My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1381

Vol 5 Chapter 1381: What Kind Of Demon Emperor Let Me Blow Him Up

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The first floor of the holy prison, above a dragon temple.

The golden armor man opened his eyes, and opened a dazzling vertical eye like the sun, as if looking through the endless void, the Holy Light was revealed.

After a moment, his expression was extremely calm, and the anger and suspense like raging waves were hidden in the plain!

"Actually, the whole army was destroyed... Below the fifth floor, all the prison masters and prison guards seem to have only one Tie Xiaosheng yet to die completely."

The golden armor man got up, and the whole person leaned on the sky, the prestige was invincible.

His figure rose like the sun, and when he stood up, the radiance of the sun sprinkled on the first floor of the holy prison, shining the world.

"Even if there are more people, this seat can destroy you on the first floor of the holy prison! Here, but the strongest holy prison in heaven and earth, not your group of dying people can break through!"


In response to the man in the Golden Armor, a large array of holy dragons circled in all directions around the first floor of the holy prison, as if the sun was floating in the sky.

The first floor of the holy prison has the last triple protection left by the true gods of that year. Even if it is a holy king, if there is a hard break, there is only one way to die!


The sixteenth floor of the holy prison, the situation changed at this time, beyond everyone's expectations!

"Devil...Devil Emperor..."

"It's actually the famous Devil Emperor, this is the supreme existence..."

Some 16-story criminals who had the time to evacuate could not help swallowing.

Every Devil Emperor of the Devil Race has little record in the history of the Miao Human Race. According to legend, it is enough to match the existence of the gods of the enemy race!

If the Devil Emperor comes in person, it will definitely not be so simple, which will cause the imbalance of the space of the Holy Prison. This Devil Emperor is most likely just an avatar.

Even if it is a doppelganger, it is far beyond common sense, Tu Sheng is like picking grass and mustard!

When Heaven Burial Devil Emperor Road became famous, Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun blocked Lin Chen.

All the sacred caves in its body were shining brightly, the prestige was soaring, and the expression was calm and decisive.

"Miss Wushuang and Miss Ling'er, the two escorted heroes leave, and we will not leave."

Fang Ling's eyes are as sharp as a sky dome, and the cultivation practice that has been suppressed for a long time has finally begun to liberate!

But at the same time, once liberated and cultivated, his life is like a candle in the wind!

"Two, you..."

Xiao Ling'er was horrified, they were completely desperate!

This time the opponent is unprecedentedly tricky!

Unless all of them are in their heyday, there is no possibility of survival!

"Fang Ling, don't mess up!"

Lin Chen rested on Fang Ling's shoulder with one hand, his eyes cold.

The situation may be severe, but it's not even the most desperate time!

As long as the talent of the Sky Invader lasts less than the last second, anything can happen!

"System, now decompose all the holy objects in my hand!"

[Begin to break down the spoils obtained by the host...]

The essence of Lin Chen's suit has risen again!

If there is spirituality in the small shadow, you can take away the other attribute light **** with Lin Chens holy dragon!

"Oh? Want to work hard with Emperor Ben?"

Heavenly Burial Devil Emperor smiled lightly: "Don't worry, why not listen to Ben Emperor's opinion?"

"Huh?" Tianbu Demon Emperor's eyes narrowed, as if he felt the position of the little shadow, his brows were locked, and he grunted: "Devil? Or Dragon, and the stench of the innate shadow..."

However, he didn't pay attention to it. There was absolute confidence in the world between the eyebrows and he smiled lightly.

"Even if the guys on the third floor leave and you have defeated the prison guards of the holy prison, you can think of breaking through the guardian of the first floor of the holy prison. Some of the idiots say dreams. If you step back 10,000 steps, you really break through, Back to the holy world of the human race, it's just to be a stray dog."

In the eyes of the Devil Emperor, there is a magical light.

"Instead of this, it is better to bow to the Emperor. The Emperor can allow all of you to enjoy the same treatment as all the highest demon kings. The Emperor will also help you heal the wounds and how to restore to the heyday? Even further cultivation is impossible, This is very likely for your potential, isn't it."

"My demons are laid out for thousands of years, and the true **** of your human race is still in chaos. This Holy Realm will be the world of my demons sooner or later. At that time, you will help the Emperor to attack the Holy Realm. One copy, why not follow Pandi and complete this most important career."

The tone of Heavenly Burial Devil Emperor actually said a little sincerely.

"You are the most elite genius of the human race, but they treat you like this, why do you sell your life for the human race. God has abandoned all beings, and the devil will purify the world. Work for the emperor!"


Suddenly, Fang Ling, Lang Fanyun and others laughed in the sky!

Even the unsmiling embers were extinguished, and a hint of sarcasm was revealed.

Jiang Taixu shook his head and smiled: "Master Demon Emperor, do we look like fools?"

The Heavenly Burial Devil Emperor still kept a smile on his face, but his killing intention was not obvious. It looked like he had come to talk and smiled, and said with a smile: "Unlike, I believe you are all smart people."

Yun Tianguang said with a sneer: "Your set, go back and lie to the fools of your demons, right? For us? Since the moment we worshipped the protagonist, the entire gods of the Holy Realm, we don't recognize anyone, we have my protagonist, There is no god!"

The determination of everyone made the Emperor somewhat moved. What he moved was not that he failed to solicit himself, but that these proud human races actually bowed their heads to approve of the Lord?

"Prince?" The Devil Emperor turned his gaze, staring at Lin Chen, and suddenly smiled: "It's you alone?"

Lin Chen stepped out one step, Xie Yi laughed.

"Yes, it's up to me. Are you dissatisfied? Say it if you don't, I won't change it anyway."

Everyone is ashamed...

This protagonist is really fearless, even dare to joke about the devil...

[Consume 9.2 billion points of heavenly value, all decomposition is completed, and the host obtains 340 million points of suit essence. Started the three-piece charge of Ares, Ultimate Right Armor: 4.8%, 4.9%... Ultimate Right Armor: 4.3%... 4.4%...]

Lin Chen's three-piece God of War, charging continues to soar!

At this time, the world is changing dramatically! The infinite magic energy is like transforming a holy prison into a magic prison, centered on burying the heavenly devil emperor, showing an endless vortex, he shook his head and sighed.

"Alas, it seems that our negotiations have failed. The Emperor finally asked you again, whether he would return to the Emperor, and the Emperor only accepted one answer."


The ten great demon kings showed ten directions, blocking the retreat of everyone.

"I'll try to make a mouthful as soon as possible, and you two must bring the protagonist through!"

Long Jiushan's sacred body and blood loomed, and he said to the second daughter Shen Sheng.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

At this time, Lin Chen interrupted the crowd, standing alone in front of him, and screamed with awe.

"I said, you all have to live out for me!"

A series of golden radiances, breaking through the shackles of the magic energy vortex, Lin Chen's fighting intentions, broke through the magic energy surroundings in an instant!

Lin Chen looked directly at the Devil Emperor, and his fierce eyes were domineering!

"This **** demon emperor, let me blow him up!"