My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1382

Vol 5 Chapter 1382: One Punch Is Divided Into Superiority But Also Life And Death

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Jiang Taixu was horrified, and conveyed with a spirit: "Lord... the protagonist, the other party is the devil..."

Lin Chen interrupted directly; "How about the Devil Emperor, I hope that it will always come from the fight. As long as I can fight, the possibility will never be zero. The other devil kings will be given to you, and this old guy will be given to me!"


Bury the Devil Emperor as if to hear the biggest joke in the world!

"Destroy them, the body must be complete. This guy, personally handled by the Emperor."

The devil emperor waved his hands, and the ten top holy demon kings acted together.

The people guarding Lin Chen were forced to shoot, and a more terrible war than before was triggered!

As soon as the two sides fought, Lin Chen immediately fell into the disadvantage!

Sixteen people are wounded and fighting the realm above the Sacred State of Mind, extremely reluctant, let alone this is the top ten Sacred Demon King!

Burial Devil Emperor's mouth outlined a cat and mouse smile: "Come, let Ben Emperor see what means you are relying on to persuade these people, and what do you rely on, dare to put words in front of Ben Emperor!"

He has absolute self-confidence, suppress this!

But, he is really curious, what means does he have? Burial Devil Emperor really wanted to see!

[Recharge is completed, the host Ares three-piece charge: Ultimate Right Armor: 15%, Ultimate Left Leg Armor: 15%, Ultimate Right Leg Armor: 14.5%.

Lin Chen grinned: "You will know."

With a palm of his hand, Lin Chen swallowed and swallowed the four kinds of Saint Pills!

There are barbaric dragons exploding blood pill with qi and blood for strength, Taixu pill with temporary improvement of mental power and so on!

These immortals are all forbidden medicines to temporarily increase their strength. In the old days, Lin Chen would only take them for doppelgangers, but now, he must be desperate!

When Shengdan's medicinal effects just broke away from the body, a more domineering force ignited all the vitality of Lin Chen like a flame!

"Absolutely! Life! Life! Death!"

Sigh~! Bang ~~! !

The orange flame, like a ray of light illuminating the boundless darkness, fluttering and flying, the orange flame star flickering, burning Lin Chen's whole person, his spiritual power, flesh shell body, cultivation, all burned into pure power !

Extreme singles talent; desperate life and death!

Target: Bury the Devil Emperor! !

[Consume 1 billion talent points, launch the orange rank talent: fatal life and death, at the request of the host, focus on improving the host's pure power. 50 times, 100 times, 200 times.

Lin Chen's vitality is all burning, his eyes are red, the power of his body bursts, and the magical coverage of the desire to detach from the camouflage!

"Oh..." The Devil Emperor was a little surprised: "Turn all the energy that is a living body into combustion to transform it into power. Is this to be the same as this Emperor? The whimsy is based on this power..."

Bury the Devil Emperor to take a slap in the ordinary!

Click~ The entire void of the sixteenth floor of the holy prison suddenly split into two halves.

"Desperate life and death, a thousand times the power! The three-piece God of War, the highest limit of the body!"

Lin Chen's pure power instantly broke through 200 trillion dragon power and broke through 300 trillion!

He gave up his life and forgot his death, the vortex of golden light gathered instantly, and Lin Chen's fist was at the center, and he punched out with a punch!

Sigh~! boom!

The sixteenth floor of the holy prison was swaying, and when the golden divine light in the center collided with the magic energy, the aftermath destroyed everything!

Jiang Taixu and sixteen people were instantly lifted off. This terrifying power seemed to make the world creeping!

"The hero still has reservations?"

"What a terrible power, it's no exaggeration to open the sky!"

"Well, although the hero's momentum is strong, the vitality is getting closer to the end!"

When the sixteen people temporarily withdrew from the fighting, two figures appeared in the vacuum.

One person is Lin Chen, his body is bathed in blood, the orange flame is burning more fiercely, the silver frost-like white hair is dyed all over the hair tips, when he vomiting blood, Lin Chen's vitality is close to the last moment!

But Burying the Devil Emperor was a freehand expression on his face, and even amused the devil on his shoulder, disdainful and sneered.

"That's it?"

Burial Devil Emperor smiled, "I want to shake Ben Emperor with this brute force, this is your hole card? It also disappoints Ben Emperor too much..."

"One punch."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly, his voice clean and clear.

"The last punch is not only to compete, but also to die."

Bang ~~! !

Hundreds of millions of golden radiances penetrated Zhou Tian's magic energy, echoing the strongest immortal war intentions between heaven and earth, like the invincible gods of heaven, coming to the world!

The golden divine tears the disguise of the devil qi, and the demon's disguise is torn apart by the might of the God of War breaking through the sky, showing the younger and younger boy's face.

Bury the Devil Emperor for the first time!

Although his face was as pale as paper, his murderous intentions became more brutal and violent, and his eyes showed the intention to lay down his life and forget his death!

[The host is consuming the three-piece charge of Ares, 14%...12%...10%...7%...]

[The host is accelerating the speed of life and death, and the vitality passes by 300 times. The host's vitality is about to run out. The remaining time: 10 seconds. Remaining time of system shutdown: 10 seconds. The host will die and the system will shut down.

Lin Chen's power once again breaks through higher boundaries! 400 trillion, 600 trillion, 900 trillion dragon power, and finally do not even know what kind of state has been reached!

An invincible force that exploded the heavens and the world, Shenwei appeared, and was released from Lin Chen's body that was about to burn out!

Even the celestial demon emperor showed a slightly dignified expression for the first time!

He vaguely felt an inexplicable sense of oppression!

As if facing, is an invincible **** of war that dominates the heavens and the world!

"This divine power has a very different power than the gods killed by this emperor. There is a **** on this child!"

Burying Heavenly Devil Emperor, urged the blood of the avatar!

All the creatures staying on the 16th floor of the holy prison were frightened by this force and fled straight to the 15th or 17th floor!

"No good, protect your lord!"

The ten Saint Demon Kings had numbness in their scalp, and their bodies flashed to the side of Burying Devil Emperor!

Lin Chen, put "Death and Death" to the extreme! Burn all vitality to ashes in advance!

Burying the Devil Emperor with his hands folded, a giant cross rose behind him, a vast and magical shadow was bound to the cross, and an infinite chain was shot with all his body, forming a sky-deep magic dungeon covering the sixteenth floor of the holy prison, trying to put the forest Chen's whole person and his strength are restrained!

"Wonders are buried!"

Lin Chen smiled suddenly.

"Devil Emperor, underestimate the human race, you will end up with a big loss."

Bang ~! At the next moment, Lin Chen punched his fist!

This punch, like a billion real dragons, was born and destroyed countless planes!

This punch, like the most terrible storm in the world, condenses a little bit out!

This punch, like the presence of God of War, struck the absolute momentum sweeping across the world!

The golden magic power penetrated the edge of the magic prison, and the punching wind penetrated the entire sixteenth floor of the holy prison. All the fragments of meteorites, continental plates, cages, and all were destroyed and wiped out!

There is no earth-shattering momentum, and some are just a silent flicker.

Like a golden divine light, a flash across the sky brought stunning and shed darkness. Destroy everything, annihilate everything.