My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1379

Vol 5 Chapter 1379: The Strongest Slow Rune In History

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Bang ~! Tear ~!

Daomang is like a moon, and there are thousands of miles in the sky. Lin Chen burst into a backhand dragon spirit, squeezed with one hand, and punched Pan Yunlong with two punches. Attack and focus on Lin Chen alone!

This condensed the offensive of hundreds of Holy Realms, and even Lin Chen's at this moment had to avoid the edge!

Brush ~!

The little shadow traveled through the void, swept away Lin Chen, and the terrible wave of offensive plunged into the void, smashing several fragments of the continental plates that suspended the void!

boom! boom! boom!

For a time, the big offensive, mainly composed of Pan Yunlong and the old man of Maige, launched a violent attack on Lin Chen, making him not close to each other for several times.

Even if Lin Chen is close, the other four prisoners of the other party will defend with all their strength. In addition, the other Holy Guards autonomous Holy Power body is equivalent to two layers of protection. As long as Lin Chen wears a layer of protection, he must be exposed. When Pan Yunlong and the two pursued, an endless loop was formed!

"Hold the group into an iron bucket, it's quite hard, can't fight them for a long battle, quick battle!"

When Lin Chen was preparing to hit the long-established killer mace

call out! call out! call out!

When a series of sounds of breaking wind hit, sixteen lights came, Fang Ling and all others came!

Sixteen people on the nineteenth floor form a row standing next to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen couldn't help but be annoyed: "Don't you let you yo-yo first, come on, why do you come back!"

"How can there be protagonists fighting on the front line, we servants are hiding behind."

"Hahaha, seeing the protagonist you overturn the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, I also tickled my hands, how can this be tolerated! This is not to let me lift up the pants that I took off half when I entered the cave room, forgiveness!"

Long Jiushan and others laughed, and the self-proclaimed "servant" was convincing!

Lin Chen had no choice but to bear these guys.

"Then you all be careful, help me to tear a mouth out of their battle for me, I have my own way to deal with them."

There are Zhou Tiansheng's life and death seals, one after another, they all know the sea, everyone has a spirit, and the deployment of tactics can be described as an instant and action!

Pan Yunlong's face slightly changed, scolding: "Don't underestimate them because they are injured, be careful of this group of monsters!"

Brush ~! Unexpectedly, Lin Chen took the initiative to face Pan Yunlong and the old man in linen. The pure power was urged to the extreme. The three-piece charge was consumed quickly, and the leg fell down like a battle axe!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

Lin Chen volleyed down with one leg, like a streamer dividing the sun and the moon, digging into the world!

The two faced head-to-head battles, while maintaining their defenses, they slid out a knife and a sword, and they broke into the world, colliding with Lin Chen's pure strength!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The terrible explosion frightened, Lin Chen was repelled thousands of miles, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

Unable to break through the defense, his pure power is the same as Pan Yunlong's, and one to two is easy to fall into the wind.

However, the moment Lin Chen was repulsed, the team of prisoners held by the regiment was dashed away by the powerful, and their two defensive trends were broken for the first time!

"Change the scene!"

Lin Chen was carried by a small shadow, and pure power cooperated with the shadow to travel through the void. Lin Chen's speed was extremely fast, and he swept to the team of prisoners!

"I want to run, there are no doors!"

Pan Yunlong and the two controlled Yunlong in a flash, and were about to stop Lin Chen

boom! boom! boom!

Holy light is high, the two are blocked, and their opponents are instantly replaced by twelve people such as Jiang Taixu, Fang Ling, and Lang Fanyun! Just drag them!

The other four servants better correspond to the four prisoners. Although this wounded body cannot defeat the four prisoners, it can still be done by delaying the time!

Taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Lin Chen rushed into the prisoners team, bursting into chaos, punching his legs and sweeping his legs, and striking out nearly two trillion dragon powers all over again, unstoppable and unstoppable!

Lin Chenruhua a golden flash, shuttle back and forth, in a few breaths, fist hit everyone, some resisted, and some were broken to prevent injury to the Eucharist!

Click! Click! Click!

The sacred body was split, and when many defenses of life and death, Na Xingjing were broken, the sacred body began to disappear, and it turned into an attribute light ball scattered!

There are dozens more people in the late Na Xingjing that barely resisted in the pure power of Lin Chen!

"System, start up super messy!"

[The host has triggered 42 super chaos on 34 targets, consuming 4.5 billion talent points, all activated.


In the holy land that has survived before, many people blasted their scalp!

"What's wrong with my holy cave, the holy power is completely mixed up! How can it be out of control? Demon races still have this magical power?"

"My spiritual power! How could it be that the spiritual power of this great sacred place could not feel the breath of the neighborhood!"

All messed up! More than half of the Na Xing Realm and Sacred Mind State are like poisoning curses, either the body's qi and blood, or the spiritual power or the holy cave cultivation, are not controlled!


In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light flickered, and a golden light flashed on the soles of his feet. He rushed to the past, and the shadows covered the golden light all the way. At this opportunity, all the saints in the state of'super chaos' were exploded!

[Break through the enemy's defense, launch the instant kill effect of Sky Reverse.

[Break through the enemy's defense, launch the instant kill effect of Sky Reverse.

The battle situation changed almost instantaneously, without a few breaths, and the film's powerful fell, and the six prisoners saw convulsions in their hearts!


It's not that the'super chaotic' talent in the body has no resistance, this is a misunderstanding.

The saint's seven-fold Na Xing realm and the saint's eight-fold'sacred state of mind', even with the super chaotic talent, can play most of the combat power!

However, their opponents are beyond common sense and extraordinary! It can be said that to Lin Chen, they died unprecedentedly!

If there is any injury, he will be wiped out by Lin Chen, and there is no chance to fight back! This is so powerful, it is simply unnatural!

boom! boom! boom!

Fei Wushuang and Xiao Ling'er lived with You, and were the first to be escaped by the three prison masters! Wounded again!

After all, for three people, fighting is not the first strength.

"Careful hero!"

The three people exclaimed in unison, Lin Chen had already brewed the next killer!

"Three great prisoners, come well! Hahaha, try this!"

Lin Chen's left hand pushed openly, and the gray light flashed!

Sigh~! Bang ~~! !

At this moment, gray light shrouded the world, and everyone's heart was inexplicably shrouded with a layer of haze and fear!

It seems as if there is a world disaster that is coming!

[The host consumes 1,060 billion high-level rune energy and launches a slow rune.

A heaven and earth, like a sun, moon, and stars, hide a huge gray and white rung, falling from the sky, bursting and exploding!

At this moment, the entire sixteenth floor of the holy prison, the space is frozen and stagnated, whether it is the sixteenth floor criminals who have not yet evacuated, or the power, prisoners, and prison masters who are deeply involved in the fierce battle, all feel a deadly threat!

Their movements, meridians, sacred points, and even consciousness have become particularly dull and slow, and the speed is so slow!

Slow Rune!

That's right, this is one of Lin Chen's ultimate tricks!

Slow runes launched with 1,060 billion advanced rune energy!