My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1380

Vol 5 Chapter 1380: Moxian

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In the past, when Lin Chen fought against the saints above the cave-enlarged realm, there were fewer opportunities to use the slow runes. It was not that the slow runes were not effective, but the state of the saints in the cave-increased realm was very special.

The holy power contained in each holy cave is too large. It is extremely difficult to completely condense the holy power in the holy cave. If a large amount of rune energy is mobilized for the moment of condensing the opponent, the cost performance is extremely low. Lin Chens The main rune energy is still used to make up for the consumption of phantom avatars.

However, once the quantity is sufficient, it will cause qualitative changes!

The 660 billion rune energy is the attribute value that Lin Chen obtained from the countless saints. Most of the rune energy accumulated is this slow rune, and it is all determined by the world!

This sluggish Fulu, if it is shot towards the mainland of Kyushu, is enough to stagnate the trillions of trillions of creatures in the entire Kyushu mainland for more than ten years, and it can't move for ten years, think about it!

To put it bluntly, at this moment, Lin Chen is the master of the sixteenth floor of the holy prison! All the space on the sixteenth floor of the holy prison was frozen by him!

Except for him, all holy realms are restricted in movement, at least 50% restricted!

"Now, I see how you guard against this wave!"

Lin Chen urged the small shadow, and even the attribute light ball that had previously beheaded the life and death realm and the Naxing realm did not take care of it. He was protected by the golden light shadow, **** and approaching, and beating all the prisoners!

The last remaining prisoner, when penetrated by the fist, was dead and unbelievable even before he died!

"This seat is not reconciled! Actually died in the hands of the demons who command these criminals who are even humbler than dogs..."

"How many means are there for this demon... My holy prison with its copper walls and iron walls, is it necessary to break another one..."

"There are adults guarding't escape..."

Many prisoners did not have time to escape, so they died and died.

Lin Chen fought all the way, and immediately came to the four prison masters!

"No, Demon, you can't kill me! This seat is the prison master..."

Lin Chen sneered: "Are you hell?"

Tear ~! When he punched up, he punched through his defense and holy weapon, and the terrifying force penetrating the sun and the moon penetrated his chest, causing a prisoner to spit blood!

Breaking the defense is instant killing, the eleventh floor prisoner, die!

Then, Lin Chen punched like a dragon, and all the remaining three prison masters were hammered to death. One was not left, and the attribute light **** were everywhere!

Under the influence of the slow runes, their ability to play is too limited, and they were instantly killed by Lin Chen before they responded!

This is the terrible place of the talent of the nature rebel! As long as Lin Chen uses this talent, as long as his opponent has flaws, it is a dead word!

"The protagonist really is a god!"

"These means are unseen, unheard of!"

"The space stagnation that is infinitely close to the time criterion is terrible..."

All the great powers were shocked and sighed. At the same time, they were so spirited that they gave way to Lin Chen in a coincidence, and their figure retreated!

In the audience, there were only two prison masters, Pan Yunlong and Mai Mai!

In Lin Chen's eyes, Li Mang does not drop but increases!

There is no retreat, and the slow rune is one of his cards. The saint above the expansion hole is very clear about this. Once he has experienced this trick, the second use will definitely recognize it!

In other words, if you use slow runes, you must kill everyone! Otherwise, once he leaves the holy prison in the future, he will use the slow rune once, and there is a danger of revealing his identity!

"He's coming to us!"

"Damn, prepare to explode, leave the spirit, and fight with him!"

When Pan Yunlong and the two were going mad, Lin Chen suddenly shook his pupils and drove back a long distance with Xiao Shadow!

Pan Yunlong and the old man in linen were desperately looking back at the previous moment, but suddenly looked dull and stunned at the next moment!

Poof~! Tear ~~!

The body of the two bodies was torn apart like paper paste!

Together with the torn, Lin Chen's entire sixteen-story space condensed with slow runes was destroyed by a torn world-like force!

"What is this breath?"

Jiang Taixu and other people's scalp exploded and flashed to Lin Chen's side instantly, with an unprecedented dignity!

"Very strong magical energy, never seen before."

"Could it be that the ghosts below are out of the cage?"

The expressions of the sixteen people were dignified to the extreme, even though they were in desperate circumstances, they did not show such a look.

I saw the space in front of me, extending a deep and deep Demon Qiyuan, and a delicate and fair-looking young boy appeared strangely in the heaven.

He tore the palms of his hands, and torn the two Pan Yunlong who had already been torn apart. The shots were fierce, and he was killed. There was no chance for them to recover!

His eyebrows, neck, and gray eyes rolled, the two people with the torn body, and after the flesh broke, the two demon pythons behind the boy's shoulders spit the snake letter and swallowed the body of the two bodies.

The young evil spirit licked his tongue: "Two Sacred Minds, barely become an appetizer."

His eyes are very strange, as if to absorb all the light between heaven and earth.

Lin Chen's heart shook inexplicably!

This boy is very weird! Not a human race!

And, terribly strong!

[The system prompts the host to automatically activate the talent. The thief harbinger fails to steal the attribute value from the target character. The reason: the target body is too high.

The light screen popped up by the system made Lin Chen breathe slightly!

"What the **** is this guy, there are very few failures to steal attribute values, the last failure, or the failure to launch Yaoer..."

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen had just killed the wolf den and entered the tiger's den!

His natural rebellious talent is running out of time!

boom! boom! boom!

Ten powerful demons leaning on the earth, kneeling down on one knee at least beside them!

The evil white boy glanced around everyone, and finally his eyes fell on Lin Chen.

The fair-skinned young boy smiled and said: "You are not a demon."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Who is this person? Seeing his disguise at a glance? This is a magical power that even Fang Ling and others cannot see through!

"The camouflage is very clever, covering the blood and bones of the whole body with devil qi, without conflicting with the holy cave, to create the perfect body of the devil..."

The voice of the fair-skinned boy was slow and organized, with a supreme majesty between his brows, and his tone pointed to the way of Jiangshan,

"However, the Emperor is one of the origins of the Demon Clan. I want to disguise the Demon Clan in front of the Emperor. In the words of your human race, this is called the Banmen. The smell of the woman in your body, she helped you come in here, right? ."

Lin Chen frowned, "Who the **** are you?"


The boy laughed in the sky!

"You can get into the holy prison, and you can be regarded as the number one person of the human race, barely qualified to know the name of the emperor!"

"This emperor's name is: Heavenly Burial, the holy king of your human race, this emperor has eaten a lot before."

Lin Chen's pupil trembles...

This guy, devoured the Holy King?