My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1373

Vol 5 Chapter 1373: Desperate ?

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Faced with the sudden arrival of the team and the crowd, more than 300 prisoners couldn't help but feel hairy and frightened!

When did they rush up?

The old man in Mai was staring at Jiang Taixu in the void, and his expression became more gloomy.

"It turned turned out to be so. First, Jiang Taixu foretold our offensive and where the criminals were concentrated, and then used Yun Tianguang as a bait to let us take the attack first and avoid the time when the edge was the heaviest."

"No matter what the old man could even notice, he concealed the breath and brought everyone to the sixteenth floor. At the same time Yun Tianguang attracted firepower, he could also drive this demon to unlock the seals of other criminals... , Good strategy..."

He struggled to put all the criminals in custody, but instead became the arrogance that encouraged him to escape!

Bang ~! The battle begins!

"Fuck me damn!"

Long Jiushan burst into tears and became the first of them.

The dogfight starts instantly! At this scene, the prison guards and others unexpectedly did not expect it, and they could not have foreseen a decisive battle in this way!

However, on the prisoner side,

"who are you!"

The old man in linen was terrible and gloomy. His eyes were on the only demon in the field, with 79 holy caves all over him!

The young Mozu laughed.

"Who am I? Below is the first handsome demon king who is handsome and invincible. You can call me the most handsome demon."

When the words just fell, he punched him in the direction of his fist. The punching style penetrated the emptiness of thousands of miles, shaking the galaxy!

"court death!"

The old man of Mai Mai crushed Lin Chen's fist with a palm, and exploded the surrounding crystal walls like a cobweb, grinning and laughing.

"Everyone listens to orders, mainly against the guys running up below, followed by criminals on the 16th floor! Prisoners above the 7th floor, aim at Jiang Taixu, don't let him take over the battle!"

The old man in linen is like a sword, rushing towards Lin Chen and Yun Tianguang!

"I'm going to see how much of your divine power Yun Tianguang uses body method!"

"Protagonist, go first."

Yun Tianguang protected Lin Chen, Fang Ling and other seven people came, and blocked the old man in linen.

"Oh? Ji Wuchen, Zi Qianyou, Shangguan is invincible, Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling. Hahaha, I couldn't think of stopping the old man and wanting to send you big people? Why, don't you accept the surrender of the Holy Prison, aren't you proud? After all, I've become a devil's running dog. After all, there are still a few cartilage bones."

When the old man in sack sneered, he swiped his fingertips, the sky was splitting in time, and the strange gassing beheaded everyone!

"Don't miss this guy's act."

Fang Ling calmly spread the voice of the people, and everyone had a spirited teamwork to fight the guerrillas around the old man in linen in a way of attrition!

And Lin Chen, when retreating under the cover of Yun Tianguang and others, the little shadow carried the little girl of the painful disaster and appeared vanity.

Lin Chen looked at the dark-haired little girl seriously.

"Little beauty, it's up to you next."

In her dark and long hair, Xiao Nizi showed her teeth and smiled simply.

"I will let them die at a rhythm."

On the other side; the criminals on the 16th floor rushed out of the cage and joined the battle circle!

Most of them directly attacked the saint's men and horses, and there were a small number of demonic generations. The anti-sneak attack on the 17th floor of the strong men made the riots more chaotic!

Although the Holy Prison has failed to obtain an opportunity, in terms of strength, it still has absolute power to suppress!

There are 371 prison guards with many elites.

On the Lin Chen side, together with the strong men released from the 17th floor, the current total number is 200, and even if there are other prisoners coming up from prison, the number cannot exceed 400.

The criminals on the 16th floor were uneven. Although the number was close to 500, their status and combat effectiveness were not comparable to the strong ones brought out by Lin Chen.

Even the strongmen of the seventeenth floor, somehow absorbed some gold holy yuan coins, which can mobilize a little divine power, and the criminals of the sixteenth floor do not pose much threat to the prison master or the equivalent of the prison master, but anyway. Can share the urgent need.

Right now; the battle is almost fifty-five, and neither side has a breakthrough.

Moreover, Pan Yunlong's people are not destroyed by the whole army. Once he is killed from behind, Lin Chen and others will be beaten back and forth, surrounded and beaten!

Therefore, there must be a decisive force to break the current balance and allow Lin Chen and others to break through!

This decisive force may be the "painful suffering"!

"Princess, the prison guard in the holy prison has not yet arrived completely, we must break through before this!"

Jiang Taixu secretly heard Lin Chen, he and the small shadow teamed up to send the black-haired little girl into the most chaotic battle circle!

Bang ~~!

At the next moment, the situation is suddenly changing, the epidemic is surging, the terrible poisonous tide is swirling, centered on the little girl suffering from the pain, rapidly expanding, and covering a large amount of the area where the Holy Land is fighting!

The old man in linen looks slightly changed!

"Disaster of Pain? Damn, is this Demon Crazy, even this kind of disaster is released!"

Many of the prisoners' scalp exploded!

The fierce name of the painful disaster, even if they haven't seen it or heard it more or less, the saints must be afraid of the wind!

Lin Chen gave her a thumbs-up: "Its yours, Ill go and open the space door..."

Sigh~! clang! clang! clang!

Lin Chen's words were not finished, the twelve chains like Panlong Fei twisted, lasing the void, across the sky of the 16th floor of the holy prison, condensing into a streamer, shooting at the black-haired little girl like lightning!

These twelve streamers, like the number of robbers in the world, made her unable to avoid it, but backed away, bound her instantly!

call out! call out! call out!

After a poisonous tide, the charming body of the black-haired little girl was returned, and she couldn't trigger the tide!

For the first time, she looked surprised-"This is..."

"Lao Ma, the prison master is late, ha ha ha! Fortunately, I went to see the experiment of Master Tiansheng, and it was really useful. The accidental thing that year was not expected to be a life-saving straw."

Three teams were born!

The headed man was dressed in fluttering white clothes, such as extraordinary and handsome, Qiu Yuxuan, and the cold killing intent between the eyebrows. When the corner of his mouth was raised, the look at Lin Chen was sneered.

"I knew that you, the poor prisoners, would release this **** humanoid disaster, after all, it was a group of crazy dogs who were forced to die, but now, I see what you guys are doing to fight my holy prison!"

Many prisoners are ecstatic!

"It's the 12th and 15th floor prisoners!"

"Great, the most important reinforcement!"

"It turns out that they were calling Master Tiansheng to make the shackles used to suppress the painful disaster. It is no wonder that support was delayed!"

"The criminals are done!"

As soon as these four teams came out, the momentum of the prison guard camp surged!

"What can suppress the suffering of suffering?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the Holy Prison deserved to be a Holy Prison, with a rich heritage, and even this kind of back hand.

"Hahaha, a few of our brothers, how many years have not fought together!"

At this time, a laughter that shook the world from all directions came from the lower channel!

A cloud dragon danced across the sky, soaring into the sky, Pan Yunlong was wearing a sword around his waist, and the murderous intention between the eyebrows was soaring!

Pan Yunlong is here!

On the side of the jailbreak team, everyone's heart sank!

This old guy followed up so quickly!

They are surrounded!