My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1377

Vol 5 Chapter 1377: Overturn The 16th Floor Of The Holy Prison

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One punch to destroy the 100 Saints! Turned into ashes, there is no dust left!

This hundred saints, there is no one below the life and death realm of existence!

Sage's eight-layered Sacred Mood is even more than twenty violent deaths! No one survived except the four prison masters!

Such a strength, even the ordinary saint Ninefold, cannot be achieved in Kaitian Realm!

It's almost impossible to destroy the 100 Saints in one move!

This is the terrible place of the talent of the nature rebel, either defending without injury or being injured and instant killing!

Real trick to see life and death!

At the moment of witnessing the protagonist of the bathing god, the calm and calm Fang Ling's face appeared excited and fanatic.

"It seems that we have followed an invincible hero..."

"If we are too weak, we have to delay the protagonist's hind legs!"

The dark-haired little girl stared blankly at the figure under the golden divine light, as if he alone could hold the world!

"What are you waiting for, the protagonist has opened up a passage for us, and rushed up!"

Jiang Taixu's rare excitement shouted, many strong minds comprehended, urged by his body, moved to the direction of the space door!

The large team that previously wanted to pursue Lin Chen has slowed down, and even if the state of mind is strong, it is impossible to face this punch without any waves!

too frightening! Can they really beat this guy?

If this punch will hit them later, how many of them can survive?

Thinking of this, many strong players in Life and Death Realm and Na Xing Realm couldn't help but retreat a few steps subconsciously!

"Fuck, how can I fight this, I can desperately, but it doesn't mean I'm going to die!"

"Fighting a fight that won't win, you still have to fight hard?"

"Mother, where is this monster that came out, didn't it mean that the high-level Saint Demon King is not enough to cross the entrance ban between the Devil Prison and the Holy Prison?"

When many powerful men hesitated, Pan Yunlong shouted angrily!

"You know what it's like when you step back, don't let this dog succeed, I can cut him with a knife!"

the other side;

The little dark shadow envelops Lin Chen's holy dragon, dispels the breath, holy dragon wanders the void, and sweeps the massive attribute light ball!

[The host received 4008 billion advanced essence, 6 billion meritorious spirit, 1.2 billion spiritual power, 5.2 billion spiritual power, 2.1 billion runic energy, 1 billion heavenly Dao value...]

Hundred Saints fell, Lin Chen obtained attribute light spheres, much more than he stole before!

Jiang Taixu hurried to Lin Chen and said, "Princess, our purpose has been achieved. When they are hesitant, withdraw quickly!"

Lang Fanyun came and said with a solemn face: "Yes, we are now withdrawing the hero, all the way up, they have no chance even if they want to stop us! The main power of the Holy Prison has been concentrated here!"

Lin Chen didn't look back, waved and smiled, "Your goal has been reached, but my goal has not yet been reached. You go first. After I break, I will stop all these guys here, and then go all out. They are gone!"

Lin Chen can be said to be astonishingly endless. Even the strongest seventeen people, except for the unconscious Qi Feiyan, heard Lin Chen's words, and could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth...

This protagonist really does not act according to the routine!

Destroy these prisoners? Even if the four prison guards are destroyed, there are more than 360 holy places in the prison guards!

Among them, there are thirty others at the level of Sacred Heart!

The most important thing is that under the premise of the fifteenth and sixteenth layers of the prison master Pan Yunlong, they must be completely destroyed, even if the sky is opened!

Lin Chens actions may seem crazy, but in fact, they are the best choice!

"My sky-turners have a limited duration. If these guys are allowed to survive, they will inevitably become variables. If the sky-turners are lost, the fifteenth-level prisoner will be able to hold me back, let alone destroy them. , The attribute value I got is far more enjoyable than stealing the holy prison criminals!"

call out! call out! call out!

After breaking sounds, Pan Yunlong did not know what method to use to unify all his teams, and killed them as if they were dead!

"Princess, it's too late to leave!"

Xiao Ling'er was so anxious that his hand was about to pull Lin Chen away

It seemed that even the time of surprise was not given, Lin Chen flashed down and came to the bottom of the sixteenth floor of the holy prison!

With his hands stretched out, his pure power condensed, like an ancient giant palm gripping and holding the entire 16th floor of the holy prison!

The greater the dragon power, the more powerful the strength is not only to enhance the strength, the most important thing is to control the strength.

Just as why Lin Chen can use pure power to display speed not inferior to top-level body skills, the realm of refining power, while enhancing power, is more important to control power!

Long Jiushan, who had just stepped into the space channel, saw Lin Chen's hand and was shocked!

Long Jiushan was so excited that his teeth trembled. "No, doesn't the protagonist want to do that?"

boom! boom! boom!

The sky and earth roared, the wind and clouds changed color, and all the light was dim. Lin Chen's pure power was brewing to the apex, and the azure **** in the golden pupil flashed suddenly!

"For the coach, get up!"

At that moment, Jin Guang was dazzling, and Lin Chen's hands burst out with nearly 200 trillion dragon power, and he suddenly turned up! !

Kaka Kaka! boom! boom! boom! Rumble~!

The air was roaring like a sword, the ground veins were cracking and bursting, all the saints were suddenly overturned, dizzy, and a little lost the balance of the sense of sight, forcing them all to stop!

In some cases, even the broken corpse from the sudden ejection flew!

It's like standing on a'carpet' and suddenly the'carpet' is overturned!

In the void, wandering endless fragments, meteorites, and some are as huge as mountains and stars, so that many prisoners who have turned their heads are unable to touch.

"what happened!"

"What did the demons do?"

"I only saw it in the dark before I was knocked off. What happened, did your teams have casualties!"

"Report to the prison master, no! But our team was broken up!"

"What about our people? Where have they all been?"

Heaven and earth return to chaos, the space is upside down, the mountains and rivers are broken, the sixteenth floor of the Holy Prison is full of megaliths and meteorite-like fragments!

The previous huge team of prisoners was destroyed by this sudden "storm" and disrupted the entire team!

Only Pan Yunlong and Elder Maiden reacted first, looking at the boulder fragments in front of him as huge as a continental plate, his pupils tremble!

The power of the people standing in front of the broken space door is even slightly drawn...

This hero, the rules of conduct are beyond common sense! It simply won't follow conventional thinking!

Pan Yun said with a trembling voice.

"He...he actually upset the 16th floor of the holy prison! Our team was completely disrupted!"

If the old man in linen falls into the ice cellar, he seems to think of something, and immediately screams!

"All alert, this demons want to break us one by one!"

The voice just fell-

Sigh~! Bang~!

The explosion of Xuntiandi was endless, and the breath of the three prisoners in Na Xing Realm completely disappeared!

This devil is here!