My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1378

Vol 5 Chapter 1378: The Rebellious Man Kill All The Way

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Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen fisted like a real dragon flying through the sky, passed through the stars, and hit the four Na Xingjing. When the four people were injured, the moment they instantly became attribute values, the Eucharist died!

[Trigger of the talent of the sky-turner, the target has been killed instantly.

The little shadow seems to be the most professional leak picker. Lin Chen's Holy Dragon sends out ideas to let it go wherever he goes, putting all the attribute light **** and attribute treasure boxes into the body!

[The host opens the five-light supreme treasure chest and obtains the orange-level talent enhancer.

[Achieved 12.1 billion points of advanced exercises, 129.1 billion points of advanced qi and blood, and 1.2 billion points of ignition energy...]

Lin Chen's attributes, along the way! But his cultivation behavior did not reveal the slightest, the sealing cave of Tai Yi space-time was sealed to death!

"Damn the devil!"

Two prisoners of Sacred Mind held six grades of holy knives, slashing out hundreds of thousands of swords in the sky, crooked like a moon, crisscrossing thousands of miles, splitting the continental plate, and slashing towards Lin Chen!

Tear ~! Lin Chen turned a whip leg, his sonic boom screamed, and when he kicked the blast of the sword, he was moving like a golden shadow!

Lin Chen straightly smashed countless free floating rubble to kill the two. When the two wanted to forcibly fight Lin Chen, he turned a foot, Jin Hui was dazzling, like a star falling, putting two saints of mind When the defense kicks and the pure force penetrates its knife, the force tears the flesh and the two vomit blood!

[Trigger of the Sky Reverse, the target has been instantaneously killed.

When the two vomited blood, their faces were full of incredible...

"How is it possible... This seat is just wounded, just died..."

"Is this the reason why others lost to this devil, this... what is the power, this seat is the state of the Sacred Heart, and the Sacred Heart is not broken, how can it die..."

Everything on them has disappeared and melted, and even two rare and rare knives have been transformed into the essence value of the suit.

Before dying, the two Sacred Minds could not solve their doubts in their hearts!

In this world, how can there be such a terrible killing method that can cause the Sacred Heart State to be injured and die!

The biggest difference between Sacred Heart State and Na Xing Realm is strength, but the most important thing is the tenacious vitality! If the Sacred Heart is not broken, it will not die!

This is why after Pan Yunlong was shot by Qi Feiyan with an arrow, a big hole was opened in his chest, which can still quickly recover and continue to fight. The only consumption is his Holy Power and the vitality of the Eucharist.

Lin Chen went all the way, spurred the dragon power, and turned into a golden lightning, shuttled through the eighteenth floor of the holy prison that was stirred by the world!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Every time Lin Chen threw a fist out of his leg, the terrible dragon force would sweep the sky, the domineering momentum, and the world!

Each hit as long as it hits the opponent will cause at least one holy land to fall, the momentum is strong, it is simply unstoppable, and even the holy mind state is difficult to resist his offensive, as long as he is slightly injured by the second blow after his defense, it will fall on the spot !

In addition, Lin Chen used all his strength to overthrow the continental plate of the 16th floor of the Holy Prison, and immediately disrupted the team, caught by surprise!

His spiritual power in the Holy Land is perfect, and the spiritual speed brought by [Spiritual Awakening] is extremely fast, allowing him to lock his opponent faster in a chaotic situation, and assault it with all his strength at a stretch. Can't parry a few rounds at all!

The location of the space channel, Xiao Linger's hand gently covered her red lips, the stunning eyes are full of shock!

If you don't see it with your own eyes, how can you believe it! This slaughter of Na Xing Realm, and even the Sacred Heart State, is like killing a chicken!

Throughout the history of the Holy Realm, there are not many battles so tragic! Sacred state of mind is already the strongest person at the top of the Sacred Realm, and there is still not much resistance in front of Lin Chen!

"Fang Ling, have you seen it, the speed at which the protagonist killed those holy hearts!"

When Lang Fanyun protected the space passage, an unprecedented shock was brewing under the calm look!

"Saw it. In all fairness, if it is the heyday, it is not difficult for us to defeat the Sacred Heart State, but if we want to kill the Sacred Heart State and completely destroy it, it will take a bit of effort!"

Fang Ling said seriously, when they looked at each other, they both saw each other's shock!

That's right, now their hero, in a way, is even stronger than them at their peak!

It's totally the gods to kill the gods, the holy to slaughter the holy!

In Lin Chen's violent battle, every blow is full of strength!

The charge rate of his three-piece Ares is faster than ever. Almost every punch will be reduced, and about 10% of the punch will lose about 1% of the charge.

However, when the saints on a large number of prisoners fall, the effect of the [Talent of the Sky Reverse] is triggered. As the owner dies, the essence of the set attributes dropped will quickly make up for the consumption!

"Hahahaha, cool! Aren't you prisoners fierce, don't you like to play with the criminal's life? Come on, come and play with the coach?"

Indiscriminate, mad, domineering, Lin Chen gave full play to the characteristics of the Demon Race. Except that if there is no flash of golden light, there is a might of the God of War that explodes the heavens, he is like a wild troll!

boom! One punch shattered the sacred palm of the Sacred State of Mind, together with the Sacred Bone!

Tear ~! One leg, smashing the air and waves and cutting the heavens and earth, tearing the defense of several Na Xing realms and breaking the blood!

All the injured are falling!

From the Eastern War to the south of the sixteenth floor, Lin Chen had no living mouth at all. The sky is dark!

All the way!

In less than a quarter of an hour, more than two hundred people fell into the Holy Land! This amount is shocking!

"Damn things, die for me!"

"The old man has fought forever in his life and has never encountered such strange demons. Today, even the guy who ignores the escape will destroy you!"

When terrible anger came, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

Sigh~! boom!

When the continental plate of the free void cracked, the vast holy light was hung high above the sky like a silvery waterfall, and there were more than a hundred holy places standing in rows. The groups surrounded Lin Chen, and there was a great war of the ancient times, encircling and suppressing the power of the top Saint Demon King. !

Among the 100 holy realms, the four prison masters who survived just now, the old man in linen, and Pan Yunlong, the top high-end combat power is still there!

As long as the six of them are still there, the opponent will still have the power to fight!

"This body-cult Demon is very weird. Don't go easily. As long as you are not injured, he can't kill us. The two of us came to fight head-to-head, and the old man didn't believe it. How long can he continue to be in such a state of chastity!"

"The power beyond common sense will eventually pay the price, surround him and fight the battle of attrition!"

The six prison masters are worthy of being the strong men who have been fighting with the Devil for many years. The eyes are old and hot, and they have penetrated Lin Chen to kill the opponent's "mystery" in the fall and sacrifice of many saints.

As long as he can maintain his injuries, he can fight him! The personal experience of the four prison masters has verified this possibility!