and supports the 16th floor. It is necessary to suppress all criminals in the 16th floor!"

At this time, the four prison guards received urgent summons. The four looked at each other and immediately opened the giant door of the space, leading to the 16th floor of the holy prison!

The main forces of the holy prison are all mobilized to the sixteenth floor of the holy prison!


Long Jiushan and Ji Wuchen were standing in front of them. When they were standing by, the crowd found that the entire 17th floor of the holy prison had no prisoner except the dark cage.

"Huh? Everyone left?"

When Long Jiushan was puzzled, Lin Chen stepped forward, his eyes narrowed.

At this time, the small shadow transmitted Lin Chen: "They just opened the space channel above and headed to the upper level."

"Upper level? It seems that they are likely to concentrate on their plans to kill us all at once!"

Lin Chen was silent for a moment, then smiled: "However, they can't take away the people of the 17th floor, and these people will also become an important force for us to break through!"


The seventeenth floor of the Holy Prison, south, is extremely cold prison.

A **** man closed his eyes to recuperate his body, covered in frost, and the cold to the bone penetrated into the body. His face was pale, but he stood still, sitting in the cage.

Suddenly, he seemed to be aware of something, and suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were actually sapphire, like a Tibetan edge!

"Huh? This is..."

Sigh~! A sound of breaking wind hit!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The ice cage was blasted and cracked, and the frost broke into pieces. A white glow like a ray of light shot into the eyebrows of the Qingtong man, and his'Nine Brake Seal' was lifted!

Immediately afterwards, a wicked laughter spread across all the cold prisons in the south!

"Sleep you are paralyzed, hi! Those who are not afraid of death, who want to turn over the holy prison, pass through the holy prison with the king, kill one capital, and kill two blood!"


The raindrops flashing with golden light and white awns all over the world, and the pupils of the shirtless green pupil tremble!

All are gold holy yuan coins!

"Mozu? How can the Mozu have the means to unlock the Nine Seals?"

"Pierce the Holy Prison? Hahaha, be one of them!"

"Stay here is also used as a tool. Sooner or later, one day will die, another **** one before death!"

Many strong men responded to Lin Chen from all sides of the holy prison. Lin Chen led his team, liberated all the criminals of the 17th floor and left a large number of gold Shengyuan coins, and gave the choice to them, and then Lin Chens entire team The menacing way to the space door leading to the sixteenth floor!

"Flash off, let's come this time!"

Long Jiushan, Lang Fanyun, and Fang Ling rushed to the front. Long Jiushan emulated Lin Chen. He lifted his leg up and kicked the whole space door with one blow!

Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling immediately erupted into the sky and sharpened the sharp edge, turned the sword with the Holy Power, opened the sky with the sharp edge, and condensed into the Holy Sword.

An extended space channel leads directly to Jiuxiao, and the whole team enters in an instant, heading to the next level!

Seeing that the space door was opened, the 17-story strongmen released released one by one into the space channel, surrounded by endless groups, in droves!

"Princess, don't you plan to conquer the 17th floor?"

In the space channel, Jiang Taixu asked Lin Chen's doubtful voice.