My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1375

Vol 5 Chapter 1375: Can Kill Life And Death In One Go That Invincible Man

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Hearing Lin Chen's words, everyone stayed in place for a while!

Jiang Taixu's brief lag, but he suddenly trembled!

Others didn't react in the first time, but he was too emptied and immediately understood!

Yes, he did not count the heroes!

No, to be precise, it cannot be counted!

He is the only man among all the people present who can't see his fate!

Jiang Taixu's expression was like a divine indoctrination, and he was so drunk, trembling-"I beg the hero to solve my doubts!!"

Everyone was puzzled, and the protagonist's ability to explode with the triple realm of the saints really subverted their cognition!

However, to control the situation with one's own strength in this kind of world-class super war, only the possibility of surpassing the state of the Sacred Heart can only be achieved by opening the heavens!

"Could it be that"

Everyone's pupils tremble...

Could it be that the hero still has reservations?

Lin Chen stepped out in one step, and when his muscles and bones were loosened, a burst of explosive roaring sound exploded into pieces!

"Next, when you wounded retired, and you nizi, don't think about playing self-explosive, just stand by and be a cute little girl."

Even if he turned into a Demon Race, Lin Chen's smile was as aggressive and domineering as ever!

"Let the coach come and hammer them to death!"

Lin Chen suddenly issued a command!

"System, I want to awaken the three stages of the shell!"

[The host currently holds: 106.9 billion intermediate sky value, consumes 100 billion intermediate sky value, and begins to fully awaken the three phases of the meat shell, 210%, 230%, 27%...]

The life awakening function, the more scary the required attribute value is, the higher the four stages are, almost all of them are based on the intermediate value of the trillion yuan!

You should know that Lin Chens previous tens of billions of heavenly values, but all the strong players of the sword domain and the law enforcement team were stolen, and the high value of the attribute value accumulated. This time his value directly broke 100 billion. !

Hundreds of billions of intermediate heavenly values are all thanks to the accumulation of criminals who steal Holy Prison! The value of the property stolen by each criminal is different, and the value of the light sky is more than 100 billion!

At the moment when [Awakening the Flesh Shell] started, the pure power of Lin Chen began to slam in a straight line! !

During entering the holy prison, he not only entered the state of sealing the cave, but also the strength of the flesh shell also entered the state of sealing, avoiding the appearance of a breakthrough through the state.

His pure power was originally based on 34 billion dragon power. In the second stage of the awakening of the flesh shell, an increase of 200% of the pure power broke 100 billion dragon power.

At this moment, his pure power has increased again by 100%, which is close to 140 billion dragon power!

This pure power cannot naturally reverse the situation.

What Lin Chen needs is the basic improvement brought by the awakening of the flesh shell, which can make him bear the more pure power increase of the three-piece God of War!

Originally, Lin Chen also planned to retain these Heavenly Dao values for a more comprehensive upgrade, but now he has changed his mind!

If you want to play, you can play all the cards in one go!

Life and death bearish, do it if you don't accept it!

Break through the holy prison!

"There is no reason I can't do what Lin Chen can do for my woman! Three-piece God of War, Kai!"

Lin Chen screamed, the God of War three-piece suit under the protection of the magic energy surged, the golden light added, and was included in every inch of Lin Chen's flesh and blood!

boom! boom! boom!

The mountains and rivers roared, and the battle shifted to the stars The skyrocketing pure power made Lin Chen's disguised magical energy rise, and his figure exploded with the power of the world's trolls, and there were signs of the trolls leaning against the sky and the earth, and they were surging!

At this moment, the seventeenth floor of the holy prison, the space shivered!

It seems that even this space cannot bear the birth of this force!

80 trillion dragon power, 100 trillion dragon power, 150 trillion dragon power, 180 trillion dragon power!

Lin Chen's power finally stopped slowly before the 200 trillion dragon power barrier!

But it's not over yet!

"System, turn on the sky-turners!"

[The host opens the ultimate instant kill class orange-level talent: Sky Reverse. Heaven is ruthless, back to heaven, breaking the defense and killing instantly.

[System Tip: When the host turns on the talent of the sky-turner, the host will enter the sky-turner state for a limited time; when the hosts attack can completely break the defense of the hostile target, and the attack will hit the hostile body of the hostile target, the sky will be triggered Reverse instant kill effect.

[The scope of this talent: temporarily applicable to the Holy Land below the nineth level is valid, temporarily invalid from one to the nine-turn Holy Land.

[Duration of Sky Reverse: 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

When Lin Chen's eyes opened again, a glance of azure gods flitted through the golden eyes, and the thousands of miles in front of his eyes collapsed into pieces!

His eyes are as divine as the coming of the world, as far as his eyes are concerned, he is invincible, the world is invincible!


The powerful people standing next to Lin Chen looked dumbfounded!

The power of the protagonist, can it be even better? Where is his limit!

What makes the power of the people almost crazy is how the hero's triple cultivation of the Holy Realm, in the end, how to accommodate such a terrifying power!

Lin Chen's blood is boiling, in a state of unprecedented high!

He has never controlled such a horrible pure power. He has an intuitive feeling that he can crush countless continental plates with just one finger!

The same is true for the space crystal walls including the Holy World!

Feeling Lin Chen's almost "crazy" fighting intentions, he sighed for the first time.

"Quick withdrawal! The hero is about to shoot!"

The strong men instantly pulled the black-haired little girl, and moved their figure into the void!

Lin Chen issued a command to all the servants with the "Seal of Zhou Tiansheng"!

"Everyone, all the orders, give me the sidelines. Next, you don't need your shots! Give me your life and protect, no one will die!"

According to the sound of Zhou Tians life and death, Lin Chens voice exploded into the ears of all servants like a thunder. They reacted instantly, using the gaps shocked by many powerful men, they withdrew from the battle for the first time!

"what is that?"

"His! It's actually the power of that Demon Race? What is the situation!"

"He still has reservations! Hurry, stop him!"

"Damn, destroy it first! This thing is so weird!"

Many prisoners lost their voices, and the team closest to Lin Chen was the team of the eighth-level prison master. He ordered the prisoners to surround him at the fastest speed!

The four powerful men in life and death are transformed into four sacred lights of light, and Shuo Wanli, the first to encircle Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's eyes were not squinted, his mouth exhaled slightly, the surrounding space collapsed and twisted, and then he suddenly exhaled!


boom! boom! boom!

Hundreds of thousands of miles between the world and the earth, hurricane storms, like the cosmic storm that pushed the stars down, swept through the life and death of four people!

The violent wind was vigorous, like a sword like a sword, and the light was distorted and dim. The terrible hurricane strength penetrated the four people's Holy Power defense, penetrated the Holy Body, and the Holy Blood shot, and four people were injured!

However, next came a scene that nearly subverted everyone's perception!

The four people who had just been wounded had doubts on their faces, and the face before death was unbelievable. The Eucharist cracked and shattered. Finally, it turned into a piece of powder and scattered nothingness!

Lin Chen breathed out four life and death situations in one breath! The other party has no resistance!


Weird silence!

Whether it is the prison guard, the prison master, the holy prison criminal, Lin Chen's servants, all froze in place!

This scene scared everyone!

It's not shock, it's a real shock!