My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1376

Vol 5 Chapter 1376: One Punch To Destroy The Hundred Saints

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The declining Four Saints brought the panic of the entire sixteenth floor of the holy prison!

This is how the four life and death environments defended with all their strength... It was blown to ashes by this Demon Race!

That's not a small fish or shrimp, it's a sage in the sixfold life and death realm!

Even if it is broken defense, serious injury, or even death, they can not be frightened, but, in a flash, what is the concept?

Sweeping mountains, rivers, moons and stars, annihilating life and death at once!

This man is almost invincible! !

"The hero is invincible!!"

I don't know who was the first to burst out of this hoarse, and excitedly shouted!

This moment is so shocking! Unforgettable forever!

The moment they became criminals of the holy prison, the life tossed by these prisoners is not as good as death. This scene is simply unimaginable to them!

At this moment, all the powerful and powerful people who followed Lin Chen knelt on the knees in the void, or shouted into the sky with great excitement!

"The hero is mighty, the hero is first in the sky!"

"The hero is invincible! The hero is the strongest!"

"It's too **** strong, have you seen it! Did you see it! Take a breath! Use your breath! No finger lift, what the **** is this?"

"The **** of the Holy Prison, see if they can blow you away with one breath!"

"Grass! I have never seen such a hanging man in my life. My mother **** this man!"

"Laozi's special suit, hahaha! This is so cool, what blessing did Laozi cultivate in his life followed such a hero!"

"Domineering enough, fierce enough! I like it!"

"I set it!"

Lin Chen inspired everyone's morale and fighting spirit in an instant, ignited instantly and reached the climax!

Previously, there were many reasons for them to follow Lin Chen, either forced to be helpless or forced to choose, or forced to bet on Lin Chen's potential.

But now it is different!

Convinced to take oral! They came from the heart and fully recognized the protagonist Lin Chen!

Even, take pride in him!

Every strong man on the eighteenth floor, if he is in the heyday, can destroy the saints of life and death in the hands of turning hands, this is not difficult, and even imitating Lin Chen can blow to death in one breath.

However, they absolutely can't do it, and destroy the other's body into nothingness in an instant! These are two very different concepts!

At what age is he? Can he have such strength, if he is allowed to expand his acupoints, dissolve condensation, and break life and death, such as accepting stars, wouldn't it be true that the dragon is flying and unstoppable?

This almost anti-sky act completely conquered all servants! No one is dissatisfied, no one is not surprised!

At this moment, Lin Chen's figure became unreachable in all servants' hearts, and the shore was hidden, like an insurmountable mountain!

The fifteenth floor prisoner's face was extremely ugly and ordered!

"Listen to everyone! Give me the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, and no one can retreat!"

Bang ~!

The magical energy surged, Lin Chen's figure moved, his steps changed, he shattered the void, and his pure power was like a mad dragon raiding the sky.

The four prison guards guarding the space gate instantly exploded!

coming! This monster is coming towards them!

"Be with Lao Tzu! I don't believe all of us can't do him!"

"Don't be fooled by him, the more powerful you have to pay the price, the old man can't do it. He can turn the sky upside down!"

"Give me all the dead, no one can retreat!"


All prison masters are standing at the forefront of the team, and at the same time solidifying their hearts, the momentum is soaring!

A handsome and cold man rose from the void, and a faint sacred light flew from a radius of a million miles, like feathers flying, spreading holy wings.

Linglong Qianying bathed hundreds of millions of moonlights from the sky, Yuehui leaned against the blockade, blocking the eight wildernesses, all the way!

There is also a sword light flying like a dragon and a dragon, and the sword is like a moon, hanging for nine days, the blood of the cross is spilling over the sky, blocking the direction of Lin Chen's forward!

Whether it is a life-saving holy weapon or a secret skill at the bottom of the pressure box, all of them are displayed, blocking the direction of Lin Chen's raid!

Four great prisoners, all out of the cards!

"Follow the prison masters and destroy this demons!"

"He has only one head, we concentrate on the offensive!"

The prisoners regrouped, and no one flinched!

"Let's not let that guy succeed!"

Splitting a knife at high altitude, the light was like Yunlong flying, Pan Yunlong gave an order, and all the Sacred Hearts of his men chased Lin Chen, followed closely!

There were four major prisoners before, and Pan Yunlong and others gradually approached. Lin Chen seemed to be enemies before and after.

"We also help the hero!"

On the eighteenth floor, the strong men wanted to act, Jiang Taixu's figure blocked everyone, and shouted!

"Don't act rashly, believe the hero!"

Jiang Taixu stared at Lin Chen's back, but said with a trembling calm expression.

"I have a hunch that the protagonist will lead us to break through, just follow his orders!"

Sigh~! When the wind and the thunder blew, Lin Chen first killed the team of four prison masters!

"A defensive battle, but break me!"

Lin Chen's figure turned into a volley, his legs fell like a meteor, pure power gathered on the blow, and the entire defense team was hardened by the front!

Bang~~! Bang ~!

When pure power erupted, a golden glow flashed through the monstrous demonic energy. The prestige of the war was invincible and invincible. Jin Hui was like a gun that pierced the sky and pierced the defensive positions of the four prisoners!

The repairs of the four major prisoners are between 75 and 77 holy caves, located between the middle and later stages of the holy mood.

The strength that Lin Chen has reached today is close to the peak of the Sacred Heart, and the power of one blow just broke the battle of the four prison masters, forcing the four prison masters to retreat again and again. Although they have been broken, they have not been injured!

Buzz! Buzz!

The space roared, and the space near the entire space door was severely distorted, forming an unprecedented golden hurricane hole, and the center of this hole was the fist of Lin Chen, who had just broken!

One of the four prison masters is choking, that punch is his backhand!

"not good!"

The four instinctively urged the strongest defense. The prisoners had just recovered, but they were a bit slow!

Lin Chen suddenly fists up!

With this punch, Shenhui came into the world, and the prestige broke through!

This punch, like the eruption of hundreds of millions of volcanoes, the dragon took off and broke the barrier of the plane!

The entire plane of the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, all the light seems to be incorporated into the fist of the golden glory, slamming against the four prisoners!

Pure power is born like a mad dragon, the wind lingers in the clouds, and the world loses its color, pushing the three thousand planes all the way, the planes die out!

Below the Sacred Mind, the Sacred Force defense was penetrated by this force. When the Sacred Body was wounded, the vitality of the Sacred Body stopped abruptly and collapsed and separated!

This is a moment of life and death! The offensive who can completely resist this punch can survive completely. If half of the defense is penetrated, the moment the holy body is injured, it will be instantly killed!


The sky was dusty and the space was upside down. Everyone felt a golden flash of light, and they were drowned in sight, echoing endless roar in their ears!

When the crowd waited and watched again, they froze in place!

What is in sight is a faint golden radiance, paved into a golden avenue, which leads directly into the broken space door and extends into the space channel.

With the exception of the four prison guards, four of the prison guards are left!

Only one person stands proudly on the golden divine light avenue!

He smiled awkwardly at the corner of his mouth, raised his thumbs silently, and pointed to the space channel at the end of the Golden Avenue!

Everyone's heart is shaking!

One punch to destroy the hundred saints! !