My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1372

Vol 5 Chapter 1372: Decisive Battle On The 16th Floor

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Fortunately, these 17-story strong men who have survived to this day have not been wiped out of the **** and proud existence by the Holy Prison. At that time, the Holy Prison was broken, and they did not give the Devil Clan a running dog.

Lin Chen said, "If you want to conquer them, you have to reveal your true identity. It's hard to know when the group of guys below will fight back. There is no need to risk your identity. These people explained."

In fact, these reasons are secondary.

The most important thing is that Lin Chen's spiritual realm is limited. After engraving the "Seal of Zhou Tian's Life" on the eighteenth floor, all the powerful people have already reached the limit!

The spiritual consciousness of each strong person is as hidden as a star core, and the energy is powerful and vast. Zhou Tiansheng's birth and death can control their life and death. At the same time, the user's mental strength is also strong enough to control more strong people.

The 41 strong players who control the 18th floor and the 17 powerful players on the 19th floor are already close to Lin Chen's limits, and they can only add three to four more people at most.

Right now the Holy Prison has begun to concentrate, and every minute and one second may decide to win the game. He has no time to explain his identity in order to conquer the three or four strong men.

Dont let opponents cling to the team, its best to turn them into wheels and fight against yourself!

Im not afraid of fighting attrition on my own side. There are so many masters. Only focusing on the outbreak of war will overthrow the entire layer of holy prison. The enemy can be injured, but Lin Chens side is not. Once everyone is injured, it may be Fatal trauma!

Holy Prison, sixteenth floor.

Brush brush ~~!

Silver splendor poured in, the colorful Holy Light came here, and more than twenty figures walked out of the Holy Light to occupy one side!

Inside the silver Shenghui, he slowly walked out of a man who was like a mountain and imposing like a giant mountain!

"The eleventh floor of the holy prison, Kwong Wanli, led the twenty-four prisoners, in place!"


A sword is roaring like a dragon, three thousand swords are turning like a galaxy, and it is pouring from above nine days. More than a dozen people are wearing the holy sword, Qi Yuxuan, standing to the south, awe-inspiring!

"The tenth floor prisoner of the Holy Prison, Duan Yinhai, led eighteen prisoners, in place!"

To the west, the dark blue tornado rotates like a grinding disc, and there are twenty figures in the eyes of Hurricane Cave!

"The ninth layer of the holy prisoner, Jun Qianfan, led twenty prisoners, in place!"

The sixteenth floor of the holy prison, the situation changed suddenly!

A team of Xeons came in person, and the main prisoners gathered at the 16th floor of the Holy Prison!

This is placed on the outside world, and a team is enough to destroy the existence of the Sixth-grade and even Seventh-grade giant forces, all converging in all directions of the sixteenth floor of the Holy Prison!

Xiao Yunyun, the sixth-level prison master, was absent-minded at this time, and he was cold and sweating.

"Someone infiltrated in the holy prison, shouldn't it really be related to the sword Wuji that disappeared on the sixth floor some time ago..."

"No, it was such a coincidence that the owner of the prison didn't believe it! Someone could sneak into the nineteenth floor of the holy prison from the sixth floor!"

Xiao Yunyun's anxious appearance was seen by some prisoners...

boom! boom! boom!

At this time, a prison was suspended, as the stars moved, was ingested by an energy giant above the sky, moved several times, and finally put them all in the same area!

All the criminals on the entire 16th floor were detained in the same area by the 16th floor prison master!

"Quack, it seems that there is a good show!"

"Silent for so many years, is there any major action for the Holy Prison?"

"Look at these people's serious expressions like eating shit, hey, I haven't seen them in a long time."

Criminals detained in the same area are eager to move. Among these people, they are all ruthless characters. Once there is any riot, they are also factors of restlessness!

"The prison masters on the second and eleventh floors are all there, have the people on the twelfth and fifteenth floors not coming yet..."

An old man in sackcloth appeared in the void. He bent over and hunched back, seemingly feeble and harmless, except for those eyes, which were astonishingly radiant, like a deep abyss, bottomless!

"All security! The old man has felt that the 17th floor space channel has been blasted away, and as soon as they show up, they will die!"

With the order of the old man in linen, all the prison guards and prison masters gathered here aimed at the entrance of the space on the next floor.

Brush ~~!

Suddenly, a strange beam of blood blazed from the vortex of space, and the sixteenth-level prison master, the old man in linen, suddenly heard a loud voice!


Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The sixteenth floor of the holy prison, the wind and the clouds change color, and the world is overturned.

Unexpectedly, that blood-colored beam of light kept turning at a speed that was almost beyond the speed of light, all avoiding the numerous bombardment of the Holy Force offensive, and the explosion was tumbling, and the space of the Holy Prison was shaking and trembling!

"It's fast!"

"He rushed to the space passage here, stop him!"

"Unstoppable, the other party's targets are the criminals!"

Many prisoners saw that the blood-colored beam was faster than normal and broke through their defenses!

Tear ~!

The space was torn apart, and a huge black giant hand turned into a giant palm of the sky, crushing the blood column of light fiercely!

The beam of light is broken, but it is a residual image that disappears!


The old Mai Mai's pupils shook in the distance, and when he crushed the beam of light, he saw two figures!

Blood came to the area where all the criminals were in custody, and in a short time, hundreds of streams streamed out!


When the violent spatial ripples rose up, the attitude of all the prison masters changed greatly!

The nine brake seals are lifted!

In an instant, all the prison masters clearly saw that in the blood-colored beam, the man's long hair was like snow, wearing a blood-colored cloak, and a pair of eagle-owl-like eyes as sharp as a knife, and handsome and cold. Beside him, there is a young evil demons!

This big man, all prison masters will not admit their mistakes!

It's the'Blood King' imprisoned on the 19th floor of the holy prison, Yun Tianguang!

The former blood domain overlord, his "Blood Escape Dafa" and "Blood Shadow Three Thousand", have the name of the orange rank body method known as the top 20 in the Holy World!

"No wonder all the prison masters were not hit before, it turned out to be him!"

"It's a lot of trouble. The criminals on the 16th floor are also a group of lunatics! These guys escaped too quickly, and they didn't have time to switch to other floors!"

"Beside him, is the Demon Race? Isn't this guy self-important? How could he get mixed with the Demon Race!"

When many powerful men lost their voices, the young demons of Junyis evil charm couldnt help laughing, and the laughter echoed through the 16th floor of the holy prison.

"Thank you prisoners, old iron, for giving us such a beautiful opening firework, and also helping us to gather our helpers, good people, really a group of good people!"

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, all around the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, the sky was falling!

Groups of silhouettes, like ghosts, descended to the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, and there was a faint shadow dissipating on them, making all prisoners unpredictable!