My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1374

Vol 5 Chapter 1374: You Are Missing

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Lin Chen and others were struck back and forth, and the high-end power of the entire Holy Prison gathered at the sixteenth floor of the Holy Prison!

The already balanced power of both sides was suddenly broken!

Although Pan Yunlong and others have damaged the seven peaks of Na Xing Realm, but the top Sacred Heart State combat power is not lacking!

The number of powerhouses in Star World and Sacred Heartland is the key to this decisive battle!

"It seems that we can only stop here."

"Anyway, I can go out and do a fight, stay in the broken prison all day, and I will be suffocating!"

Many strong men have long been bearish on life and death, but they are extremely indifferent to this desperate situation now!

Even more powerful warriors emerged from many strong men!

"Come on, the running dog of the holy prison, I will **** you today!"

"The old man sang the realms of the Holy Realm, and it was your turn to judge the old man's life? If you want to eat the old man, your front teeth will have to fall!"

The sixteenth floor of the holy prison, surrounded by all directions, the holy light glowed, and visions appeared!

An eight-armed dragon ghost came out, pushed the mountains and rivers, and punched the space barrier with one punch!

The holy force swept through the sky, and the majestic power of the stars condensed into countless ancient images of unicorns, Xuanwu, Canglong and other ancient relics rushing to the prisoners!

Ceilings are falling, Sheng Lei Hua Mang runs through the body of individual prisoners!

Sigh~! The clank of Ming blazes with horror, and it cuts thousands and thousands of miles, splitting the holy bodies of two criminals, the blood of the holy blood!

Within the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, tens of millions of miles have erupted in an unprecedented fierce battle!

All the strong guys are starting to die! Some are vicious and cunning, some are brutal and bloodthirsty, some are scheming, and some are regarded as dead, and none of them retreat!

The degree of spiciness, and even the degree of beginning to change lives, do not care whether you can live to the next move!

You know, the combination of all the strong sides of the two sides is a great scuffle of 1,200 saints!

Of the 1,200 strong men, none of them are super-strong men who are cultivated below life and death, and they are also among the first-class strong men in the six-line sect of the outside world, such as Lin!

But here, it is just the starting standard!

Such terrible and tragic wars are extremely rare in the history of the Holy World. Almost only a few super events will happen in the world war!

Life and death realm, life and death perfection, Na Xing realm, Na Xing realm peak, there is a great risk of falling here! If you are a little careless, you will be overwhelmed by the crazy offensive!

Even if you focus on defense, it is very likely to be the target of bombardment. Once the defensive position is broken, it will be bombarded into scum in a flash!

If it is not the space barrier of the Holy Prison, it is one of the most solid planes of the Holy Realm, this place has long been beaten to the ground, if it is outside, the whole area will be boiling!

Which of the characters detained to the 16th floor of the holy prison is not the top genius list, the alternate candidate, or even the top genius on the list

Their state of mind has long gone through the red dust and has been thoroughly tempered. This so-called desperate situation will not scare them.

A group of wounded wolves is not terrible. What is terrible is that this group of wolves is desperate and will not be afraid of death!

"It seems that it is impossible to break through without paying a price today."

"Do you want to use it, the trick that you and I used to fight?"

"I'm afraid I can't avoid it. Our victory and defeat, let's divide it in our next life, play this final knockout game first."

Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling glanced at each other in battle, and everything was silent.

"Are you caught up..."

Lin Chen guarded the little girl by the painful disaster and glanced around.

The space channel has been completely guarded by the newly added four teams. If you want to break through, you must first break through the guards of the four prison masters!

Although the team of the four major prisoners acted, the main power of the Sacred Mind had not been evacuated.

If the combat power of the painful disaster still stands on the side of the jailbreak team, there may be a turning point.

But Lin Chens magic seal has no way to lift the bondlock.

"No wonder this group of guys are full of confidence. As far as the current situation is concerned, we have less than 20% chance of winning..."

Lin Chen's mind is like electricity, thinking about countermeasures.

He looked at the bond lock on the dark-haired little girl again. The lock was carved like a dragon pattern, and the blood was dripping with red gold. Lin Chen would be lost if he released his mental power a little.

This thing is a possessed thing, and he cannot break it down even if he tries to break it down!

The **** lock is not absolute control, the flowing breath of the dark-haired little girl is eroding it step by step.

There is nothing in this heaven and earth that can absolutely restrain the'painful suffering', and the same is true of the nine brake seals.

If she is given enough time, she may be able to automatically unlock it, but this time will last until the battle is completely over!

The dark-haired girl suddenly smiled and said, "Thank you."

Her eyes suddenly became dark and dark like black jade, her hair was faintly flowing with black air, and a breath of destruction like a heavenly catastrophe was brewing from her petite body.

"Flee quickly, and let your people protect you with all your might. Maybe there is a chance to rush out. Although this lock can restrain my power, if I explode all the energy in my body, I can break through this restraint. Just By then, my strength will no longer be within my control. You have to protect yourself."

A little relief appeared on the little girl's crystal-clear cheeks.

Like, untie some knots.

Lin Chen's heart is not good, Shen said.

"What if the shackles are completely undone?"

The little girl smiled and said: "It will attract all the energy of the disaster. After the complete eruption, I may disappear. Although I can't go out completely, for me, it is a good end point."


At this time, the seven people who encircled and suppressed the old man in flew flew to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen stunned; "How come you came, didn't you let the old guy hold you back?"

"Pan Yunlong helped him break through. They didn't plan to get entangled with us. They went to kill the 17th floor first, and they planned to leave us to the end and kill them again."

Xiao Ling'er frowned lightly.

Zi Qianchou shook his head and said: "These guys are not stupid. If we know that we are fighting against us, once we have liberated our true strength for a short time, it is entirely possible to bring them together and die."

You Xiangsheng said: "This group of guys are planning to drag us to the end, drag the battle to the end, and then concentrate all our strength against us."

Thats right, the strongmen of the nineteenth floor, even though they are extremely traumatized, each of them has no strength, but the background and killer skills of the seventeen people can be far more than the strongmen of each floor. Supernatural monster!

If not, how could they be the hegemonic characters who led the era of various domains!

If they really want to bring a strong man to their deaths, they will not dare to underestimate the saint's nine-fold open heaven!

No one knows, what killer they still hide!

Jiang Taixu's face was paler at the moment, and he seemed to use some big-cost methods. He said in a deep voice: "Princess, I have already played the trend of this war. We are fighting this way with more and less fierce!"

As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere was particularly heavy!

The more powerful the mathematician, the more able to perform the "robbery" and "opportunity" when approaching the limit. Even Jiang Taixu admits that there are so many wars, then it proves that the opportunity is indeed infinitely close to zero!

Fang Ling immediately said: "The only option is to abandon the general manager, we use our last power to **** the hero to kill."

"No need to."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly and rubbed the dark black hair beside him. The murderous intention of the little girl's riot was smoothed by him.

Lin Chen looked at Jiang Taixu and smiled.

"When you played this battle, you missed one of the most important details and factors."

Jiang Taixu froze for a moment, clenched his fists in both hands, and said respectfully.

"I beg the hero to enlighten me!"

Lin Chen smiled arrogantly, domineering.

"That is, you didn't count the most handsome man."